Acute otitis in children: what to treat?

Inflammation of the ear canal is a disease that often affects children. Everything happens for the simple reason that the structure of the ear is different for children than for adults. Children's aisles are wider and shorter. Infection over them moves freely. In this article, we will tell you about how to treat otitis in a child. You will learn about the main drugs. Also, you will be able to find out information about additional medicines that accelerate recovery.

Otitis in children than to treat

Otitis in children

If your baby has suffered an ear infection once, then you can prepare for the situation to repeat. Experienced moms already know how to treat otitis in a child. However, it is still better to contact the otorhinolaryngologist for each case. Only the doctor will be able to make a proper and careful examination of the inner cavity of the ear. Also, the specialist will take the material for the study if necessary.

Otitis in children is often accompanied by the most unpleasant symptoms. These include: fever, pain, shooting, burning and itching in the ear. Often additional signs of the disease become a common cold. When the purulent form of acute otitis occurs, discharge of fluid from the auricles occurs. It should be noted that acute otitis takes place much harder than chronic otitis. However, it is safer in terms of consequences.

Otitis in children: what to treat?

How to fix the problem correctly? First, consult a doctor. The doctor will carefully examine your clinical picture and will conduct an examination. Also, a specialist in the appointment of therapy will necessarily take into account the facts of ear diseases and intolerance of any medicines previously available.

If otitis occurs in children, than to treat the disease? All means can be divided into folk and conservative. The latter, in turn, are divided into medicines for oral and topical use. In especially severe cases, otorhinolaryngologists use surgical skills. It is worth noting that, unlike other specialists, an ENT doctor can perform a small operation on his own. Consider how much to treat otitis in a child, what drugs should be used.

than to treat otitis in a child

Antipyretics and pain relievers

If otitis occurs in children, what is it to treat? The first help you can give your baby is the use of drugs that relieve fever and pain. During acute otitis, the child feels discomfort in the ear. He has a deafening hearing, noises appear, and most importantly, the baby feels lumbago, which causes severe pain. Most children begin to sleep badly at the same time, they lose their appetite, they become whiners.

To give first aid to a baby, give it a medicine. These can be preparations based on ibuprofen, paracetamol or analgin. Children who have reached the age of 12 can be offered aspirin. The most popular trade names for these drugs are the following: Nurofen, Paracetamol, Ibuphen, Panadol, Cefekon, Analdim and many others. Be sure to correctly calculate the dosage of the medicine. It always depends on the age and weight of the child.

how to treat an ear otitis in a child

Antibacterial compounds

Do not know how to treat ear otitis in a child? Most domestic doctors, when this problem occurs, always prescribe antibacterial therapy. Its effectiveness is considered the maximum. However, such drugs have a lot of side effects. And, for example, in Europe they are very cautious. Foreign doctors often use expectant therapy. If the child does not feel better within three days, then only the question of the use of antibiotics is decided.

Of antibacterial agents, amoxicillin-based formulations are most often prescribed. It can be Flemoxin, Augmentin or Amoxiclav. They are recognized as the most harmless, but effectively coping with otitis. If the child has previously taken similar medications, but they did not help him, then it is advisable to prescribe antibiotics-cephalosporins. These include: "Ceftriaxone", "Cefatoxim", "Suprax" and others. They are quite serious drugs that have proven themselves on the good side in fighting inflammation of the ear. Less commonly prescribed are such drugs as "Amoxicillin", "Sumamed", "Clarithromycin" and so on. The duration of the use of drugs can be from three days to several weeks.

Antiviral and Composition for Enhancing Immunity

How to treat otitis media in a child? Rarely, but it happens that the disease is caused by a virus. In this case, no antibiotics will help to fix the problem. The child needs antiviral drugs. In some cases, they are prescribed for bacterial damage, since such medications are also capable of increasing immunity.

how to treat otitis media in a child

The most popular formulations are with interferon or its inducers. It can be Anaferon, Ergoferon, Viferon, Kipferon, or Cycloferon. Often doctors prescribe to children "Isoprinosin", "Likopid" and the like drugs. However, they can not be used without the doctor's recommendation. Before using them, you should always consult with your doctor. The duration of the course is determined individually.

Antihistamines and their effectiveness in the treatment of otitis

We continue to consider how to treat ear otitis in a child. In most cases, the inflammatory process begins because the Eustachian tube narrows due to edema. It turns out that the ear simply can not be ventilated. Because of this, the inflammatory process also develops. Antihistamines will help to remove swelling. Not all of them are allowed to children of the first year of life. Before using, be sure to read the instructions. Doctors usually use the following means: Zirtek, Zodak, Tavegil, Fenistil and others.

It should be noted that the described drugs will only give effect in combination with general therapy. They can not eliminate the otitisum alone.

than to treat otitis in a child 3 years old

Medications for the introduction to the ears

How to treat otitis in children? Komarovsky says that an acute inflammatory process in the ear is an occasion for the use of drops. They may contain anti-inflammatory, analgesic or antibacterial components. The most frequently recommended tools are: "Otipaks", "Otinum", "Otirelaks" and so on. They all contain an anesthetic that relieves pain. However, some doctors are wary of such drugs. Doctors report that you can remove the pain syndrome with the help of the medications described above. Directly for the treatment of the ear, it is better to use such drops as "Dioxydin", "Otofa".They in their composition have an antibiotic that will help to quickly remove the inflammatory process.

It should be noted that some drops for insertion into the ear canal require unbroken integrity of the tympanic membrane. If it is damaged, then the use of such tools can lead to quite serious consequences in the future.

Nasal medications: a prerequisite for

If otitis occurs in children, what is the treatment for pathology? Most of the inflammation of the tympanic membrane accompanies the common cold. This symptom must also be eliminated. Otherwise, after recovery, the bacteria will again enter the ear canal. Treatment of a runny nose with otitis involves the use of vasoconstrictor and antimicrobial compounds. The most popular drugs are xylometazaline. The doctor can appoint "Snoop", "Nazivin", "Vibrocil" or "Tizin".For particularly serious problems, corticosteroids are recommended( Avamis, Tafen, Nazonex).Such drugs can not be used for a long time. This can lead to atrophic rhinitis.

Among the antimicrobial compositions for the treatment of the nose can be identified such as "Polidexa", "Isofra", "Pinosol", as well as "Dioxydin".It should be noted that the lavage of the nasal sinuses in otitis is strictly prohibited. This can only exacerbate the situation and lead to complications.

how to treat purulent otitis in children

Pierced eardrum puncture and its cleansing

How to properly treat otitis in a child? If the problem does not go away after using the described means, or the baby becomes worse in a short time, it is advisable to make a puncture of the tympanic membrane. This manipulation is called myringotomy. It is carried out without additional anesthesia. The doctor makes a small incision with the help of the appropriate instrument, after which the accumulated liquid and pus leave the pus.

The material received should be sent for study to determine sensitivity to antibiotics. After the obtained results, the otorhinolaryngologist can assign a suitable preparation with high accuracy.

Application tube: drainage

Than to treat an otitis at the child of 3 years if the situation repeats constantly? After all, in children of this age the relapse of the described disease is very great. The specialist may suggest that you use surgical techniques and install a small tube into the eardrum. This part will allow the liquid not to accumulate, but to come out. As a result, the inflammatory process does not appear. Often, this method is used for chronic otitis, which is repeated more than 10 times a year and poorly amenable to antibiotic treatment. The procedure is called "tympanostomy."Drainage in the ear of a child can stand as long as the doctor deems necessary.

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Folk methods of treatment

How to treat purulent otitis in children? Often our grandmothers advise you to apply warming. Doctors also say that this can be very dangerous. Under the influence of heat, the inflammatory process can only become more acute. Traditional methods of treatment are as follows:

  • Take camphor oil and lightly heat it. Dampen the tampon in it, then insert it into the ear. Wear a dense bandage and warm the inflamed part for two hours.
  • Hydrogen peroxide has always been used to treat and prevent otitis. Drip a few drops of the drug into the damaged ear, then gently clean the sink with a cotton swab.
  • Take boric alcohol and hold it in the palms to warm it. After that, enter two drops into each ear canal. The drug will help kill pathogens. However, it must be remembered that this method can not be used when the tympanic membrane is damaged.
  • Heat a handful of salt in a frying pan. After that, put the loose bulk in the toe and attach it to the sick ear. Hold for half an hour and remove the heat compress.

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Instead of concluding

After reading the article, you learned how to treat otitis in a child 3 years old or at another age. Remember, this is a very insidious disease. Do not cancel prescribed medications as soon as you feel better. This practice can lead to an increase in the resistance of microorganisms to drugs. Be sure to complete the prescribed course of medication.

Try never to self-medicate. Remember that timely access to a doctor is the key to a successful outcome. Use the services of specialists and always be healthy!