Otitis of the external ear: symptoms and treatment, prevention of the disease

ENT diseases are considered to be mild ailments that are quickly treated with medical drugs or folk remedies. The pain in the throat, nasal congestion, discomfort in the ears is usually seen as something of a low danger and natural. However, this is not always the case.

Simple and seemingly harmless ailments can cause biziness and discomfort. Moreover, if you do not tackle their treatment on time, you can face serious serious consequences.

Among such diseases, otitis externa, photo, symptoms and treatment of which will be discussed in this article.

otitis externa ear symptoms and treatment

This simple at first glance ailment is characterized by unpleasant symptoms and complex complications. What is this disease? How does it manifest itself? What are the causes of otitis externa, the symptoms and treatment of which we will present below? Let's find out.

Body structure

Before talking about the symptoms and treatment of otitis externa, one should understand the main characteristics of this disease.

The outer ear consists of:

  • of the Eardrum, which serves as a separating barrier between the outer ear and the middle ear. It does not allow infection to enter internal organs, and also participates in the passage of sound signals.
  • The auditory meatus, which connects the outer hole with the tympanic membrane. In the organ, whose dimensions reach 2.5 cm in length and not more than 1 cm in width, earwax is produced, removing microbes and foreign particles from the ear. The auditory meatus is located near such important organs as the salivary gland and the temporal bone of the skull.
  • Ear tips. It is a cartilage covered with skin, inside which there are many sebaceous glands, responsible for protecting internal organs from getting bacteria and foreign elements.

otitis externa ear symptoms and treatment photo

Description of the disease

The inflammatory process that occurs in these organs is called otitis externa. Symptoms and treatment of this ailment are often associated with the development of infection caused by bacteria.

According to statistics, most often the disease is sick representatives of the so-called water professions( swimmers, divers and others), as well as children under the age of twelve. This is due to the weakness of the defense mechanisms and the anatomical properties of the structure of the ear of any child( for example, in children, the outer ear canal is shorter than in adults).

What causes otitis externa in adults? Symptoms and treatment of this ailment we will discuss a little later.

The cause of this disease is most often the infection caused by bacteria such as fungi( candida, aspergillus), Pseudomonas aeruginosa, staphylococci, streptococci and others.

Another culprit of the disease is an inflammatory process, caused by allergic effects or other irritations. How can this be in practice?

Hearing disorders

In most cases, the symptoms and treatment of otitis of the external ear depend on such objective factors:

  1. Invalid hygiene method. This includes the full non-observance of hygienic measures( it is advisable to wash the ears with a soap solution daily, and the ear canals should be regularly cleaned with a cotton swab), excessively frequent cleansing actions( to release the ears from sulfur no more than once or twice a week), incorrect cleaning( can not be used inas sharp tools for cleaning tools, babies need to wipe the ears with a cotton towel for up to twelve months), too deep cleansing( cleansing the ear canal from sulfur can not be deeper than one centimeter for adults,half a centimeter - for children).
  2. Pathology of sulfur formation. If the discharge is too low, this can lead to a decrease in protective functions, if too much - there is a possibility of the formation of sulfur plugs and the occurrence of infection.
  3. Penetration into the ear of foreign elements( foreign particles and water injure the skin, provoke irritation and swelling, contribute to the germination of infection).
  4. Weakened immune system. As a result of hypothermia, frequent illnesses, chronic ailments, immunodeficient conditions, the entire body is exhausted, and its protective functions are reduced.
  5. Serious diseases of neighboring organs. Skin infections, such as furuncles, eczema and others, can provoke the ingress of pus and bacteria into the ear.

Otitis of the outer ear symptoms and treatment with drops

Whatever the reasons for the appearance of otitis externa, the symptoms and treatment of this ailment have similar characteristics.

Symptoms of

The main symptoms of external otitis media are:

  • burning sensation and pain in the ears;The
  • is puffy;
  • Inflammation of lymph nodes in the region of the ears.

However, there are additional symptoms of the disease that characterize specific conditions. It can be:

  1. Furuncle - suppuration of the sebaceous gland of the auricle. It manifests itself in sharp pain, which gives to the head, jaw and neck, and is strengthened in the process of chewing or pressing into the ear. Sometimes accompanied by an increase in body temperature and a general deterioration of well-being. After five to seven days, the abscess can open, after which the purulent fluid will flow out.
  2. Roger - bacterial inflammation caused by streptococcus. Characterized by swelling and redness of the skin, chills, fever, headache, less often - the formation of watery vesicles.
  3. Otomycosis is a suppuration caused by fungi. The patient feels a foreign body in the ear passage, suffers from noise in the ears and feelings of stuffiness. On the surface of the auricle, films and crusts form, and discharge may occur.
  4. Perichondritis - damage to the cartilaginous membrane and skin. It is accompanied by swelling and accumulation of pus. Can lead to a change in the appearance of the ear and its reduction.
  5. Sometimes it is necessary to treat diffuse otitis externa ear .Symptoms of this type of disease are manifested in the swelling of the skin, narrowing of the ear canal, purulent discharge, high body temperature. This ailment can affect not only the skin, but also the entire subcutaneous layer, the entire ear canal and even the tympanic membrane.

What should I do if you find any of the above symptoms? The very first thing is to see a doctor.

Diagnosis of the disease

Otorhinolaryngologist is engaged in the detection and treatment of external otitis. What examinations can he appoint?

First of all - a general blood test, which can indicate the presence of inflammatory processes( eg, increase in white blood cells).

There will also be an otoscopy - ear study with the help of a special device for the detection of edema, secretions and other pathologies.

Otitis of the outer ear symptoms and treatment of the cause

The analysis of the secretions that leave the ear can also be recommended, which will indicate the true causative agent of the disease.

An important test for the detection of external otitis media is a hearing test. If the patient hears worse, then the process of inflammation affects the tympanum. In this case, we are not talking about external otitis, but about the average.

Treatment of

Is it possible to start treatment for otitis externa in the home? Symptoms and causes of the disease will help the treating physician decide how and where to administer therapy. As practice shows, to get rid of ailment, it is not necessary to be on inpatient treatment.

Do not worry, otitis externa( symptoms and treatment at home we will describe below) is completely curable. A complex therapy is prescribed, scrupulously performing which, you can get rid of the disease in a few days!

What does modern otitis treatment for the external ear include?

Symptoms and treatment with drops

First of all, an ENT doctor will prescribe pharmacological agents for instillation of the ear.

These same medicines can be prescribed and with symptoms of otitis externa in children.

Otitis of the external ear symptoms and treatment with folk remedies

Treatment and recovery of infants may be due to the use of the same drugs as in adults, only in a lower dosage.

Here are some drops that can be assigned:

  • "Anauran".Active ingredients: lidocaine( anesthetic) and neomycin( broad-spectrum antibiotic).Children are instilled with two or three drops three to four times a day, adults - four to five drops two or three times a day.
  • "Garazon".Active components: antibiotic gentamicin and synthetic hormone betamethasone, which has anti-inflammatory effect. Can be used as drops or turund.
  • "Otinum".Has an active substance holim salicylate, which reduces inflammation and anesthetics at the same time.
  • "Otypaks".Active components: lidocaine and phenazone( antipyretic and anti-inflammatory agent).
  • "Polidex".Thanks to such basic components as dexamethasone( synthetic hormone) and neomycin, it quickly blocks inflammatory processes and anesthetizes.
  • "Sofraks".Active substances: dexamethasone and gramicidin( a powerful antibiotic that destroys bacteria of all kinds).

Using these drugs, you should follow the doctor's recommendations carefully or act strictly according to the instructions enclosed in the package. During the instillation of the ears it is important to follow certain general rules:

  1. Clean the ear with a cotton swab.
  2. Lie so that the ear is on top.
  3. Hold a couple of minutes with the medicine bottle in the palm of your hand, thereby warming it.
  4. Bury the ear with a special clean pipette only.
  5. If you instill the ear slightly pull back.
  6. After manipulation for several minutes do not change the pose, so that the drops do not pour out.

Otitis of external ear symptoms and treatment in adults

But what if the drops do not help? Then the attending physician can prescribe antibiotics.

Medications for ingestion

For treatment at home, antibacterial drugs such as

  1. "Nystatin" can be prescribed. It is available in the form of tablets and is approved for use by children from year to year.
  2. "Clacid" is a suspension for babies.
  3. "Ampicillin".
  4. "Azithromycin".
  5. "Ciprofloxacin" - destroys active and passive bacteria.

In combination with drops and tablets, a doctor can prescribe ointments, antifungal solutions and UHF procedures that are applied externally.

Can otitis treatment of the external ear be started by folk remedies( symptoms and diagnosis of the disease are listed above)?

Yes, and this will go further.

Traditional medicine

For the treatment of external otitis can be used turundas, soaked in propolis or onion juice. Such cotton swabs can be worn all day, pulling out only for the night.

Another effective recipe is a drop of chamomile infusion( a teaspoon of dried flowers pour a glass of boiling water, insist for half an hour and dig in two or three drops three or four times a day).

Another effective remedy for external otitis is the geranium leaf, gently placed in the ear canal. This tool will relieve pain and burning in the ear.

As is known, otitis externa affects not only humans, but also animals. What is this ailment - read below.

Otitis of the external ear in dogs: symptoms and treatment

These pets are more predisposed to the appearance of this disease. How to detect the disease in time and start treatment?

Otitis of the external ear symptoms and treatment in children

First of all, observe the behavior of the dog. If she often shakes her ears, tilts her head down, lost her appetite and became sluggish and depressed, then it's worth to sound the alarm.

First and foremost, it is important to carefully inspect the organs of hearing. If redness and swelling of the ears, inflammation of the lymph nodes and purulent discharge are observed, the vet should immediately be seen.

A competent specialist will prescribe an effective treatment, which complex will include antibiotics, antiseptics, analgesics, antiviral and other agents that include topical preparations. After such treatment your pet will surely recover.


As we see, otitis externa is a serious but easily curable disease, common both among adults and among young children. They even suffer from domestic animals.

In order not to get sick of ailment, it is necessary to perform some simple preventive measures: regularly clean the ear canals, make sure that the ear does not get water, try to avoid injuries and drafts. And then this disease will not cause you any trouble and inconvenience.