Therapeutic reel Mishina: reviews and description

For more than a century, mankind has been using electricity extensively. An infinite number of various devices have been produced. In this case, no one thinks about their safety.

Over the past decades, the number of pathologies of the human body has increased, the treatment of which is beyond the control of medicine. The reason is often not so much a bad ecological situation, as a lack of understanding of processes in all devices that function on the basis of the phenomenon of electromagnetism.

If we touch physical processes, then in nature they proceed in accordance with the law of conservation of momentum. In simple terms, the action is impossible without a fulcrum, and at the time of its completion the object and support receive an equal mechanical impact. If we look at this problem through the prism of vortex processes, it turns out that when creating electromagnetic radiation, the electrostatic plane is taken as a basis.

Medical reel Mishin, the reviews of which indicate that it has a high degree of functionality, provides vortex processes. They have a curative effect.

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reel of michina reviews

What destroy electricity emissions?

Our life is full of continuous pulsations emanating from electrical devices. They have a destructive effect on the molecular level. As a result, an increased energy saturation of the molecules is caused, which leads to the formation of large clusters. Many looped structures of molecules of the human body can not be treated with medicines because of their high level of strength. Such formations in the body entail the onset of cancer or block any functions in the body.

The most unified method is the creation of a zone with a reduced density of the medium by means of electrostatic implosion resonance. Such effect is provided by medical reel Mishin.

The essence of her work is actually built on gravity. True, the range of the device is small. It is only 2-3 meters. The level of transmitted power of such equipment depends on the degree of voltage. The amplifier for the Mishin coil has a voltage frequency at the output of 12-24 volts. The current should not exceed 100-200 mA.

booster amplifier

Principles for manufacturing a flat coil( DMA)

How to make such a device, like a Mishin coil, with your own hands? A preliminary preparation of the substrate is required, on which a double-sided adhesive tape should be applied. A round ledge is installed in the center. Its diameter is 25 mm. Around it begins the laying of two wires, which should lie parallel to the plane of the base.

The generator for medical reel Mishina can be a standard configuration. Its capacity is quite enough for health purposes. The generator circuit for the Mishin coil is shown below.

generator circuit for a reel of a target

After the manufacture of such a device, a capacitance is obtained on the basis of a pair of spiral overlays that are nested inside each other. It is possible to use any copper wire, the diameter of which, together with the insulation, is no more than 1.5 mm. The diameter of the coil should not be more than 23-25 ​​cm. The wire is fixed from above. You can fix it with scotch tape.

Mishin's coil, the circuit of which is not so complicated, can be assembled on its own. Materials for its manufacture are easy to get in any store of electrical appliances.

How do I set up a coil on an oscilloscope?

The Mishin Vortex coil needs to determine the frequency. For this purpose, a pair of bends is made from the device. It is necessary to take the end of one wire from the inside of the coil, and the other end to the outer one. The circuit thus remains open, and two conclusions of unused plates should be cut off.

With the use of a standard generator, whose power is 2 W, it is possible to determine the frequency of the device by connecting the oscilloscope probe parallel to the generator terminals. The frequency of the generator increases smoothly. The first frequency at which the generator output voltage is lower is determined. This will be an indication of the operating frequency of this device.

Vortex coil Mishina

The second version of voltage measurement

The device can also be measured using a 10 m resistor that is connected to the power circuit in series. The highest amplitude value should be determined. This method makes it possible to assess the quality level of the supplied sinus in the load mode in the tank.

How to configure the LED indicator?

The working frequency of the capacitance can be determined by means of a test coil. It is an induction device, which includes two on-board LEDs.

With this method, you can find the frequency from the maximum luminance of the LEDs. The voltage of the generator in this case is reduced. This ensures a reduction in the frequency range at which glow is observed.

Indicator of the effective frequency of the coil

If you ensure a strong fastening of the wire and do not subject the device to severe mechanical deformation, then after setting the optimum power frequency of the container, its frequency will not change during use. For the above capacitance design, the average frequency is 310 kHz. At the same time, the effective frequency range of the supply signal lies within ± 10 kHz relative to the operating frequency.

This device has a wide electrostatic spectrum and a low gradient of the plane change to the center of the device during operation. This will effectively affect the central nervous system, eliminate circulatory disorders and many other vortex problems in the body.

Features of the design of a flat coil with a diameter of 12 cm

Machine's therapeutic coils have a higher level of impact on pathogenic formations with a reduced distance between the plates. For example, you can use a wire with a cross section of 0.5 mm in varnish insulation. The length of each wire will be 10-12 meters.

The internal diameter is also about 25 mm, and the outer diameter is 130 mm. This capacity has a high level of efficiency. It can affect the smallest viruses, fungi, eliminate scars and accelerate the process of tissue regeneration.

medical reels

Features of the torus configuration( TMA, bagel)

The subsequent reduction of the wire cross section and the overall coil size will result in an even more effective version of the vortex tank. With an external diameter of 51 mm and an internal diameter of 25 mm, a wire thickness of about 0.1 mm is created.

This device is difficult to make by hand. Therefore, it is recommended to apply a simplified version of the device in the form of a torus.

Making a torch

To make a torus, you need about 15 meters of twisted pair cable( UTP 5E).The wire includes four or eight cores, which are twisted together. Remove the outer cable insulation and separate one pair from the others.

To create a similar capacity, almost all types of wires can be used. The only condition is that the distance between the wires along the entire length should be the same. Therefore, a twisted pair will do just fine.

Next, apply a piece of electric corrugation. It will become the basis for creating a tooling for reel winding. The diameter of the corrugation should be 25 mm. It should be bent into a torus of the right size. A slit is made on the outside. It is fixed by a pair of turns of insulation tape.

This winding will ensure the correct formation of vortices. At the same time, a whole frequency spectrum is formed, where the inner part of the winding is responsible for high indicators, and the external part for low ones.

Before proceeding to the winding, the internal lead of the wire should be poured into a pre-prepared hole in the corrugation, and after winding, fix the external terminals. To fix the winding, it is necessary to remove the corrugation in parts. The twisted pair leads are unwound, and the unused ones bite off

. Determining the power frequency of the

device. Next, determine the frequency of the torch supply. Connection of the generator terminal must be made from different sides on the wires of the device. To determine the output voltage, the oscilloscope probes are connected directly to the generator terminals.

Then, the first frequency of the maximum voltage decrease relative to the input is determined. In other words, the frequency of the maximum conductivity of the capacitance should be designated. Further nutrition will take place at this rate.

Power supply of the

coils The power of the coils is provided by the sine( signal from the generator).Power supply by impulses is inadmissible, since it does not have inertia in this mode. The frequency range with high efficiency for tori is the same as for coils of flat configuration. It is 270-380 kHz.

During the operation of the device, the supply voltage from the generator can last up to ten times or more. At the same time, the indicator of the total activity of the power supply can not be higher than 0.1 W.The maximum conductive current capacity must be limited to 200 mA and the voltage rating to 22-24 V.

If these parameters are overestimated, this can lead to electrostatic breakdowns, which will be expressed in discharges from the center of the coil.

What generators do I use?

Often used generator for Mishin coil - TGS-3.It has an automated resonance tuning.

A more professional analogue is the ATTEN ATF20B + model. Its advantages include display, USB interface, frequency meter, power amplifier, waveform. Such a generator for the Mishin coil emits a signal that is not distorted.

coil generator

Treatment with Mishin's reel

So, having prepared the device of the simplest configuration in the form of an inductive coil, it is possible to influence for a therapeutic purpose any problem areas of living organisms. In most cases, knowledge of diseased points in the body is not necessary, since electrostatics automatically affects the painful bulk structures and facilitates their separation. What is vortex medicine built on? Mishin coils provide natural application of energy of the environment in order to influence the problems arising in the carbon form of life. This method is equivalent to the effects of antibiotics, and also serves as a substitute for surgery to remove cancer tumors. The vortex currents generated by the coil will easily repair the affected nerve cells.

What did the device tests show?

What is the potential of the Mishin coil? Treatment with it gives good results. Tests that have been carried out for a number of months have revealed a high level of efficiency in the use of electrostatic capacity to restore the lost functions of the body. The duration of one session, depending on the disease, was from 5 minutes to an hour.

Features of curing certain diseases

The Mishina coil causes the release of a large number of toxins that must be excreted by the kidneys through the urine. Coping with so many harmful substances when using a coil is not an easy task. Therefore, they begin treatment with the lumbar department.

For normal body cleaning, sessions lasting 30-40 minutes will be sufficient. They should be conducted within the first five days. The reel is applied to the area of ​​the waist and chest. The waist is the most important area of ​​influence in the treatment, since the kidneys are cleansed. These bodies, as statistics show, half of the people are heavily clogged.

The first week of treatment contributes to a significant body cleansing. Immunity works in a strengthened mode, regeneration of tissues begins.

The duration of sessions held in the second week can be increased to 60-90 minutes. This is the average. Here a lot depends on the specific case and disease.

For example, kidney treatment should be conducted for half an hour. If after the procedure the patient complains of poor health, weakness, chills, fever, pain, then Mishin's reel began its impact. If a person is able to tolerate an ailment, then a similar session is held the next day. If the state of health is very poor, then the treatment is recommended to be postponed for two days.

Every person is able to determine what intensity of impact he is required to heal. The patient chooses the duration of the session individually.

On obese people, the coil at first can act weakly. Electrostatics has a certain charge, consumed as splits dissolve in the body. It helps to destroy the obsessive formations. During the next session, without encountering any obstacles in its path, electrostatics penetrates even deeper and copes with the disease. Cellular formation, as a rule, is in the fat layer. This is why the plump people need a longer period for treatment. Typically, such patients do not feel any results from sessions during the first five days.

Correct mode selection

After the Mishin coil starts to work, it is necessary to determine how much this mode is right for you, whether it is worth adding time to the effect or it should be shortened. If you are on vacation, then you can resort to everyday procedures for a long duration. So you can cleanse your body in the shortest time. You can apply a more sparing mode, spending short sessions. This intensity is applicable to people who do not have any severe illness in acute form, requiring urgent treatment.

For a local disease, for example, pain in the area of ​​the knees or migraine, you can act on another device - the torus. This bagel has a pinpoint effect and is perfectly suited for these purposes. The diameter of the action of the device is approximately 10 cm.

Features of the

coil operation There are nuances in the coil's work that are difficult to explain.

For example, the coil continues to work even in the disconnected state. Only the indicator of its functionality in this case is 20%.In addition, the impact extends not only to the person whose body is attached to the coil, but also to people who are away from it at a distance of 3-7 meters.

Many people are interested in how long it is possible to use such a device as Mishin's reel. Treatment should be suspended after the body is rid of all toxins, since the device ceases to affect the body. You can apply a coil to your body throughout the day, but there will be no effect from it. This is what will become an indicator that you have improved your health.

Reviews of patients about the coil

Mishin's reel, reviews of which are the most positive, helped many people get rid of severe ailments. According to one patient, by means of a coil she was able to cope with such a disease as chronic renal failure. Such a coil she made her husband with their own hands.

Renal failure often causes death of young people and even children. Every year the number of cases is steadily increasing. The disease can not be cured with medicines. Only kidney transplantation or dialysis helps. The woman referred to the sessions for a month, making small breaks.

What else did the Mishin coil help? The testimonies of another patient testify that within one month he was able to cope with his migraine sufferings.

The device is also applicable for very serious diseases. Does Mishin's coil help with tumors? According to another patient, the device relieved her of seals oncological nature under the armpits. After using the coil, the woman stopped pain.

Also many people note that the coil is very effective for pain in the stomach, swelling of the legs, fatigue in the back.

How is the coil evaluated? Alexander Mishin, according to many, created a real miracle. One can only thank the inventor of the device for his unselfishness.

alexander mishin

Can side effects occur?

Fighting many chronic diseases can cause their short-term exacerbation. This should not be feared. If the disease sits deep in the body, then it will gradually punch the way out.

Alexander Mishin's therapeutic coils can cause a short rise in body temperature, which will be observed up to 3 days. There may also be drawing pain in the muscles. After the interaction of statics and the body in the blood, many toxins penetrate into the blood, which were contained in the body. This can cause a rise in blood pressure and drowsiness. It should be given the body to cope with the disease. However, it is not recommended to overload it. In this case, a dream is shown, which will only help in the treatment.

Statics are not dangerous for

cells. After curing the underlying disease, the body practically ceases to react to electrostatic effects, since there are no loop structures already.

Further use of coils is justified if the symptoms of the disease have resumed. Then the session should last 20 minutes. This will be enough to stop the problem.

To harm healthy cells of the body by this method is possible only if the coil sends high power pulsations of the power source. Therefore, it is necessary to use a sine generator for the Mishin coil. He will be able to protect the body from excessive exposure to vortex flows.

Effect of coils on plants

Where else is vortex medicine applicable? Mishin coils help animals and plants. A number of experiments have shown that when the device is exposed to indoor plants, their intensive growth is observed, as well as rapid germination of the seeds.

How safe is this treatment?

With the observance of a number of standards, treatment will be safe. Even if they are overvalued, the risk factor will be 10%, which is a rather low indicator. It can be stated with certainty that this method of treatment does not carry any threats to health.

How can I imagine the action of a coil?

Medical reel Mishina emits waves connected to a sphere. At its center, a space of depth equal to the height of the sphere is formed. The most powerful force is the nearest wave, located to the center and near the exit. If we talk about the intensity of the impact of the wave, then near the center and at the output it will have a power of 100%, and in the middle - 70%.Between the two exits there is an exchange, as a result of which the disease recedes. If the body suffers from many diseases, then the power to destroy them is not enough. In the case of a torus, the effect is more intense.

medical reel of a target

How to apply a disk or torus to the body?

How to attach a coil to the body does not matter much, except for treating the head. To the head area, the device is applied in such a way that if you look at it from above, the winding should be directed counter-clockwise. For plants, the winding direction is clockwise.


Mishin's coil, favorable reviews, are a vortex device. It is used to cure diseases of varying severity. To some, it helped to overcome even a cancerous tumor.