Sanatorium "Znanie"( Sochi): reviews about treatment, description, prices

Rest on the Black Sea coast in July or August - what could be better? And it's not necessary to go abroad. Adler will give a huge number of bright impressions and unforgettable emotions. Sanatorium "Znanie" offers tours to everyone. And before visiting the health resort, it is worth studying the detailed information about it.

Basic information

The unique sanatorium "Znanie"( Sochi), reviews of which are mostly positive, is located just 100 meters from the waterfront and 24 kilometers from the city center. The health resort has a category of "three stars" and accepts visitors at any time of the year. But, according to the staff, the real hype here begins in the summer months. And this is easily explained: everyone aspires not only to improve their health, but also to luxuriate under the rays of the sun on the sea coast.

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The sanatorium has three sleeping buildings, which are connected by warm transitions. Guests can stay in cozy rooms consisting of one or two rooms. There is also a one-bedroom apartment with all amenities. Standard rooms, a standard of increased comfort and others are offered. The cost of living in them will be described below. The apartment has a refrigerator, a telephone for communication with the staff, a TV, air conditioning. In addition, recently some rooms have the possibility of an Internet connection.

Sanatorium "Znanie"( Adler) is a health resort, the work of which is aimed at eliminating the problems of the cardiovascular system and the musculoskeletal system. However, people who have other health problems come here. The institution employs highly qualified specialists who will conduct a full examination of the body and prescribe a comprehensive treatment. Thus, the JCC "Znanie" allows not only to rest from everyday work, but also to improve health, since it has all the necessary medical and diagnostic equipment. Here, physiotherapeutic procedures, therapeutic baths, massages, exercise therapy and much more can be prescribed. For all comers, a transfer to the "Matsesta" balneological resort is provided.

Useful and varied food with pleasure will offer guests a sanatorium "Znanie"( Sochi).Feedback from satisfied visitors says that the menu includes seasonal vegetables and fruits, meat, fish, delicious pastries. Meals are served three times a day by the "buffet" system. There are also dietary dishes, which allow to eat tasty foods for people who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract.


Holidaymakers can find everything they need on the territory of a health resort. Leave it only if the excursion is planned. The buildings are located in a landscaped area just 100 meters from the sea coast. Own well-equipped beach has a cozy sanatorium "Znanie"( Sochi).Reviews, which guests leave, say that additional services are offered here. You can rent a chaise longue or an air mattress. The beach is equipped with shower cabins, fountains with drinking water. There is a toilet and a sanitary unit. Fans of outdoor activities can rent water skiing and a boat. Equipment is issued only for adults.

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For those who like to pamper themselves on the beach with delicious food, there are several bars and restaurants. Directly on the coast is a cafe. Here you can try several types of ice cream, drink a chilled beer or have a full dinner. The only downside is the high prices, if you believe the reviews. However, it should be borne in mind that the cost of spa meals is always slightly higher.

On the territory of the JKK "Znanie" will find entertainment for tourists of different age categories. There is a dance floor for active youth, as well as a library for lovers of reading. You can take the book on the security of the document absolutely free of charge.

What if I want to fully relax, but I had to come on vacation with a small child? Almost all the sanatoriums at the sea offer the services of a children's room. The complex "Knowledge" is not an exception. Real professionals work here, who know the approach to small guests. Teachers of the children's room do not just follow the kids in the absence of their parents. They deal with the guys - draw, mold from plasticine, walk around the territory of the sanatorium. There are several wonderful children's playgrounds, which are characterized by increased security.

In the health resort is perfectly arranged infrastructure. There is a pharmacy kiosk, points of sale of food, a telephone point, several ATMs. Such necessary services are offered by the mini-town - sanatorium "Znanie".Prices in the territory are a significant minus. Holidaymakers note that all goods here are 10-15% higher than the conventional ones.

What are the rooms offered?

Standard apartments provide a double bed, TV, bathroom with shower and refrigerator. It is possible to install two single beds. The room also has air conditioning. For living in a room without treatment you have to pay from 1600 rubles per day. Those who plan to undergo therapeutic procedures stay in the room will cost 2000 rubles.

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The room "Family" includes a living room, an entrance hall, a double bedroom. As in the previous version, there is a refrigerator, air conditioning, TV, bathroom with shower. If desired, an additional baby bed can be installed. Children under the age of 6 are accommodated at a 50% discount. For the number "Family" without treatment will have to pay 1800 rubles per day, with treatment - 2200 rubles.

For the rooms of "Standard high comfort" are characterized by pastel colors. There is modern furniture and appliances. There is a plasma TV in the apartment. In addition, guests are offered a hairdryer, iron, telephone. The balcony offers a beautiful view of the sea promenade. There is a possibility of access to the Internet. Those who want to come to the sanatorium "Znanie"( Adler) and settle in a similar room without treatment, will have to take into account that the daily living will cost 1900 rubles. And with the use of therapy, you have to pay 2,300 per day.

The most expensive is a family room with increased comfort. This is a two-room apartment with a major overhaul. Here everyone can feel at home. The balcony can be accessed from both the bedroom and the living room. The bathroom has a comfortable shower. The room has a hairdryer, iron, refrigerator, plasma TV, change of towels and slippers. For daily living in a room without treatment you will have to pay 2,200 rubles. With treatment - 2500 rubles.

These are the prices offered by the sanatorium "Znanie"( Sochi).The reviews show that you can find health resorts and with lower rates. However, the quality of service here is really high.

How to book a room?

Just to come and settle in one of the buildings of the health resort will not be possible. The fact is that many people try to get here every year. It happens that it can not please vacations the sanatorium "Znanie"( Sochi).Adler is a rather popular resort both for Russians and for foreigners. In order not to spoil the holiday, it is worth to book a room in advance. You can do this through the official site of the health resort, by filling out the relevant application. Here you will find passport data, estimated dates of arrival and departure, desired categories of rooms. In addition, you need to leave an email address and mobile phone number.

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For the reservation to take effect, you must pay 50% of the payment. You can do this in cash directly in the health resort. The address of the sanatorium "Knowledge" - the city of Sochi, the street of Enlightenment, house 139. You can also pay for a ticket by putting money to the resort through any bank. You can find out the account number by calling the sanatorium "Znanie"( phone + 78622 37-68-91).

Actions of the sanatorium "Znanie"

Special promotions are held in the health resort, allowing cheaper recreation for people with limited financial resources. What does the sanatorium Znanie offer? The action "Silver age" is provided for pensioners. It is possible to book a standard room or a standard economy at reduced rates. Accommodation will cost from 1600 to 1900 rubles per day. The final price will depend on the season and category of the room.

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Program "Silver Age" provides accommodation in comfortable rooms, treatment, quality three meals a day. The apartment can accommodate an extra bed for a child not older than 12 years. Small holidaymakers live at a 50% discount.

If there is an appointment of a doctor in charge, it is also possible to go to the sanatorium "Znanie".The program "Open South" offers a quality rest that can be combined with therapy for the profile of the disease. The daily cost of rooms will be from 1450 to 1950 rubles. The price depends on the season. Book rooms for at least 7 days.

Medical profile of sanatorium

The health resort has two main profiles - treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and cardiovascular system. In addition, the circulatory system and the peripheral nervous system are administered. Those who have any health problems, it is worth to visit the sanatorium "Knowledge".Treatment is carried out by highly qualified specialists who will conduct a thorough examination, diagnose and prescribe appropriate treatment. sanatorium knowledge program open south

According to visitors, many procedures in the sanatorium are held at a reduced rate. All you need to do is pre-purchase a ticket marked "with treatment" and enjoy relaxing physiotherapy procedures, therapeutic massage and baths with medicinal herbs.

People with diseases of the circulatory system are assigned such types of baths as hydrogen sulphide, phyto-salt, bischofite, herbal, mineral, iodine-bromine, pearl. Such procedures allow to normalize blood circulation and arterial pressure. In addition, the bath perfectly relax. It is recommended to take them in the evening. It should be borne in mind that only the doctor of the health resort can prescribe the procedure. Independently to come on reception it will not be possible. Procedures of this kind have their own contraindications.


All procedures in the sanatorium for patients are selected in accordance with the indications. Sufficiently effective is hardware therapy with ultrasound. Also popular is electrophoresis using iodine-bromine and hydrogen sulfide water and dirt. Laser magnetotherapy can remove headaches in patients, normalize the pressure. People with diseases of the cardiovascular system are also shown electrosleep.

Patients with respiratory system diseases are recommended inhalation with the use of ultrasounds, as well as extracts of medicinal herbs. Used as steam and oil equipment. Such inhalations not only help to remove the symptoms of chronic bronchitis, but also perfectly relax. If you do the procedure for the night, a quality sleep is provided. Inhalations are also often shown to sick children. The number of procedures the sanatorium doctor sets individually, according to the characteristics of each patient.

The specialists of the sanatorium pay great attention to the correct physical loads. Every morning on the beach, morning exercises are held. Anyone can visit it. Exercises in the fresh air give energy for the whole day. Respiratory exercises are indicated for people with chronic lung diseases. Specialists also conduct therapeutic exercise. Classes can be either individual or group.

Treatment of the spine

Throughout life, most people at least once experience back pain. Such a symptom may indicate a cold or a stretch, or a more complex disease may develop. As already mentioned above, the sanatorium "Znanie" specializes in the ailments of the musculoskeletal system. In the first place, the health of the spine is taken. With the help of unique techniques in the health resort, intervertebral hernias and protrusions are successfully treated, and the drug "Karipazim" is used. The medication is administered by electrophoresis. In just a few procedures, you can remove the aching pain in your back. Most patients after treatment at the sanatorium "Znanie" without any problems return to a full life.

Huge importance in the treatment of diseases of the spine have massages. Any manipulation is carried out only by qualified specialists according to the doctor's prescription. Manual classic zone massage perfectly removes pain, eliminates the curvature of the spine, helps to correct posture. Applied in the sanatorium is also a new technique - electromechanical massage. The specialist conducts manipulations with the palms, feet, limbs, pelvis. The procedure is carried out for 30-40 minutes. The patient manages to completely relax. Some even fall asleep during the session.

Additional Services

Health always comes first, but you can not forget about appearance. For the fairer sex on the territory of the sanatorium there is a cosmetology room. The specialist will help to choose a comprehensive program of care in accordance with the individual characteristics of the skin of the face. There are procedures for rejuvenation, deep cleaning, massage of the face and neck area. Ultrasonic and mechanical techniques are used to bring the person into an impeccable state. In the cosmetology room, chemical peeling, removal of warts and papillomas, elimination of pigmentation are carried out. Mesotherapy is very popular among women over the age of 30.

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In the sanatorium it is possible not only to improve the skin condition, but also to change externally. Real professionals will help pick up decorative cosmetics that will suit a particular type of appearance. There is an opportunity to increase eyelashes, make tattoo of lips and eyebrows, pierce ears.

Anti-cellulite program allows you to get rid of the "orange peel" on vacation. Various types of wraps are used( chocolate, algal, grape).Massage is also popular with problem zones using essential oil.

Reviews of holidaymakers

You can meet a huge number of positive statements about the health resort "Knowledge".According to reviews, there is everything for a quality holiday at any time of the year. Many still prefer to come here in the summer. On warm days you can not only improve your health, but also luxuriate on the gentle sea coast. Salt air itself is useful.

Guests of the sanatorium consider the lack of an indoor swimming pool as the only minus. Swimming promotes the development of proper posture, the solution of many problems with the spine. And this pleasure is available only in the summer, when the sea is warm enough.

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Many are pleased with the well-developed infrastructure and convenient location, which has a sanatorium "Znanie".On the map, this object can be detected without problems. During the rest, there is no need to leave the health resort, because there is absolutely everything for a comfortable stay. It is no coincidence that many people get a ticket for 3-4 weeks.