Balsam Dikul for joints: reviews, description, composition, prices

Today in the Russian pharmaceutical market consumers are offered Diculium balsams of several kinds. Among them there are "Sports", "Massage", "Winter", "Tibet".However, the greatest demand among ordinary consumers( i.e., non-professional athletes and people who are keen on extreme sports) uses Dikul balm for joints, consumer reviews of which speak of high efficiency of the drug.

The main component of

As a part of the medicinal product there is a rather long list of components, almost all of them having a natural origin. Here there are mummies and propolis, beeswax and poison, extract of chaga and bear bile. There are oils in the composition of balsam, made from tea tree and sea-buckthorn, and oil extracts of many medicinal plants( ginkgo biloba, nettle, chamomile, celandine, aloe, dogrose).

balm dikul for joints reviews

Even in this Valentine Dikul balm( the instruction contains full information about the preparation) includes glycerol, retinol and tocopherol, D-panthenol, vitanol, lanolin and some preservative elements.

Description of the

tool Valentin Dikul, Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, MD, professor, has developed a unique and effective method for restoring motor abilities and functions of the human body in complex joint diseases or after a spinal cord injury sustained by the patient.

Balm Dikul for joints( feedback from consumers and health workers - direct confirmation of that) is considered effective in all sorts of joint injuries. The use of this tool will help prevent the development of such problems of the musculoskeletal and articular apparatus, like arthritis and arthrosis, osteochondrosis and sciatica. In addition, with neglected forms of all the above diseases, balm can provide a positive result in complex therapy.

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In the process of application, the drug produces anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, improves microcirculation of blood in vessels.

In addition, Dikul balms for joints, the price of which makes these medicines available to a wide range of consumers, strengthens blood and lymph circulation, stimulates metabolic processes in the body and activates the synthesis of synovial( joint) fluid. Further, with their( balsam) participation, salt deposits are deduced, the inflammatory focus is quickly resolved and regeneration of cartilaginous tissues takes place.

Methods of application of balsam for joints

The diculum balm recommends the instruction to be used both for acute conditions and for prophylaxis.

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With relapses of radiculitis, osteochondrosis, with pain sensations of a neuralgic nature, the remedy is applied 2-3 times throughout the day, applying light massaging-rubbing movements to the affected area for at least two minutes. At the end of the procedure, it is recommended to wrap the painful center with a woolen cloth. The duration of the treatment course is from a week to a month and a half.

In acute stages of arthritis, arthrosis, gout, balm Dikul for joints, patients' opinions and instructions of experts are recommended to rub in 3-5 minutes with the frequency of procedures up to three times a day. Then the sore spot wraps around. Treatment continues from 2 weeks to one and a half months.

If there is a threat of exacerbation( usually associated with hypothermia, colds, increased stress, decreased immunity), it is recommended to vigorously rub the formulation into the risk area for three minutes. Repeat sessions are required during the day 2-3 times.

What is Radicalulin?

Dicula balms "Radiculin" are specially designed for the treatment of lumbosacral radiculitis. The principle of the action of the remedy is based on the synergism( summing effect) of the influence of all its components: bee venom, bear bile, mummy, capsicum, piyavit and a whole complex of medicinal plants.

Radiculitis is recurrent. Provoke an attack can be anything: increased load and a sharp turn of the trunk, low temperature, draft, hypothermia or intoxication of the body( drugs and alcohol, including).

The influence of natural components of balsam is aimed at reducing pain, suppressing the inflammatory process on the nerve roots, stimulating blood circulation and metabolism in the lesion. The medicinal preparation promotes muscle relaxation, activates the functioning of local immunity, enhances antioxidant defense. balsam dicum radiculin

Applying Radiculin regularly, the patient will quickly restore motor activity and ability to work, can prevent frequent relapses.

Price range

It can be said that the drug is available to a wide range of consumers with a wide range of financial opportunities. For example, for a tube in 75 ml, namely in such packaging come on sale balsams Dikul for joints, the price is 220-240 rubles. The same cream, but in a volume of 125 ml, can be purchased for 240-260 rubles.

balms of dikul for joints price

Balm "Radikulin"( volume - 100 ml) consumers can purchase in the pharmacy network for 200-230 rubles. Other types of balms are also available to customers. For example, 100 ml of massage balm will also cost 200-230 rubles, the sports stuff in the same tube can be bought for 185-205 rubles, and 100 ml of "Tibet" balsam - for 220-240 rubles.

"Winter" balm of Dikul in the amount of 200 ml will cost the buyers 220-245 rubles.

Consumer's opinions

Consumers who used to treat balm Dikul for joints, reviews in the overwhelming majority of cases leave a positive character. According to the doctors, not only is the product made from natural components, it is effective and does not cost a lot of money, it also has no side effects, which is confirmed by laboratory and clinical studies, and patients do not complain about negative reactions. Contraindications, too, are practically none: it can not be used only in the case of individual hypersensitivity to the components of which balm consists.