"Magnesium B6 Forte": instructions for use."Magnesium B6 Forte" during pregnancy: reviews

Vitamin complexes are often prescribed to patients. They are necessary for obtaining useful substances in full. There are complex means. They contain several groups of vitamins, minerals and minerals. Also, there are drugs that supply only one substance to the human body. This is the medicine "Magnesium B6 Forte".Instructions for use, reviews about this product will be presented to you in the article. You will learn about the features of taking pills and about what price category they are.

Form of preparation and components of

What does the instructions for use indicate about the drug?"Magnesium B6 Forte" is a tablet. They include magnesium citrate in the amount of 618 milligrams. There are also additional components: pyridoxine hydrochloride( 10 milligrams).

In addition to this drug, the manufacturer produces tablets "Magnesium B6".They contain magnesium lactate in a volume of 470 mg and pyridoxine 5 mg. In the pharmacy network, you can also purchase a medicine in liquid form. These are ampoules containing a solution for internal use. In 10 milliliters of such medication, 186 mg of magnesium pidolate and 10 mg of pyridoxine are present.

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magnesium b6 forte instructions for use

Cost of medicines

About the medicine "Magnesium B6 Forte" reviews are mostly good. However, many consumers say about the high price of the drug. The usual medicine in a standard dosage will cost you about 700 rubles for 50 capsules. If you buy the drug in ampoules, then for 10 pieces you will have to pay 600 rubles.

The drug "Magnesium B6 Forte" will cost about 700 rubles for 30 tablets. If you buy a large pack, then it will be somewhat more profitable. A more accurate price should be specified in the pharmacy network. Depending on your region, it may be lower or higher.

magnesium b6 fort reviews

What is the purpose of the tool?

On the preparation "Magnesium B6 Forte" the instruction for use informs that the medicine is a source of magnesium. Normally, this element enters the human body with food. With insufficient nutrition or strict diets, a lack of vitamin B6 begins. This symptom can manifest itself in different ways.

Also, the need to take the drug rises before those people who have a growing need for vitamin B6.For example, in pregnant and lactating women, patients taking diuretics. The need for this substance in people with increased physical and mental stress increases.

The second component of the drug "Magnesium B6 Forte" is pyridoxine. It is involved in the metabolic processes of the body, plays an important role in the work of the nervous system. Also, pyridoxine improves the ability of the gastrointestinal tract to absorb magnesium.

Indications for use

Not every patient is prescribed "Magnesium B6 Forte".Instruction for use reports that the drug has the following indications for use:

  • increased fatigue;
  • need for increased concentration of attention;
  • minor sleep disorders;
  • nervousness and nervous excitability;
  • spasms of smooth muscles;
  • heart palpitations;
  • muscle pain or tingling sensation.

The drug should be taken only after laboratory confirmation of a lack of magnesium. Independent therapy is unacceptable even with all indications for use.

magnesium b6 forte instructions

Note the contraindications to

In some situations it is forbidden to take the "Magnesium B6 Forte" remedy. Instruction for use informs that the drug is never assigned with hypersensitivity to its components. The drug is not recommended for use in pediatrics for the correction of conditions in children under 6 years. If such a therapy is necessary, a liquid form of the agent with a lower content of magnesium and pyridoxine is chosen.

In case of lactose deficiency, you should choose a similar medication, but with a different composition. The drug should not be given to patients with severe renal failure and phenylketonuria.

Future mothers

It is often possible to hear that they recommend pregnant women to take the medicine "Magnesium B6 Forte".The instruction allows such therapy. However, it is recommended to pass the tests in advance and make sure that this element is really not enough. Clinical studies have confirmed that if the dosage is observed, the medication does not have an embryotoxic effect, it does not negatively affect the fetus and does not inhibit its development.

Pregnant women are prescribed this drug to improve their health. Note that often future mothers experience a simultaneous deficiency of calcium. In such a situation, it is necessary first to increase the magnesium content in the body and only then to proceed to correction of the calcium level.

instructions for use magnesium b6 forte

"Magnesium B6 Forte": instructions for use

Capsules are preferably taken during a meal. After all, in the usual state, magnesium enters the human body with food. Such a method will create the most natural conditions for the assimilation of the described substance. Dosage and duration of taking the drug depend solely on the patient's condition.

Adults and individuals after 12 years of age are usually prescribed up to 4 tablets per day. Children from 6 to 12 years are shown up to 3 capsules. A portion of the drug should be divided into 2-3 doses. Much depends on the amount of your meals.

The duration of application is usually 1 month. The medicine "Magnesium B6 Forte" during pregnancy can be taken systematically with small interruptions.

magnesium b6 forte instructions for tablet use

Adverse reactions from taking

What information does the summary of the tablets "Magnesium B6 Forte" contain? The use of medication can sometimes cause side effects. Allergic reactions are rare. If you are confronted with such, then, most likely, it is a question of intolerance of one of the components. Be sure to tell the doctors about it in the future.

The medicine, like all oral medications, can cause abdominal pain, indigestion, nausea. With prolonged use of the medicine "Magnesium B6 Forte", such effects as tremor, numbness of the limbs, disruption of the vestibular apparatus and so on can arise. The reason for this is the continuous supply of pyridoxine. After the drug is discontinued, all these symptoms go away on their own and do not require additional therapy. If any side effects are found during treatment, it is necessary to consult a specialist for advice.

Specific instructions

With some medications, do not recommend the use of "Magnesium B6 Forte" instructions for use. Tablets should not be taken with Levodopa. This combination leads to a decrease in the efficiency of the latter. If it is necessary to carry out such therapy, then you should supplement it with other medications, which the doctor will tell you about.

Medication is not prescribed concomitantly with calcium-based substances. This combination slows the absorption of magnesium through the stomach and intestines. As already mentioned above, you must first make up the deficiency of magnesium, and then eliminate the lack of calcium.

The drug is not prescribed with tetracycline antibiotics, since vitamins can slow their absorption. Also, one should not take simultaneously "Magnesium B6 Forte" and sorbents. If necessary, such combinations necessarily make a three-hour break between taking medications.

magnesium b6 forte instructions for use in pregnancy

"Magnesium B6 Forte": feedback from

Users leave the drug mostly positive reviews. They take the drug, and after a few days begin to notice the obvious result. Consumers say that after the course of the medication the work capacity increases, permanent headaches and convulsions occur. It activates the cerebral circulation and the activity of the brain as a whole.

The dream improves after a few days of regular use. Patients say that the pill is convenient to take. The usual form of the medicine "Magnesium B6" is recommended in a dose of up to 8 capsules per day, whereas the drug of the "Forte" series can be used in a smaller amount. Some consumers note the high cost of the drug. They are trying to find a cheap analog. Doctors say that the drug can be replaced with the "Magnelis" agent. These pills are manufactured in Russia and are almost twice cheaper. However, the dose of vitamin B6 and pyridoxine in them is lower. Therefore, when choosing such a medicine, you will have to consume large portions.

Reviews of future mothers

Pregnant women say that the drug "Magnesium B6 Forte" prescribed them according to the standard scheme. At the same time, they took it for a long time( up to several months).The medication did not affect the fetus in a negative way.

Some women were given magnesium preparations for long periods of pregnancy. Such drugs helped to relax the walls of the uterus. Such appointments are made by specialists in the event of the threat of premature birth.

Doctors say that it is unacceptable to use the described agent during pregnancy on your own. Despite all the positive feedback and quality of the drug, an overdose can negatively affect the condition of not only the woman but also the child. So do not self-medicate. If you have any worrisome symptoms, immediately go to a doctor. Experienced doctors will quickly find out the cause of your ailment and prescribe suitable medications. Perhaps, among them will be preparations based on magnesium.

magnesium b6 forte instructions for use review

Summing up

You have read the vitamin preparation called "Magnesium B6 Forte".Instructions for use during pregnancy and in normal condition are presented to your attention. The composition of the drug includes magnesium and vitamin B6 in the form of pyridoxine hydrochloride. They are very important elements involved in all processes of life of the human body. Their lack must necessarily be filled. However, do not forget that any medicine should be prescribed by a specialist. Refer to the doctor and get individual recommendations. Perhaps the "Magnesium B6 Forte" product will be selected for you in a separate dosage according to the individual scheme. Good luck to you and good health!