"Diosmin": instruction, composition, price, reviews

Many people have problems with veins. Especially often, such diseases are complained of by the fairer sex. After all, a vascular network on the lower limbs brings not only physical, but also aesthetic discomfort. diosmin instruction

The most popular drug that fights against venous insufficiency is the "Diosmin" medication. Instructions for use, the price of this medication and its properties will be presented below.

Packaging, composition and form of the preparation

What form of release does the "Diosmin" medication have? Instructions for use say that this product is available in the form of tablets. Coated with a film sheath, they contain an active substance such as diosmin.

As for the additional ingredients, magnesium stearate, calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate, titanium dioxide, giprolose or hydroxypropyl cellulose, macrogol, microcrystalline cellulose, sodium starch glycolate, sodium carboxymethyl starch, iron oxide and others are used as additional ingredients.

The "Diosmin" preparation, the instruction, the price of which is presented below, goes on sale in the cell contour packs, which are placed in a pack of cardboard.


What are the features of Diosmin? The instruction asserts that this agent has a venoprotective, angioprotective and venotonic effect.

This medication allows to reduce the extensibility of veins, to reduce stagnant phenomena in them, to increase the tonus of the walls, and also to normalize the condition of capillaries, to reduce their permeability and fragility, to improve microcirculation and lymph flow.

Use of the drug in question in the recommended dosages leads to the elimination of clinical signs of peripheral venous insufficiency of chronic form. diosmin instruction price

Pharmacokinetics of the drug

What pharmacokinetic parameters does Diosmin have? The instruction says that this agent has a high absorption. Excretion of the active substance of the drug is carried out together with urine and feces. The average half-life of the main components is about 11 hours.

Indications for use

When can a Diosmin preparation be prescribed to a patient? The instruction states that the following indications are the main indications for taking the agent in question:

  • acute hemorrhoids( for treatment, as well as vascular strengthening);
  • venous insufficiency is peripheral( treatment to reduce pain and sense of heaviness in the legs).


The drug Diosmin should never be used:

  • with hypersensitivity to its components;
  • during breastfeeding;
  • in childhood. diosmin instructions for use

Diosmin tablets: instruction for the use of

The drug is intended for oral administration in the treatment of venous insufficiency. The dose of this medicine is selected individually. As a rule, it is 600 mg per day.

Tablets are taken in the morning( before breakfast) for two months. However, in the presence of severe forms of lymphovenous insufficiency of a chronic nature that are accompanied by swelling, convulsions and painful sensations, experts recommend that treatment be performed for at least 3-4 months.

With trophic changes or ulcers, the course of therapy is prolonged to six months or more. After 3 months, treatment can be repeated.

In the presence of acute hemorrhoids, the patient is prescribed a daily dose equal to 1200-1800 mg of the drug. In this case, the tablets are taken with food. Usually such treatment lasts about one week. But if required, the therapy is continued for another 4-8 weeks at 600 mg per day.

If treatment of lymphovenous insufficiency of a chronic nature is carried out during pregnancy, then the medicine is canceled for half a month before the onset of labor.

Side effects of

In rare cases, when treating Diosmin, the patient may experience vomiting, dizziness, gastrointestinal disturbances, weakness and headaches. There was also a development of allergic reactions, especially in people who do not tolerate the main components of the drug.

Drug Interaction

The combination of Diosmina with norepinephrine, epinephrine and serotonin increases their vasoconstrictive effect. diosmin instructions for use price

This drug with naringidinum creates an angioprotective effect. In addition, this combination corrects microcirculation and strengthens the venotonic effect. In connection with this, these substances are very often used in the creation of medicines intended for the treatment of various forms of venous insufficiency, pain in the legs, pain, convulsions, trophic disorders and acute forms of hemorrhoidal attack.

Special recommendations

It should be remembered that the treatment of acute hemorrhoids requires a short reception of "Diosmina."In this case, the drug is not a substitute for specific therapy for other causes of anal disorders. If the symptoms persist, then a proctologic examination is conducted and the treatment tactics are reviewed.

People taking Diosmin should refrain from prolonged exposure to the sun, walk more, control their body weight, and sometimes wear stockings that improve blood circulation.

Price and analogues

The price of this drug in Russia is about 600 rubles for 30 tablets. As for Ukraine, in this state the medicine can be purchased for 190 hryvnia.

If necessary, the medication in question is replaced with medicines such as Venus, Venozol, Detralex, Flebodia, Phlebofa and others. However, it should be noted that all of the above analogs are much more expensive than Diosmina.


Now you know how to take the drug "Diosmin".The instruction, the price( Ukraine does not produce similar medicines) were presented above. diosmin instruction price ukraine

As for the feedback from consumers, most of them are positive. Patients claim that this remedy effectively eliminates leg severity, swelling, and also significantly reduces vascular networks. For better therapy, experts recommend combining diosmin with hesperidin.