How many people should eat calories per day? Daily Calorie Rate

Quite an up-to-date topic today - how many people should consume calories per day. In fact, everyone understands that the concept is rather ambiguous and depends on many factors, such as weight, height, age, degree of activity. For each person, this rate can be calculated.

how many people should eat calories per day

Minimum daily caloric requirement for

For accurate calculation, there are several formulas. The first one is for women:

  • weight in kilograms should be multiplied by 10;
  • increase in centimeters by 6.25;
  • age multiplied by 5;
  • further follows the first number to add the second, then subtract the third and minus 161.

For example, for a woman aged 25 years, weighing 70 kg and an increase of 170 cm, the calculations will look like this:

70 * 10 + 170 * 6.25-5* 25-161 = 700 + 1062.5-125-161 = 1476.5.

This is the minimum calorie intake a woman should consume per day. That is, this energy is spent on metabolic processes in the body, which means that the daily rate should not be lower than this figure for the healthy functioning of the body.

For men calculations except that you do not need to subtract 161, but add 5. For example, for a man of 35 years old, weighing 110 kg and growing 180 cm, the calculations will look like this:

110 * 10 + 180 * 6.25-5 * 35 + 5 = 1100 + 1125-175 + 5 = 2055.

Accordingly, each of us can at home calculate how much energy is spent on maintaining his body, even if the person is at rest. These calculations give an answer to the question of how many people should consume calories per day. The daily rate is the metabolism, which is calculated according to the above formula, and the level of physical activity, and each has its own.

how many people should use calories per day to

How much calories are needed per day depending on the lifestyle of

Now it should be determined how much energy a person spends on metabolism and his physical activity. This will help approximately calculate how many people should consume calories per day to maintain their weight at the same level.

So, the previous calculations should be multiplied by a factor:

  • 1,2 - for a sedentary lifestyle;
  • 1.375 - for those whose activity is not active, but there is a sport up to 3 times a week;
  • 1,55 - with average activity, for example, sports 5 times a week and office work;
  • 1,725 ​​- for athletes and those whose work is associated with physical exertion;
  • 1.9 - with heavy physical daily work.

Thus, the main exchange should be multiplied by the coefficient that most accurately characterizes the current lifestyle. The received quantity of kcal is necessary for weight preservation.

Another way to calculate

There are several other methods to calculate how many people should consume calories per day to maintain weight. For example, on average, each person spends about 1 kcal per kilogram of his weight every hour. Accordingly, to calculate the daily minimum, the weight should be multiplied by 24.

how many people should use calories per day to lose weight

For example, for a woman weighing 70 kg, you should consume about 1680 kcal. But here the degree of physical loads is not taken into account, therefore the first method is more precise and objective.

Maintaining the diary

But there is the surest way to determine how many people should consume calories per day individually. You can do this with the help of observation, that is, for several days you should keep a diary of nutrition.

For example, within 10 days you need to write down all the consumed foods, their calories and volume. This is on condition that the weight is in place. At the end of the scheduled time, it is necessary to calculate on average how many people should consume calories per day. Calculation of this scheme can be considered as accurate as possible, because the body is individual, and the metabolic rate of each is different.

How much calorie need to lose weight

Since the problem of excess weight today is acute, we should pay attention to this issue. Indeed, how many people need to consume calories a day to lose weight? If you know for sure your basic metabolism, that is, the amount of energy that is currently supplied with food and helps maintain weight.

how many people should consume calories per day for

Nutritionists do not recommend reducing the sharply caloric value of a daily diet, a maximum of 10%.If you do not adhere to this rule, you can cause serious damage to health, the state of health worsens. That is, the body goes into energy saving mode, the metabolism slows down, eventually it can lead to a set of mass.

The issue of weight loss should be approached reasonably. To make it easier for those who keep a food diary to determine how many people should consume calories per day. Here you can clearly see what can be easily excluded from the diet or replaced with lower-calorie foods.

How to correctly distribute calories

First you need to learn that the energy gives us three basic elements - proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Categorically one can not refuse from one of them, because each element plays its important role in the functioning of the human body, healthy weight loss without them is impossible.

For example, fats are not only a source of energy, but also necessary to transport nutrients to cells in the body. Protein is a building material, without it it is impossible to form muscle tissue and lose weight, respectively, too. Carbohydrates are processed into energy, which is necessary for normal working capacity of a person.

The daily diet should contain proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the following percentage of 20 /50/ 30. But it is important to know what kind of nutrients we need every day, because some products will have to be eliminated completely to reduce weight.

how many people should consume calories per day for losing weight

Useful and harmful calories

The most important is not only how many people should consume calories a day for weight loss, and where they come from. It's about "bad" and "good" calories. This is certainly a figurative definition, in fact, you need to understand correctly which products contain energy that is consumed immediately, and which are stored in reserve.

For example, carbohydrates are simple and complex. Simple carbohydrates are sugar and all foods where it is contained, including fruits. They do not saturate, but are necessary for brain work, in reasonable quantities. That is, people engaged in intellectual activity, should use simple carbohydrates in kind - honey, fruit. Complex carbohydrates are vegetables and cereals, they satiate for a long time and bring maximum benefit, therefore it is recommended to eat them daily.

The same goes for fats, the most useful of them are vegetable, and animals do not have any good for the body. Therefore, the diet must contain vegetable oils, they are in nuts, seeds, avocados.

how many people should eat calories per day

What calories should be consumed for health and beautiful figure

Now the key point - how many people should consume calories per day for weight loss and where they should be scooped. After all, you can, for example, 1500 calories to eat with vegetables, fruits and cereals and at the same time feel great and reduce weight, or eat less fast food, baked goods and other harmful products while gaining weight and increase the fatty layer.

The moral is that it is important not only to correctly calculate the calorie content of the diet, but also to remove unnecessary products that do not do any good from it. You can do this only if you clearly see everything that has been eaten recently. Many complain that they eat very little and do not lose weight. Refusing to eat is not a way out, there is so much to not have a constant feeling of hunger, but not overeat.

How to lose weight without the victims

So, if you determine as precisely as possible how many people should consume calories per day, you can easily create a healthy diet program. It will not be difficult to find the calorie content of each product or you can see this information on the packaging. Do not sit on diets and limit yourself in nutrition, it is enough to switch to healthy and healthy products: vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy products, meat and fish, seafood.

how many people need to consume calories per day

Now you can conclude how many people should consume calories per day. Daily rate for each individual, it is enough to determine it yourself, after which you can adjust your menu. And thus there is no necessity to address to the expert if, certainly, the reason of excess weight is connected with a wrong delivery. But sharply and much to reduce the calorie should not be, the process of losing weight is long and should not exceed 1.5 - 2 kg per week.