"Stimol": instructions for use, reviews

Some people face such unpleasant symptoms as general weakness, poor health, fatigue. Sometimes even a full sleep does not give a sense of rest. Such symptoms often characterize the asthenic state. This is a rather unpleasant pathology that requires adequate treatment. To combat this disease, the preparation "Stimol" was developed. The instruction allows you to get acquainted with the medicine.

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Short description

The preparation "Stimol" describes the instruction as a cytotoxic drug. It is a metabolic corrector, which removes metabolic products from the body. The drug contains two active substances:

  • malate;
  • citrulline.

These are the important components of the metabolic cycle in the human body. Both substances are natural.

Due to this composition the drug has a double effect:

  • it improves the withdrawal of metabolic products;
  • normalizes the process of energy production in cells.

Drug is given as a solution for ingestion. It is a colorless liquid( sometimes it is distinguished by a yellowish hue), which has an orange smell. The medication is sold in bags. This greatly facilitates the dosing process.

The main purpose of the drug is to support the general condition of asthenia. The drug "Stimol" is used for various poisonings for the purpose of restoration of the liver. The medicine can eliminate negative symptoms, provoked by the effects of toxic substances, due to the substance of citrulline. This amino acid takes part in the processes taking place in the liver. The drug effectively cleaves toxic compounds. As a result, much less harmful substances enter the bloodstream.

Stimol user

The drug is quickly absorbed into the intestine. The maximum concentration of the drug is observed 45 minutes after the drug is used. It is excreted from the body for 5-6 hours by the kidneys.

Indications for use

The drug "Stimol" instruction recommends the use in a variety of conditions that are characterized by a decline in strength, a decrease in vitality. The drug is used as an aid in complex therapy.

Quite often, this drug is recommended to athletes in the case of intensive training. After all, it avoids the disruption of cellular metabolism in cases of excessive physical exertion.

The main indications that lead to an abstract to the drug are the following conditions:

  1. Asthenic syndrome.
  2. Postponed serious pathologies( to restore the body).
  3. Mental and physical asthenia.
  4. Increased fatigue.

Annotation reports that the medication can be used for symptomatic therapy of such pathology as asthenia( post-infectious, sexual, postoperative, endocrine).In addition, the medicine is prescribed to get rid of the withdrawal syndrome, provoked by alcohol.

The use of medication is advisable for drowsiness, emotional lability, reduced efficiency, weakness, increased fatigue. In addition, the tool will benefit people suffering from HPA hypotonic type.

stimol instruction for children

Medication dosage

Now let's look at how to use the drug "Stimol".Instruction for use advises to adhere to the following rules:

  1. The medication is for oral use only.
  2. The contents of 1 sachet should be dissolved in 0.5 cups of water. However, you can use another liquid, as the "Stimol" medication testifies. For children, the contents of the package are allowed to dilute compote, juice, tea.
  3. It is recommended to take the medicine while eating.
  4. Adults and adolescents over 15 years of age should drink 10 ml of medicament thrice a day. The daily dose is 3 packs - 30 ml.
  5. Children from 5 to 15 years are recommended twice a day to use 1 sachet. A medication can be prescribed( exclusively by a doctor) and at an earlier age. This testifies to the preparation "Stimol" instruction.
  6. Children under 5 years old - 1 packet per day recommended.

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Side effects of

Patients taking this drug usually carry it well enough. However, isolated cases are known, when

  • discomfort in the stomach region developed during therapy;
  • allergic reactions.

Contraindications to the use of

As any medication, there are some limitations and the drug "Stimol".

The instruction gives the following contraindications:

  • individual sensitivity;
  • peptic ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • pregnancy and lactation period.

People who follow a diet that is characterized by a reduced sodium content should be aware that 30 mg of sodium is included in one packet of the medicine.

Reviews about

The above mentioned medication "Stimol" was considered above. Reviews of people who took this drug, are of particular interest. Therefore, we will analyze what the patients testify.

In most cases, there are positive reviews. People who have been prescribed this drug characterize it as a fast-acting and effective medicine. Patients report that the drug does not provoke addiction, it perfectly eliminates fatigue. Patients who take the medicine after a long illness say that the medicine allows the body to recover much more quickly in the rehabilitation period.

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What are the negative aspects of the patients? Those who have tried this drug testify that the minus of the drug "Stimol" is its sourish taste. In addition, most people point to another negative point - this is a somewhat high price( an average of 450 rubles.)

Very often express their opinion about the drug "Stimol" athletes. They argue that the medicine helps to cope with the body with the strongest loads, provoked by increased training. Almost all athletes remain satisfied with the drug and recommend it as an effective tool.