Prevention of abortion. Complication of abortion

Prevention of abortion - is an urgent issue, which first of all must convey the truth to mankind about the negative consequences of abortion for the physical and mental well-being of a woman. After all, this is a rather dangerous procedure, threatening not only health, but also life.

Pregnancy is joy or tragedy?

Pregnancy is a joyful and expected event in the life of most people. News about the nascent life in the body of women inspire, give a sense of joy and happiness.

prevention of abortion

But often it happens that the news about the expectation of the child causes absolutely different emotions. Priorities are often placed differently: career, unsuitable age, lost love, loneliness, fear of difficulties lead to the fact that the priceless gift of nature is simply destroyed.

Often the cause of unwanted pregnancy lies in the fact that all contraceptive measures have not been met. Application of inadequate methods of protection( for example, biological method), failure to use even the most modern contraceptives, inability to use them( in case of rape).

Sometimes the woman's health condition contributes to the fact that the pregnancy has to be interrupted. From the child get rid through abortion.

This often reckless decision leads to tragic consequences, negatively affecting the whole future life of a woman.

Ways to get rid of unwanted pregnancy

A period that allows you to abort pregnancy through abortion - 22 weeks. There are 4 ways to get rid of the fetus. These include: drug abortion, abortion with the use of tools, vacuum aspiration and folk methods.

pregnancy abortion

All methods of abortion have their own shortcomings and are fraught with consequences, since this procedure is unnatural for the female body. All of the above procedures( except for popular methods, which we generally do not recommend to resort to) can only be carried out in a medical institution. It should be borne in mind that the earlier the abortion occurs, the safer for the woman herself will be this procedure.

Getting rid of pregnancy with medicines

The most gentle method is considered a medical method of abortion. The consequences of this procedure will nevertheless leave their negative imprint on the health of women. Although the uterus is not injured, the body of a woman undergoes the strongest hormonal effects. This method is used at the earliest date( up to 8 weeks of pregnancy).

medical method of interruption of pregnancy

The procedure consists of taking special medicines prescribed by a doctor, which contribute to the death of the fetus. Do not prescribe yourself medications. Having taken the medicine, the woman must be under the supervision of doctors, because the funds are very potent, and the control of specialists is simply necessary.

Bleeding, which can last up to two weeks, will be an indication that taking pills has had an effect.

Do not forget that if you use a drug-induced abortion, the consequences are unavoidable. Taking such drugs can contribute to hormonal failure in the body. And also there is a threat of incomplete exit of the fetal egg, which subsequently entails a surgical abortion.

Vacuum interruption of pregnancy

The vacuum method of abortion is the disposal of an unwanted fetus by means of a special device, a vacuum aspirator. This method is used up to 5 weeks of pregnancy. Entered into the vagina device, creating a negative pressure on the uterus, facilitates the separation of the embryo from the mucous membrane. The procedure is carried out using local anesthesia.

After this procedure the doctor examines the woman, and if the ultrasound reveals that the fetal egg is not completely removed, the woman will have to have another abortion. This way of interrupting pregnancy is fraught with pain in the lower abdomen, a complete violation of the hormonal background, a disorder of the menstrual cycle.

Abortion through surgery

To abort pregnancy, abortion is done using general anesthesia. With special tools, the doctor opens the uterus and scrays the embryo, removing it from the uterus.

abortion of the uterus

Artificial termination of pregnancy is an unnatural process. Therefore, no matter how high-quality specialists conducted this operation, and no matter what term it may take, negative consequences are inevitable. At this type of abortion, damage to the cervix, the uterus itself, extensive bleeding and development of infertility are possible. Here is an incomplete list of possible negative consequences of this operation.

Why is prophylaxis of abortions?

Women's reproductive health is an important topic of domestic and world medicine. All due to the fact that recently the percentage of abortions that have been made, which negatively affects the birth rate regulation, has increased very much. It is sad, but it is the artificial interruption that ends most pregnancies in our country. What does this lead to? Artificial termination of pregnancy can lead not only to a violation of the woman's health, but also to death. According to experts, regularly conducted similar procedures constitute about 50% of the economic damage from the overall budget of our health care. Abortion is a complex operation, and not a simple procedure, as many people think.

What the law says about

According to the law, every pregnant woman has the right to make a decision herself: whether to give birth or not. Termination of pregnancy is allowed in terms of up to 12 weeks( by social indicators) and up to 22 weeks - if there are problems for a woman of a medical nature.

Social indicators for performing an abortion:

  1. Pregnancy due to rape.
  2. Stay pregnant in places of deprivation of liberty.
  3. Death of a husband or his disability during pregnancy.
  4. Depriving mother of parental rights.

Among the medical indicators leading to abortion: mental illness of the mother, heart disease, rubella disease, the physical immaturity of the future mother, the extinction of the reproductive function.

Damage to the female body after abortion

Any abortion for a woman's health is a complication. Abortion by artificial means carries many negative consequences.

complication of abortion

Before deciding on a similar step, every woman should weigh everything well and think about, because the consequences of an abortion can manifest even many years after the operation itself.

Let's leave aside the moral part of this problem. Abortion is a threat to the work of the entire body of a woman, the risk of diseases of the reproductive system, the impact on future fate.

All methods of abortion are capable of inflicting not only physical, but also psychological damage on the female body.

After an abortion, a woman often experiences mental discomfort. Such a situation can cause tears, fear, unjustified mood changes, stress and even thoughts about suicide. In medicine, even there is the term "post-abortion syndrome", which causes headache, pressure fluctuations, palpitations, digestive system disorders.

When an abortion occurs, the uterus suffers the most. Damage to this organ leads to bleeding during surgery and causes erosion, inflammation, cancer, even a few years after the surgery. But the most frightening possibility is infertility, which is very high after the abortion procedure.

Injuries to the cervix lead to loss of elasticity of this organ, and this threatens in the event of future pregnancy miscarriages and premature birth. Injuries of the uterus itself are fraught with the rupture of this organ during subsequent pregnancy. These factors significantly reduce the chances of a woman who has had an abortion on the successful course of the next pregnancy, and increase the risk of fetal abnormalities, as well as an ectopic pregnancy.

Abortion: feedback after operation

It should be noted that official statistics confirm that 57% of pregnancies end in an artificial interruption. Up to 15% of women complain of complications after the transfer of this operation, 7% will never be able to become parents.

probability of infertility

Many women regret having an abortion. Feedback from those who have undergone this operation is not the most optimistic. In addition to the fact that this procedure is very painful, it can not always end favorably. The exacerbations after the abortion make themselves felt for many years. The statistics say that previously healthy women after the abortion complain of chronic genital diseases, in almost half of the patients, doctors note signs of secondary tubal infertility.

Popular measures for the prevention of abortion

The essence of these activities is to reduce the number of abortions, to help women in a difficult situation, to avoid complications after this operation.

The most popular method is the competent planning of pregnancy when using the newest methods of contraception. Only a doctor will help to choose the right means of protection, which will not only prevent an unwanted pregnancy, but will also be an excellent prevention of diseases that are sexually transmitted.

Modern family planning methods include the use of spermicide, oral contraceptives, condoms, intrauterine device, periodic abstinence, voluntary medical sterilization.

Pregnancy planning will ensure the optimal timing between births, taking into account the age-specific characteristics of each woman.

How to reduce the level of abortions

Prevention of abortion includes the availability of information on methods of avoiding unwanted pregnancies, every possible support for every woman who decided to give birth, access to highly qualified specialists for those who decided to get rid of the fetus, monitor the patient's health afterabortion.

methods of abortion

Enormous role in reducing the level of abortion belongs to educational work. This method plays an important role in working with adolescents, so information about the harmful effects of abortion, methods of prevention and ways to avoid unwanted pregnancies should be fully accessible to everyone, regardless of the material situation, age and social status of a person.

Prevention of abortion should be carried out in schools, institutes, hospitals, via radio, television and the Internet, so that every woman clearly understands the risk she is exposing her future. After all, as a result of often ill-considered acts, women experience a complex of guilt, especially if the abortion fell on the first pregnancy, and a new and such a desired can not come. The interruption of pregnancy is a very serious step, which can be solved only by carefully weighing and weighing everything.