CIR( Center for Immunology and Reproduction) - a network of clinics. Description of services, reviews, prices

Unfortunately, today the problem of infertility is acute in Russia. The number of couples who do not get a child starts growing every day. Abuse of bad habits, poor ecology, health features - all this and not only can affect the ability to have children. But fortunately, today people can use the services of an excellent clinic - the Center for Immunology and Reproduction, located in Moscow. Here you can not only go through the examination and find out the cause of infertility, but also get quality treatment, after which the dream of many couples is carried out. Today we find out what the Immunology and Reproduction Center is. Comments on the clinic of people who visited there are presented in the article. Also find out what the pricing policy of this institution.

Circus Center for Immunology and Reproduction

Center for Immunology and Reproduction in Moscow: description of the

clinic This medical organization was opened in 1996.In this center specialists render services in the field of reproduction: they are engaged in consultations, diagnostics and therapy of problems of miscarriage, infertility, various inflammatory ailments, and violations in gynecology.

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The advantage of this medical organization is the use of the most advanced devices for treatment. The program of diagnostics and treatment in this center has no analogues in Moscow.


The Center for Immunology and Reproduction is a network of clinics located in different parts of the capital. Addresses of branches of this medical institution:

- Lane 1-nd Novopodmoskovny, 4, m. "Voykovskaya".

- st. Lublinskaya, 122, metro station "Marino".

- st. Machine-building, 17-b, m. "Dubrovka."

- st. Alexandra Monakhova, 95, building.2, m. "Buninskaya Alley".This branch is not yet open, but the doors for its visitors and this CIR unit will soon open.

- Center for Immunology and Reproduction at Ordynka( Malaya Ordynka Str., 25), m. Polyanka or Tretyakovskaya. Center for Immunology and Reproduction Reviews on Clinic

What does the clinic do?

Specialists of this medical institution work in such directions:

- Fetal malaise.

- Preparing couples for artificial insemination

- Infertility treatment.

- Pregnancy management.

- Immunology.

- Observation of women in the hospital.

- Treatment of male problems in the field of andrology, urology.

- Endocrinology.

- Work with a psychologist.

- School for future mothers and young parents.

- Supervision of a child under 1 year.

- Handing over of laboratory researches.

Consultation of doctors: the cost of

This center is accepted by such specialists:

- gynecologists;

- andrology;

- therapists;

- genetics;

- ophthalmologists;

- otolaryngologists.

The cost of consultation for each doctor is different. You can see the prices on the site of the center, as well as in the table below.

Specialist Primary admission, price( rubles) Re-reception, price( rubles)
Obstetrician-gynecologist From 1700 to 3500 From 1400 to 2600
Andrologue From 1800 to 2000 From 1450 to 1550
Endocrinologist 1600 1200
Geneticist 2000 1400
Therapist 1400 1100
Ophthalmologist 1000 800
Otorhinolaryngologist 1350 1050

Cost of ultrasound in obstetrics

Depending on the term in which the study is being conducted, from the desire to record video on disk, the prices for ultrasound are as follows:

- 1st trimester - 1850 r.

- 2nd and 3rd trimester with 4D-image - 3000 r.

- 2nd and 3rd trimesters with multiple pregnancies - 3500 r.

- ultrasound of the cervix with a vaginal sensor on the 2nd and 3rd trimesters - 650 r.

- Disk with recording - 450 p. Circus Center for Immunology and Reproduction at Ordynka

The cost of ultrasound of other organs of

As noted above, the center carries out a lot of research, and this applies not only to pregnant women, but also to people with suspected various diseases of internal organs. So, below is the cost of ultrasound in the Center for various organs:

- Thyroid examination - 1350 r.

- Mammary glands and lymph nodes - 1550 r.

- Abdominal cavity - 1800 rub.

- ultrasound of the veins on the legs, as well as of the arteries - 2100 r.

- Kidney - 1050 r.

- The bladder - 800 r.

- Scrotal - 1500 rub.

- The prostatic gland - 1600 r. Circus Center for Immunology and Reproduction Reviews

Infertility treatment

In the center, diagnostics and therapy of both female and male infertility is carried out. For women, specialists carry out such activities:

- Assess the quality of ovulation in the uterus and ovaries by conducting certain studies( ultrasound monitoring).

- Identify the immunological conflict between spouses at the level of the cervix.

- Assess the patency of the fallopian tubes.

- Exclude factors that disrupt the engraftment of a fertilized egg.

For examining the causes of male infertility, the andrologist conducts such activities:

- Directs a man to take a spermogram.

- Conducts an examination of the patient and, if necessary, assigns ultrasound of the vessels of the vas deferens.

- If any deviations are detected, it sends to the follow-up: analysis for hormones, genetic analyzes, etc. Center for Immunology and Reproduction Clinic Network

Laboratory diagnostics

CIR( Center for Immunology and Reproduction) has its own laboratory in which it is possible to pass all necessary analyzes. Such a service allows specialists to quickly obtain research results. And by the way, they are issued in a convenient way for the patient:

- By fax.

- On the phone.

- Through the Internet.

- By courier.

Loyalty programs

To attract customers and save their budget today, you can buy various discount cards in the CIR.The Center of Immunology and Reproduction allows its patients to benefit from buying services from them. The policy of the institution to provide discounts allows women and men to reduce costs to 20%.So, in CIR there are such loyalty programs:

- Accumulative discount cards "Privileged patient".A person gets a discount of 3 to 7% for all types of services.

- Loyalty program for pregnant women. Discounts up to 25% on pregnancy management programs.

- Promotional offers for men. Discounts from 13 to 15% on such programs: "Problems with conception", "Risks of cancer", "Detection of infections", "Identification of problems with the kidneys."

- Loyalty program for beginners - minus 10% for patients who applied to the clinic for the first time. reviews about circus center of immunology and reproductions

Gift certificates

If you do not know what to give to a loved one, a loved one for a birthday or any other holiday, then the CIR will help you in this matter. The Center for Immunology and Reproduction sells gift certificates for its services with a face value of 2, 3 and 5 thousand rubles. By the way, any person can use the certificate, since it is not personal. And its validity is limited to 6 months. Any certificate is used once.

Center for Immunology and Reproduction( Moscow): feedback from people

The patients of this clinic have different impressions. Some people praise this medical organization, others criticize it. Those patients who liked to be observed and treated in the center, reviews about the Center for Immunology and Reproduction leave the following character:

- The best gynecologists, reproductologists, andrologists of Moscow work there. Many people are sure that all the doctors in the institution are highly qualified specialists.

- Excellent modern equipment, which allows obtaining reliable research results.

- A wide range of research. You can go through various types of tests, diagnosis, treatment, get medical advice.

- Ultrasound diagnosis - at a high level. In no other clinic in Moscow, pregnant women receive a disk with a record of ultrasound procedures.

- The room is well-kept, cozy, clean. Convenience for visitors: there are sofas, a lot of chairs.

- Doctors take on the clock. You do not have to wait.

- There is an opportunity to save by getting a discount.

- The staff is friendly, polite, answering all questions.

- All the cabinets are compact, you do not have to go far.

- There is a guarantee for patients. At the first reference to the Center for Immunology and Reproduction, a written contract is concluded with the person. This is a kind of guarantee for the services provided, including confidentiality.

- Affordable prices.

- Analyzes are done quickly, because each center has its own laboratory.

- Convenience of payment. Many people note that recently in this institution there was a new service - payment online. That is, a person comes to the center's site, chooses from the list of types of research necessary to him, pays them through the Internet and then simply comes and passes the tests. Center for Immunology and Reproduction in Moscow description

Negative assessments of people

Unfortunately, there is not a single clinic in Russia that all patients would be satisfied with 100%.The Center of Immunology and Reproduction did not become an exception. Reviews about the clinic are both approving and not very good. Negative assessments are left by those people who, for a number of reasons, remained dissatisfied with the work of this institution. Specific disadvantages, which focus patients:

- Some people who have repeatedly visited this clinic, start to consider it from the other side. Already noted and negative aspects in the work of this institution. Junior medical staff in some patients causes negative memories: nurses badly take blood from the veins, rude to visitors, discuss in their workplaces their home problems.

- Some pregnant women say that there are such specialists on ultrasound from which it is necessary to constantly extract information. They are silent, they simply lead the stomach through a special sensor, thank God, although they answer the questions at least. But as women write on the forums, the photos of the fruit are sometimes horrible: vague, it is unclear where and what is.

- Many people on the forums do not recommend others to seek help in the CIR.The Center for Immunology and Reproduction reviews negative comments also because the patients believe that in this institution specialists simply entice people out of people, while not helping to cope with their problem. Doctors prescribe unnecessary tests, and after several years of therapy they can not help anything. But this does not mean that all doctors are non-professionals and work only to squeeze as much money out of the patient as possible. Maybe everything is not as visitors write on the forums. This is a purely individual opinion of each person.

- The specialists have a tight record, so it's not always possible to sign up for a certain day. You have to choose other dates.

- There are problems with parking. We have to put the car just at the side of the road, because there is no better place.


From this article you learned a lot of interesting and useful information about the Center for Immunology and Reproduction: reviews and prices, the number of branches and their addresses. They found out that in this clinic various discounts are given, actions are carried out in order to attract clients and to enable them to save money. Despite the fact that people have different attitudes toward this center, building their opinions on the basis of someone else's wrong. It is better to personally turn to this clinic and experience on your own experience all its advantages and disadvantages.