Acute pharyngitis: symptoms and treatment in children with folk remedies and antibiotics, photo

Each parent experiences about the well-being of his child. Childhood illnesses are inevitable. In this way, immunity is formed. Often children have to face such pathology as acute pharyngitis. Symptoms and treatment( in children) of this ailment will be presented to your attention in the article. You will learn the features of the course of the disease. Also find out what means in this or that situation are the most effective in combating this problem.

Acute pharyngitis

Symptoms and treatment in children of this pathology will be described later. Before this, it is necessary to say about the disease itself. Pharyngitis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the larynx. It is accompanied by a severe swelling and a mass of unpleasant symptoms. In children the peak incidence falls on the age from 3 to 10 years. It was during this period that the children attend educational institutions, in which there is a large concentration of people. However, young children can be ill.

Acute pharyngitis symptoms and treatment in children

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Classification of pathology

Physicians divide the disease into several species. The most common is acute pharyngitis. Symptoms and treatment in children and adults in this case are quite similar. Less common is the chronic form of the disease. Also, pharyngitis differs by the nature of its origin. It can be a viral, bacterial, allergic, traumatic or fungal pathology. Each species, in turn, can be catarrhal, granular or atrophic. If you consult a doctor, the doctor will tell you about the symptoms of acute pharyngitis( and treatment).In children 2 years and under, the therapy will be detailed. It is necessary to follow all the pediatrician's instructions.

Symptoms of the disease depend on its kind

What are the symptoms of acute pharyngitis and treatment in children? Correction of pathology depends directly on the available symptoms. The appointment of any drugs should be done by a specialist after the examination. Note that the main symptoms of the doctor can determine the type of pathology. So, the chronic form has practically no clinical signs. While the symptoms of acute pharyngitis are pronounced. Much depends on the nature of the disease. Consider the main signs that indicate that the acute pharyngitis has begun in the child.

Acute pharyngitis in a child

High temperature

Fever always accompanies an extremely acute stage of the disease. With chronic pharyngitis, this symptom is almost not observed. The level of the thermometer can show a mark of 37.5 or 38.5 degrees. Similar phenomena are often accompanied by acute pharyngitis. Symptoms and treatment in children at the appropriate temperature.

Do not use in this situation people's means, because they can not only not help, but also exacerbate the situation. To reduce fever and eliminate fevers, doctors are advised to use drugs based on ibuprofen or paracetamol. The dosage of one or another medication is selected in accordance with the age and weight of the body of the youngster.

Unpleasant sensation in the larynx

If an acute pharyngitis in a child begins, the baby may complain of severe painful sensations when swallowing. Often they are accompanied by dryness of the mucous membrane, inadequate moisturizing, swelling, and perspiration. Sometimes the process of rapid disease progression is supplemented with a dry non-productive cough without sputum discharge.

Doctors say that they unmistakably indicate the symptoms of acute pharyngitis. And the treatment of children in folk remedies in this case is permissible. In this case, it is worth paying special attention to the sensitivity of the baby to these or other means. If you prefer standard medicine, the specialist will prescribe your karapuzu drugs that relieve unpleasant symptoms. It can be solutions for rinsing, absorbable lozenges and various, softening mucous membranes, medicines.

Acute pharyngitis symptoms and treatment in children photo

Additional symptoms of the disease

You already know what usually has acute pharyngitis symptoms. And treatment for children is made by appropriate drugs. Usually antipyretic, softening, anesthetizing and other medications. However, the disease can also be accompanied by other signs. They do not always appear and not all. But they should be remembered:

  1. Otitis and eustachiitis. If the edema from the larynx begins to pass to the auditory tubes, the baby may complain of stuffiness of the ears and a decrease in their sensitivity to sounds. Later the inflammatory process begins. Therefore, if you notice a deterioration in the state of health, there is pain in the ears, a re-rise in temperature, then it may be about joining a bacterial infection.
  2. Lymphadenitis is an increase and inflammation of the lymph nodes. If there are such acute pharyngitis symptoms, and treatment in children( antibiotics) should be matched correctly. Folk remedies are likely to be powerless here. With lymphadenitis due to pharyngitis, cervical lymph nodes that have a clear structure are more likely to become inflamed. But the occipital and submandibular may also be affected, to which attention is less often drawn.

Causes of pathology

The main causes for the development of the disease are the inhalation of contaminated air. Therefore, children living in large, densely populated cities suffer more often from the disease. When the stimulus hits the mucous membrane, a momentary reaction starts, which is accompanied by the symptoms described above.

Also, acute pharyngitis in a child can develop against an infection. Most often this is a viral pathology. This disease is transmitted by air or by direct contact. You can also get bacterial pharyngitis. An acute form of a fungal type occurs less often. You can get sick without external influence. Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the pharynx can begin because of a nearby foci of infection: caries, rhinitis, sinusitis, or sinusitis.

Acute pharyngitis symptoms and treatment in children at temperature

Antiviral therapy

Many babies have very similar acute pharyngitis symptoms: and treatment in children 2 years and older is also not particularly different. It must be appropriate first. The most common cause of the disease are viruses. They can be different. For example, pathogens are rhinoviruses, adenoviruses, coronaviruses and influenza. The earlier the treatment is started in this case, the faster and easier the recovery will come.

For the treatment of ailments in children, the following drugs are most often used: Anaferon, Isoprinosine."Groprinosin", "Tsikloferon" and others. With proven influenza can write out more serious compounds: "Tamiflu" or "Relenza."

acute pharyngitis symptoms and treatment in children mosquito

Use of antibiotics

The use of antimicrobials should begin only after a thorough examination of the baby and the delivery of tests. Usually the diagnosis does not take much time. The child takes a smear from the pharynx and is examined under multiple magnifications. The reason for this diagnosis is a purulent department draining along the back wall of the pharynx.

Laboratory technicians must perform a test for sensitivity to the antibiotic. Drugs can be given in the form of local drugs or for oral use. The latter option always has superiority in the situation when the disease has additional signs( otitis media, lymphadenitis).What if I have the corresponding acute pharyngitis symptoms? And treatment for children with antibiotics in this situation should be correct. Otherwise, resistance of microorganisms to this or that active substance can arise.

Medicines for topical use are in the form of rinsing solutions, sprays or absorbable tablets. The latter include drugs "Grammidine", "Pharyngosept", "Strepsils" and so on. Bioparox is an excellent inhalation medicine. At the same time rinse is done with the help of "Chlorhexidine", "Miramistin".Oral administration of antibiotics is carried out strictly according to the instructions for at least 3 three days. The most commonly prescribed drugs are "Amoxicillin", "Sumamed", "Amoxiclav", "Azithromycin".Less commonly used antibiotics are cephalosporins. This is "Supraks", "Ceftriaxone", "Cefotaxime" and so on.

Acute pharyngitis symptoms and treatment in children 2 years old

Acute pharyngitis: symptoms and treatment in children up to the year folk remedies

If the course of the disease does not have dangerous symptoms, then the patient may well do with grandmother's recipes. Preference for folk methods of treatment is given also in the case when the disease is not caused by viruses or bacteria. If your baby is worried only by dryness in the throat, a sensation of a lump and a slight cough, then take the time to buy medicines. Try to cope with the disease with safe means. However, before this, you must always visit a doctor and make sure that there is no allergic reaction to a particular drug. These tools include:

  • Herbs. Help to eliminate inflammation and pain are quite capable of decoctions. You can choose the grass at your discretion: chamomile, sage, plantain, calendula, eucalyptus or others. Brew the remedy according to the instructions. Kick your throat 10 times a day after eating.
  • Teas. You can take the above described herbs in the form of tea. However, in this case the concentration of the broth should not be so high. Drink tea with honey, it will soften the mucous membrane and relieve inflammation. Brew a lemon that can boost your immune system.
  • Salt and soda. These two components have long been helping each other in the treatment of various diseases. To get rid of acute pharyngitis, dilute in a tepid water on a spoonful of both free-flowing powder. Rinse with this solution throat 3-4 times a day.
  • Honey. This component perfectly fights with a pharyngitis of different character. You can give the child warm milk with a few spoonfuls of bee products. Such a drink not only softens the throat, but also eliminates the compulsive dry cough. You can also make garlic syrup with honey. You need to use it every hour on a small spoon. It is prepared simply. Peel the garlic and chop. Fill with honey and bring to a boil. Cool the product and put in the refrigerator.

Acute pharyngitis symptoms and treatment in children under one year of age

Compliance with the regime and diet

You have already learned which acute pharyngitis symptoms and treatment in children. Komarovsky - a famous pediatrician - says that in the treatment of pathology an important role is played by diet and diet. Create the most comfortable conditions for your baby. Ventilate the room, but do not make drafts. Do not force the child to eat if he does not want to.

Acute pharyngitis symptoms and treatment in children with antibiotics

Obligatory drinking is mandatory. In addition to teas and decoctions, give the crumb lots of clean water. All drinks and food should not irritate the larynx. Ideal if the food is warm and soft. Exclude from the ration of the child sweet, soda, spices, sour and salty.

Let's sum up. ..

You met a very unpleasant disease. This is an acute pharyngitis. Symptoms and treatment in children, photo pathology are presented to your attention in the article. Help to cope with the problem can people's recipes. However, if during the first two days your baby does not feel better, then it is necessary to consult a specialist. Note that the grandmother's recipes are powerless before the fungal and bacterial form of the disease. If the time does not begin therapy, then the disease can go into a chronic form. Then it will be very difficult to overcome it. Do not put your kid's health in jeopardy - contact the doctors for the appointment. All the best to you, do not be ill!