Description of the sanatorium "Magadan"( Sochi, Loo village).Sanatorium "Magadan": reviews of tourists

Located in the Lazarevsky district of Sochi, in the village of Loo, the sanatorium "Magadan" has a special atmosphere. In it, everyone feels the so-called spirit of the times, for the magnificent park in which the sanatorium is buried is formerly part of the Sheremetyevsky estate. The amazing historical situation of those years still reminiscent of itself in various details, and the rich flora and fauna pleases the eye. A special mention deserves a delightful pond with ornamental fish, which can not help admiring. In general, the village of Loo is one of the most quiet and environmentally friendly districts of the city of Sochi. In it, you can really enjoy the beauty of the surrounding world. Лоо санаторий "Магадан"

History of the sanatorium "Magadan"

The sanatorium "Magadan" built in the village of Loo has been functioning successfully since 1947, and therefore has almost seventy years of experience in working with the client. Such a rich practice in itself speaks volumes. In 1996, the sanatorium was reconstructed, and since 2005 it has been regularly redecorated, so all the buildings inside and outside are kept in excellent condition and meet modern standards in terms of amenities and comfort.

"Magadan" is a versatile wellness, as well as a tourist complex enjoying an impeccable reputation. The sanatorium "Magadan" provides treatment in such key areas:

  • diseases and pathology of the circulatory system;

  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system;

  • dermatological diseases;

  • various disorders of the nervous system;

  • respiratory diseases;

  • gynecological diseases.

Methods in the treatment of these diseases are applied most progressive, which will be discussed in more detail.

Sightseeing and entertainment

отдых в Сочи санаторий "Магадан" Of course, one of the main attractions, which is famous for located in Loo sanatorium "Magadan", is a sea sand and pebble beach, the length of about 100 meters, on the Black Sea coast. It is there that the sound of the surf finally transfers the holidaymakers to a completely different world, far from their work and everyday cares. The beach is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. These are locker rooms, drinking fountains, summer showers, shady aerariums, foot washes. Also for the guests of the sanatorium comfortable loungers are provided. Many people say that it is very easy to enjoy full rest, solitude and tranquility in Magadan, really relaxing and forgetting about all your experiences. All this, of course, has a very beneficial effect on health and explains why millions of tourists annually attract rest in Sochi.

The sanatorium "Magadan" offers its guests everything you need for excellent leisure away from the hustle and bustle. This is a billiard, gym, sports grounds, bar, cafe, disco, karaoke, paid parking and more. Another excursion bureau organizes individual tours for the guests of the sanatorium on acquaintance with local sights. You can also freely walk around the sanatorium on your own, for example, visit the ruins of an ancient fortress, located on one of the hills. And for lovers of active marine recreation, you can enjoy water skiing, a banana, a hydrocycle or a scooter. There is also the opportunity to engage in sea fishing or diving. In addition, literally a few steps from the territory of the sanatorium there is an excellent arboretum, in which you can see more than 200 species of rare subtropical plants, literally bewitching with their extraordinary beauty. In the immediate vicinity of the sanatorium there are a market, cafes, restaurants, shops and night disco bars of the village of Loo. And on the territory of the neighboring boarding house "Akvalo" there is a water park with open and covered recreation areas. Thus, the sanatorium "Magadan" will be able to please people of any age with different interests and health needs. Here is a really rich and blossoming atmosphere, which, incidentally, is famous for the Krasnodar Territory.

The sanatorium "Magadan" also has a magnificent outdoor pool located in the courtyard of the hotel, next to which there is a terrace suitable for rest and sunbathing. In the building of the hotel itself there is also an indoor pool. In addition, a full relaxation for the body and soul provides a luxurious spa center. Among them the most popular:

  • bath "Ocean";

  • thalassotherapy;

  • of the Hubbard bath;

  • whirlpool bath;

  • vortex bath "Cascade";

  • balneological bath "Laguna";

  • therapeutic shower "Niagara".

санаторий "Магадан" Сочи For the health and beauty of the guests of the sanatorium, there is also a massage parlor, a Turkish bath, a hammam and a Finnish sauna. There is not the slightest doubt that here everyone will find for himself exactly what he will like.

Accommodation conditions

The sanatorium "Magadan"( Sochi) has several buildings, in which comforters can comfortably accommodate. These are four 3-storey and one 9-storey building, equipped with an elevator. These buildings include more than 400 separate rooms overlooking lush green gardens or the sea coast. Hotel rooms are divided into the following categories: usual single and double rooms, double rooms with a higher level of comfort, two-room and block rooms for family accommodation. Most of them have a balcony. All rooms are fully furnished and carefully prepared for a pleasant stay. They are equipped with TV with satellite and cable channels, refrigerator, telephone, air conditioning and other necessary devices, without which it is difficult to imagine the life of a modern person. Also on the territory of the sanatorium all guests have access to wireless Internet, which makes it possible to solve various business issues and communicate with loved ones. The area of ​​the rooms can range from 11 square meters to 36.

From most buildings the distance to the sea takes only a few minutes walk, and for those who live, for example, in a 9-story building, a special transfer to the beach is organized. The road to the sea runs through a green park with a wonderful vegetation, in addition, there are comfortable benches for rest.

Detailed description of rooms

Loo village OJSC "Magadan" sanatorium in Sochi accepts guests in the following numbers:

  1. Single single room of the first category. Its area is 11 square meters. The room has a balcony with comfortable furniture for relaxation and a bathroom with a shower. In the room there is a bed, a spacious wardrobe, cosmetic table, refrigerator, telephone, TV, mini-safe, hairdryer and radio.

  2. Double one-room number of the first category. Its area is 12 square meters. The room has a bathroom with a shower. In the room there are two beds, two bedside tables, a wardrobe, telephone, TV, refrigerator, air conditioning and radio.

  3. Double one-room number of the first category of superior comfort. Its area is 18 square meters. The room has a loggia with necessary furniture for rest and a bathroom with a shower. In the room there are two beds, a sideboard for dishes, a cosmetic and coffee tables, a sofa, a chest of drawers, a mini-safe, a refrigerator, an air conditioner, an electric kettle, a hairdryer and a telephone.

  4. Double one-room number of the second category( 2 + 2), combined. Its total area is 26-36 square meters. The room has a balcony and a bathroom. In the room there are two beds, two curbstones, a cosmetic and coffee tables, a refrigerator, air conditioning, telephone and TV.

  5. Double two-room suite of the first category of superior comfort. Its area can vary from 26 to 36 square meters. The room has a separate bedroom, living room, bathroom with shower. In the room there is a double bed, two curbstones, a wardrobe, a footwear box, a cosmetic and coffee tables, a sofa bed, a mini-safe, a sideboard with dishes, air conditioning, a refrigerator, a telephone and a TV.

Medical base of the sanatorium "Magadan"

Лоо санаторий "Магадан" цены As already mentioned in part, for vacationers in Loo, the sanatorium "Magadan" provides a variety of health and wellness services in different directions: from the treatment of the nervous and cardiovascular system to dentistry. Specialists with high qualifications and worthy human qualities work here, who apply an individual approach to the recovery of each individual patient. In addition, the sanatorium is equipped with the best modern equipment, which contributes to effective diagnosis and treatment. A lot of positive reviews have already been collected by the mud treatment applied in the sanatorium, the special Indian Ayurveda system and the whirlpool, which really help to forget about fatigue and relieve tension. Even in the "Magadan" drinking treatment, physiotherapy, balneotherapy, speleotherapy, inhalation, exercise therapy, hirudotherapy, psychotherapy and other progressive and popular methods of spa medicine are used.

Conditions for rest with children

Anyone can relax in the sanatorium, including parents with children from 4 years old. For treatment, the sanatorium accepts children from 7 years of age. For young guests of the health resort in Magadan there is a special children's pool, a safe playground, a games room with an alert and conscientious caregiver, as well as babysitting services. In addition, a professional animation team works in the sanatorium, various entertainment events, film screenings, concerts, discos and much more are held.

Features of food

Sanatorium "Magadan" Sochi provides three meals a day, organized in the style of a buffet with more than 45 names of different dishes. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in a pleasant restaurant setting. The menu is made in accordance with the individual treatment profile of holidaymakers. The daily diet always includes meat, fresh salads, healthy side dishes, pastries, casseroles. Dietary nutrition includes juices, fresh fruits and vegetables, vitamin salads. There is a café-bar "Fregat" in the sanatorium, where a variety of snacks and drinks are offered, as well as live music. Even on the territory of Magadan there is a small bar on the beach and a phytobar, where, under the condition of doctor's appointment, guests are offered mineral water from Sochi underground sources. ОАО санаторий "Магадан" г.Сочи

Cost of tour

The cost of the tour to the sanatorium "Magadan" includes accommodation, medical and recreational procedures recommended by the doctor, meals, use of the library, sports grounds, gym, beach equipment and a luggage room, as well as cultural and entertainment events. In case of accommodation in the rooms with a higher level of comfort, special services are provided: sauna visits, diagnostics on the apparatus "Valeoscan" and additional food. A course of medical events in Matsesta is paid separately.

On the official site you can get acquainted with the full list of health and treatment procedures available in the sanatorium. Still here you can find out the exact cost of vouchers and pre-book them. Loo( sanatorium "Magadan") prices provides quite flexible. For guests of the sanatorium there is also a system of discounts, which you can find out on the official website. For example, for tourist agencies the "Magadan" sanatorium provides discounts in a special amount. Another discount applies to children from four to twelve years old, who live in a sanatorium in separate places.

For booking trips to the sanatorium "Magadan" phone number on the website is as follows: 8( 8622) 257-130.You can also use the additional telephones:

  • 8( 928) 33-88-188;

  • 8( 495) 645-95-28;

  • 8( 918) 744-44-22;

  • 8( 800) 2000-750;

  • 8( 495) 64-99-500.

Important features of

In order to settle in a sanatorium, it is necessary to have the following documents with you: voucher, passport and medical insurance. Also, for the appointment and passage of a sanatorium treatment, you need a sanatorium card and an extract from the history of the disease. For children who will also be prescribed treatment, it is important to prepare a sanatorium card, a certificate of epidemics, a certificate of vaccination, a birth certificate.

To the city of Sochi from the sanatorium about 20 kilometers. Getting to the resort and back is easy and fast enough. City transport in both directions runs regularly. The distance to the airport reaches 40 kilometers, and to the railway station of the village of Loo - only 1.5 kilometers.

If you get to the sanatorium by train, then you need to go to the "LOOL Village" station, and then by bus to the stop "Magadan".If you fly to a sanatorium by plane, you can get to Adler, then by bus to the railway station in Sochi, and then by train to the station "Loo" and by bus or by taxi to "Magadan".

Reviews about rest and treatment in "Magadan"

Before you go to a resort place with a view to recovery, it is worth to get acquainted with the opinions of those who have already been there. Of course, all people are different and their preferences for good rest and treatment methods can be very different. What one is dissatisfied with, can, on the contrary, delight the other. However, people's reviews would still be very useful. After all, you can get acquainted with this or that health center from different sides and make up for yourself at least a general picture of how good it is, what is remarkable and what minuses it has.

Краснодарский край санаторий "Магадан" It is noteworthy that the sanatorium "Magadan" Loo reviews collects mostly positive. Many people say that everything is thought out here to the smallest detail and promotes literally fairy-tale rest. The purest air, filled with the flavors of needles and the sea, has a beneficial effect on health and mood. Walking through the delightful park, rich in rare plants, gives a lot of pleasant impressions, living emotions and a good charge of vivacity, which is the difference in Sochi. The sanatorium "Magadan" is also famous for its excellent food, which many holiday makers respond with sincere delight. Guests of the sanatorium are praised by local chefs and celebrate a wide variety in the choice of dishes.

You can often find praise for various sanatorium staff, from nurses and doctors to the administrator. People note their respectful and attentive attitude, as well as high professionalism. A special praise is addressed to the therapeutic events held in Magadan. So, many people express sincere gratitude for quality massage, mud cure, water procedures and much more. Hundreds of people share information that after passing the treatment course in the sanatorium, they lost pains in the joints, back, improved general condition, strengthened immunity and so on. According to numerous reviews, it is clear that the "Magadan" is really happy guests and know how to please them and how to help. The qualified treatment provided here brings tangible results, qualitatively contributing to better health.

Of course, getting acquainted with the impressions of other people is one thing, and seeing everything with your own eyes and getting your own unforgettable impressions is quite another. In any case, there is no one who would be indifferent to the sanatorium "Magadan".Address by which it is located: Russia, Krasnodar Region, Sochi, Loo Village, Dekabristov Street, 161. Rest, held here, will surely be remembered from the very best side. You will get a lot of positive emotions, because here as far as possible thought out and brought to perfection, even that in other resort places is considered a trifle. Beautiful nature, the Black Sea, cozy rooms in hotels, healthy and varied food, quality treatment with the most effective and progressive medical and non-medical methods - all this awaits you in Magadan. The one who once visited here, always bored and wants to return to the peaceful atmosphere reigning here and to feel a full rest, full of all kinds of entertainment for every taste.