Crayfish. Therapeutic properties of the plant

Grass craps, the medicinal properties of which have long been known in folk medicine, grows everywhere on dry slopes, among shrubs, in fields and hills, in pastures and forest fringes. Collect it during flowering( all summer) and use as an astringent, choleretic, hemostatic and diuretic. remeshok medical properties The aerial part of this plant is rich in tannins, it also contains tar, phytosterol and essential oil. There are also traces of vitamin K.

Crayfish. Therapeutic properties used by for diseases of internal organs

The herb is used for hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, kidney stones, nephritis, diarrhea, worms, hemorrhoids, urinary incontinence. Repeshok very well reflexively strengthens the digestive glands, normalizes metabolism. Its cholagogue properties help to eliminate stagnant phenomena in the gallbladder and its ducts, in the liver. In all these cases, drink infusion, prepared from 4 spoonfuls of grass and a liter of water. Take it half a cup three times a day. It is very good to drink this tea with natural honey. When eroding the cervix, the cake prepared by the above method is also used.

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grass remakes medicinal properties

The healing properties of plants that help with many gynecological ailments have been noticed by phytotherapeutists and have been proven in practice for a long time. Doctors recommend drinking a decoction of 30 grams of cake and 360 g of water with uterine bleeding. The drink should be boiled for a long time before reducing the volume by 50%, and then take 20 ml every 3 hours. You can grind the grass and eat from two to four grams of powder a day.

Craps. The healing properties used by with external application of

This plant copes well with Streptococcus, Staphylococcus aureus. Especially effective is a crust with herpes, that is, rashes on the skin and mucous membranes caused by viruses, with stomatitis. It also helps to remove pigment spots, warts. Apply tincture of a scrap for washing the nasal cavity with a cold, for rinsing the mouth and throat for a cold.

herb contra-indications

It is made with lotions for abscesses, neglected ulcers, hemorrhoids and even cancerous tumors, and treating decubitus. When young women are too much freckled freckles, they resort to various fashionable and expensive means to help them get rid of. Here, in this case, it would be good for them to remember a plant such as a crayfish. The healing properties of its root will help here. However, first you need to consult a doctor and find out whether freckles are pigment spots( chloasma), which are often associated with diseases of the intestines, kidneys, or liver, or appear during pregnancy. Not eliminating the root cause, it will be difficult to fight them.

Grass craps. Contraindications for the use of

Given such a wide range of plant action, there are almost no warnings. Preparations on the basis of cakes can not be used by those who have an individual intolerance or allergic manifestations. It is undesirable to use this plant, in view of its properties, and those people who have blood coagulability increased. With caution, it should be taken during pregnancy and lactation.