"Fusidine sodium" tablets: instructions for use, analogues and reviews

The drug "Fuzidin sodium" - tablets, coated with a shell. It allows you to deliver the contents of the pill directly into the intestines. There, the capsule disintegrates, and the medication begins. The active substance of this drug is fusidic acid. The medicament has a wide application in therapy, surgery, otorhinolaryngology, cosmetology and gynecology. The medicine is not very popular. Want to know more? The article will tell you about this medication in detail.

fusidine sodium

"Fusidine sodium": description of

The active substance of the drug after exposure to the human body has an antimicrobial effect. Possess tablets and bacteriostatic effect. Fusidic acid interacts with many microorganisms. The drug is quickly distributed in the blood. It is found in soft tissues and cartilages, lungs and liver.

Effective drug for staphylococci, meningococci, gonococci and other bacterial colonies. The tablets are less effective in contact with pneumococci and streptococci. The latter, in turn, often retain high resistance to antibiotics of the penicillin series. In such situations, "Fusidine sodium" is prescribed. The drug is ineffective against viruses and fungi, it can not cope with gram-negative bacteria. Therefore, the medication can not be attributed to broad-spectrum antibiotics.

fuzidine sodium instruction

Indications for use and limitations

In what situations do doctors prescribe the drug "Fusidine sodium"?The instruction recommends to pass the sensitivity analysis before the beginning of therapy. Only in this case one can be sure of the correctness of the prescribed therapy. The drug is used to treat pneumonia, gonorrhea, abscesses, phlegmon, infectious diseases of the skin and soft tissues.

Contraindication to the use of the drug becomes hypersensitivity. If you previously had to take fuzidic acid-based medicines, and this was accompanied by an allergy, then you should not use medicines. The antibiotic "Fusidine sodium" is not prescribed for future mothers. Despite the fact that in some cases, the instruction for use allows such therapy, gynecologists are sure: the drug may adversely affect the child's well-being. Often after such treatment, jaundice children were born in women. The active substance is excreted mainly with bile. Therefore, with diseases of the digestive tract, care must be taken in applying it.

fusidine sodium tablets

"Fusidine sodium": instructions for use, scheme

The medication is taken orally after a meal. Pills do not require pre-grinding. But if you give an antibiotic to a child, then such treatment is permissible. The medication is prescribed for adult patients and children from 16 years of age at a daily dose of 1.5 grams. This volume must be divided into three steps. The break between them should be 8 hours.

Please note that the drug "Fusidine sodium" is produced in different dosages: 125 and 250 mg tablets. The number of pills taken directly depends on the volume of the active substance in them. The duration of use of the composition is determined individually. The average duration of therapy is one to two weeks. Less commonly, an antibiotic is prescribed for 21 days. For children, the medication is prescribed by the doctor individually, in accordance with age and body weight.

fuzidin instructions for use

Additional information on the preparation of

It is not recommended to use "Fusidine Sodium" alone with other antimicrobial compounds, as they increase the effect of the described preparation. Only with a serious course of the disease doctors advise the patient to additionally use tetracyclines or penicillins.

To reduce the chance of side effects, the antibiotic is used with liquid food or milk. The drug can be combined with immunomodulators, vitamin complexes. Often during therapy, the use of antifungal formulations is required. It should be recalled that all medicines must be prescribed by a doctor.

Where do negative reviews come from?

Despite the low popularity, has the drug "Fuzidine sodium" reviews are not very flattering. As a rule, they are left by people who used an antibiotic without medical prescription. The drug may simply prove to be ineffective, since it does not apply to broad spectrum agents. Such compositions are expedient to accept only after the preliminary analysis.

Negative reviews report a digestive disorder during treatment. Indeed, the dilution of the stool is not excluded, diarrhea. But all this is a temporary phenomenon that does not require the withdrawal of the drug. Stop treatment and immediately consult a doctor if you have allergies. Doctors say that it is often formed due to neglect of contraindications. There is a side effect of irritation on the skin, itching, rash. Less often there is swelling.

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Positive opinions

With proper application( in accordance with the recommendations of a specialist), "Fuzidine sodium"( tablets) is tolerated well, as evidenced by the positive feedback. Consumers say that it was this drug that helped them cope with the pathology. Whereas broad-spectrum antibiotics proved to be powerless. Indeed, the latter are often appointed without prior diagnosis. Even a doctor can not be completely sure that the medicine will have a positive effect. The drug "Fuzidin sodium" is prescribed exclusively after the study of the sensitivity of microorganisms to this active substance.

Mention patients about the cost of the product. You can buy the medicine in the pharmacy at a price of 400 rubles for 20 tablets of 125 mg. A higher dosage is more expensive: 500 rubles for 20 pieces. If you take into account that you need three tablets for at least 7 days to take the last kind of medication, you can conclude that more than one pack will be required for such a course. This means that even the shortest treatment scheme will cost you at least one thousand rubles. Not everyone can afford such expensive therapy.

fuzidine sodium reviews

Substitutes of the drug

Due to the high cost of the drug, consumers are trying to pick up analogues cheaper. Immediately say that this can not be done. After all, another drug may be ineffective. With such treatment, patients sometimes get more harm than good.

Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning the structural substitutes for the drug. These are preparations with the following trade names: "Fusidant", "Fuziderm", "Futsidin", "Futsitalmik" and so on. Many drugs are available in the form of ointments, creams. You can also buy fusidic acid in the form of eye drops.

Other substitutes for the drug include other antibiotics. It can be a variety of drugs: penicillins, tetracyclines, macrolides, sulfonamides and so on. Take them only after consulting a doctor.

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In conclusion

The article told you about the little-known, but at the same time, quite effective medication "Fusidine sodium".Analogues, instructions for use and basic reviews are presented to your attention. Many consumers decide to take antibiotics on their own, not wanting to stand in line with the doctor. Recall that such therapy may not only be useless, but also dangerous. If the antibiotic is taken incorrectly or at an inappropriate dose, then microorganisms subsequently develop resistance. Further treatment with this drug does not bring the desired effect.

If you have health problems, then go to the doctor."Fusidine sodium" can not be taken without prior planting for sensitivity. All the best, do not be ill!