"Berlamin Modular": instructions and references

Today's health problems can be caused by a number of reasons. Sometimes some diseases become so serious that they lead to incredibly detrimental consequences for the human body. So, due to a variety of disorders, some patients lose their appetite or the ability to eat themselves, for example, when the ability to swallow, chew food, when the patient is unconscious for a long time or when he needs a balanced diet to eliminate the consequences of physical exhaustion. In such cases, the patient must be fed with a special high-quality medical complex( either orally or with a probe).On how effective such a complex is, will depend both the opportunity and the rate of recovery of the patient.

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A good reputation in this respect was acquired by the drug "Berlamin Modular".What exactly is this nutritional complex? What components are included in its composition? How useful and caloric is the drug in question? Is the drug effective? How does it work? How to use the drug in the right way? The answers to the above and some other questions will be discussed later in this article.


"Berlamin Modular" reviews and specialists define as an incredibly effective complex of various substances that are vital for the normal functioning of the human body. The use of this medicine helps to balance the patient's nutrition in a qualitative way and to balance its caloric value.

The drug "Berlamin Modular" instruction refers to a specialized medical diet that is used for patients of various categories. This drug helps to effectively implement the metabolic processes in the body. The drug allows you to quickly restore the depleted strength of the patient.


Ensures the uniqueness of the drug "Berlamin Modular" composition of this drug. Thus, in three hundred and sixty grams of the dry mixture, twenty-six grams of milk and soy protein are included, as well as a number of essential amino acids( 3.85 g of valine, 3.53 g of arginine, 1.44 g of methionine, 5.76 g of leucine,68 g of lysine, 0.83 g of tryptophan, 3.38 g of isoleucine, 2.52 g of threonine, 1.94 g of histidine, 3.38 g of phenylalanine).

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Also in the composition of the drug "Berlamin Modular" for the growth of the body includes the following necessary components: fats( 6.40 grams of palmitic acid, 27.2 g of linoleic and 3.99 g of linolenic acid, 0.11 g of myristic, 3.35 gramsstearic and 10.87 g of oleic acid), carbohydrates( 188.3 grams of dextrin, 0.072 g of lactose, 23.7 g of maltose, 5.76 g of glucose), and a variety of macro- and microelements( 972 ml of sodium, 17.6 ml of zinc, 1620 ml of potassium, 17.6 ml of iron, 972 ml of calcium, 648 ml of phosphorus, 230 ml of magnesium, 1540 ml of chloride, 48.6 ml of selenium, 1620 micrograms of copper, 216 μg of iodine, 2300 μg of manganese, 86.4 μg of molybdenum,1660 μg of fluorine and 79.2 μg of chromium).

Other constituents of the agent are certain vitamins( 88.2 ml of taurine, 972 μg of retinol A, 144 μg of phylloquinone K, 461 IU of calciferol D, 64.8 ml of inositol, 0.29 ml of folic acid, 24.5 ml of tocopherol E,4.32 μg of cyanocobalamin, 64.8 μg of biotin, 270 ml of ascorbic acid, 10 ml of pantothenic acid, 2.3 ml of riboflavin, 23 ml of nicotinamide, 1.8 ml of pyridoxine, 1.8 ml of thiamine, 309.6 ml of choline).

The energy value of the drug in question is one thousand six hundred and twelve kilocalories.

Pharmacological action

The vitamin complex "Berlamin Modular" effectively influences the metabolic processes in the human body, normalizing them by replenishing the deficiency of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. As a balanced nutritional complex, the drug under consideration contains absolutely all the amino acids that the body needs for its normal functioning, as well as vitamins and minerals, fats and carbohydrates.

Indications for use

This drug is used in those cases when the patient needs high-quality therapeutic nutrition, which could provide the body with all the necessary substances to carry out its normal life( including essential amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates).Also, "Berlamin Modular" reviews and specialists recommend to use in cases where the patient is not able to chew and swallow food independently. There are times when food can not normally pass through the esophagus. This condition is observed with sufficiently long periods of loss of consciousness, as well as in the early postoperative period. As a rule, it can be provoked by various injuries, stroke, dysphagia, tumors, esophageal obstruction.

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Also, the drug is effective in cases where a person deliberately refuses to eat due to severe depression and in case of loss of appetite for anorexia. The remedy is also used for various catabolic conditions, such as severe burns, sepsis, AIDS, oncological diseases, tuberculosis, celiac disease, chemotherapy and radiation, polytrauma, liver disease, pancreatic diseases, as well as hepatic, respiratory, renal and heart failure.

It is strongly recommended to apply the "Berlamine Modular" reviews. For the growth of children, this drug is simply irreplaceable, but it can not be used for infants of the first year of life. This tool is effective in the period of bearing and breastfeeding, as well as with regular and intense physical exertion.

How to use

Take this medication should be taken by mouth. This can be done in various ways, for example, using a probe, in the form of a separate beverage. Use "Berlamin Modular" and as an additive to the main diet, and as part of a variety of dishes( such as soups or sauces).Typically, the main working dosage is thirty grams of powder per hundred milliliters of water, which will allow preparing a nutritional nutrient solution with a caloric content of one hundred kilocalories per hundred milliliters of solution.


Direct contraindication to the use of the drug "Berlamin Modular" are such diseases and conditions as intestinal obstruction, anuria and hepatic coma. Also, the use of this vitamin complex is not recommended for patients who suffer from gastrointestinal bleeding, acute pancreatitis( especially its destructive form), and certain types of allergies, in particular to cow's milk and soy proteins.

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An obstacle to admission may also be a violation of the body's absorption of fats, which in turn may be due to a lack of lipase or bile acid.

Side effects of

As such, adverse reactions with the use of the drug "Berlamin Modular" instructions for use do not indicate. However, this does not mean that you can not adhere to the indicated dosages and prescribed treatment regimen. Sometimes the use of the "Berlamin Modular" can lead to the occurrence of some allergic reactions. Any negative changes in the physical state of the body should be discussed immediately with the attending physician. This will avoid any undesirable consequences of the treatment.

Storage conditions

Store the preparation "Berlamin Modular" strictly in a cool place, protected from direct sunlight. It is important to remember that if stored incorrectly, this drug loses its useful properties, since some of its components, for example, can be destroyed by exposure to light and too high or too low a temperature.

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In addition, ensure that children do not have free access to the drug.

Conditions for the sale of medication

Medicinal preparation "Berlamin Modular" is released at pharmacies without a prescription. However, this does not mean that it can be applied thoughtlessly, without consulting the attending physician and his appointments.

The uniqueness of

Rich composition, which has the vitamin complex "Berlamin Modular", makes it absolutely unique in this group of products. That's why it was not so easy to acquire it in some territories. Specialists say that today there are no analogs and synonyms for the drug "Berlamin Modular".This should be taken into account when deciding whether to purchase this medication.


The effectiveness of the drug is proved by many years of practice. Thousands of patients have already experienced it. The value of the medicinal product in question is so high that specialists call it unique in its kind. So, its incredibly rich composition provides the maximum effect on the human body.

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Restoration of exhausted forces, normalization of metabolism, high-quality therapeutic nutrition - that's how the reviews describe the effect of the drug in question. It is also used with high efficiency for young children during their active growth. The drug provides a small body with all the necessary substances for normal life, helps to properly form developing tissues and organ systems. The presence of all necessary minerals, as well as micro- and macro elements, ensures that there are no problems during the period of active growth of the child. In addition, the additive helps to eliminate all existing deviations in this regard.

Generalization of

"Berlamin Modular" is a unique vitamin complex that is used for a wide range of patients. It is effective for those who are unable to eat on their own( for whatever reason), who have lost their appetite due to any physical and emotional disturbances. Also, the drug is successfully used for children during their active growth, as it eliminates any existing problems in this regard.

It is important to remember that the drug can be applied to not every patient. This drug has some contraindications, which in no case can not be ignored. The use of the drug "Berlamin Modular" for patients who have diseases and conditions that are contraindications to its use may lead to other undesirable and even dangerous consequences. Strict adherence to the instructions and all the rules of admission is a prerequisite for the treatment of the vitamin complex.

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In general, the drug is safe and has virtually no contraindications, with the possible exception of intolerance to individual constituents of the drug substance components. It can trigger the occurrence of unpleasant allergic reactions. That is why the emergence of any unpleasant physical sensations and deterioration of the condition must immediately learn the attending physician, who can correctly assess the current situation and adjust the current treatment regimen. Observe your condition while taking the drug is especially necessary to prevent any undesirable consequences.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones in the best possible way. Choose quality drugs that will be the most effective solution in your particular situation. Be always healthy!