If the stomach hurts in the child, what can be given at home?

The first thing to do when you learn that a child complains of pain in the abdominal area is to calm down and not panic. Next, you need to identify the symptoms. Depending on the reasons, the abdominal tenderness is varied: blunt and aching, acute and cramping, stitching and cutting. It can be permanent or occur periodically, localize in the upper or lower abdomen, give in one of the hypochondria or alternatively, one of the sides. Determining the causes of pain - the first step in the fight against it.

The stomach hurts in the child. What can be given if the pain is caused by malnutrition?

In a situation where a child complains of soreness in the abdomen, the first thing parents think about is how to save him from suffering. If the problem is in the malnutrition of the baby, you need to carefully review its diet. It is necessary to exclude milk, mushrooms, kvass, any fizzy drinks, salted and smoked food, since they cause active gas separation. Vegetables and fruit, on the contrary, must be added to the diet, because they contribute to the improvement of the digestive process.

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So, if the abdomen of the child hurts, what to give at home, it should be decided on the basis of the causes of the ailment. If complaints of bloating and flatulence are present, you should immediately give a tablet of "Disflatila" or "Espumizan" known to all.

belly hurts the child that you can give

If the stomach hurts in the child, what can be given to cure it is easy to solve. When discomforts appear after eating, Mezim, Enterosgel or Festal will help.

You observe that a child often goes to the toilet. Perhaps he has diarrhea, then "Lactovit" or "Linex" will help.

Prolonged pains - a signal to call an ambulance

If the stomach hurts in the child, what can be given, it is necessary to decide only by finding out the origin and causes of the pain. Painful sensations lasting more than half an hour, especially if accompanied by symptoms such as nausea and / or fever, are a clear signal to call an ambulance.

The causes of soreness are extremely diverse. Usually they are not serious and not dangerous, but there are also those that need immediate intervention, and without the help of a specialist, they can not be eliminated. The true cause of abdominal pain can not be ascertained simply by interviewing a child, it will become apparent only after consultation with a graduate: after examination, examination and necessary tests.

Drugs, most common in the prescriptions of children's gastroenterologists

To relieve painful spasms, you can turn to the help of analgesics. Also, if the child has a stomachache, you can give "Noshpu".If there is no fever, nausea and / or vomiting, this can be temporarily stopped by taking the waiting position. Provided that after the end of the medications the pain does not resume, nothing more should be done. But if the pain has returned, moreover, has intensified, and new symptoms have appeared, it is necessary to address for consultation to the doctor-gastroenterologist.

belly hurts the child that you can give

Any further treatment should be carried out exclusively in accordance with its recommendations. If the stomach hurts the child, what can be given, the doctor should decide. Most often the following medicines are found in prescriptions:

  • In cases of complaints of diarrhea and diarrhea, "Gastrolit" and "Regidron".
  • If the child has a stomach ache and vomiting, what can I give?6 years - the age in which indigestion is quite often. In this case, give activated carbon, "Polyphepan", Entereroz "and" Smektu ".
  • With bloating and heartburn - Almagel, Rennie, Maalox and Fosfalugel.
  • With gravity in the stomach, the feeling of overeating - Festal, Creon and Mezim.
  • In cases of diseases of the genitourinary system, kidneys, and stomach, "No-shpa" will help.

Traditional medicine will help to cope with the disease

If the stomach of a child hurts, what to give can also be suggested by folk medicine. There are many remedies that will help to eliminate discomfort and cope with the cause of the disease.

Dyspeptic disorders

Similar disturbances tend to develop in the absence of sufficient quantities in the intestines of enzymes necessary for digesting food. In such cases, children experience a feeling of fullness of the stomach, often observed eructations, heaviness in the stomach, nausea and even vomiting. Often, abnormalities in the work of the stomach are accompanied by abdominal pain and stool. In such cases, the child can be cured by radically changing his diet. First of all, you must immediately remove from it solid foods, soda, caffeine, sweets, fruit juices and milk. Give a few tablets of activated carbon or Mezim.

If the belly has a pain in the child, what should I give?7 years old - school and first lunches in the

canteen. Food poisoning is common among primary school children. The cause of the ailment is the adoption of unusual foods for the child or spoiled foods. Most cases of poisoning of children are observed at the first visits to the school canteen. In addition to abdominal pain, malaise can provoke a pre-intestinal condition and directly vomiting and diarrhea. Quite often, the result of indigestion in children is a general intoxication of the body and a fever. The first thing that should be done is to do a gastric lavage and an enema. If the baby's stomach hurts, what should I give?7 years is the age at which the child's body is already able to cope with such a malaise as mild food poisoning. In this case, he should be given a drink as much as possible of pure, non-carbonated unsweetened water. And provided that abdominal pain accompanies diarrhea, you should give him activated charcoal and Furazolidone.

the baby has a stomachache can be given

Systematic constipation

If the child complains that he wants and can not go to the toilet "for a long time", and in parallel it is pained in the abdomen and nausea, the first emergency aid that parents can provide in this case are laxatives for children or enema. Further, in order to avoid the recurrence of such situations, the child's diet should be changed. More unsweetened non-carbonated liquid, vegetables and fruits, more movement. Less spicy, oily and heavy food.

If you approach the problem of constipation from the point of view of traditional medicine, it is solved as follows: for two weeks you should drink a seed of flax brewed according to a special recipe. The recipe is as follows: 1 tablespoon of seeds pour 150 ml of boiling water, insist for half an hour, stirring every 10 minutes. Another good way to get rid of constipation will be the use of tea from dry apples, fresh cherries, decoctions of mint, plantain, cumin, fennel. You can drink yogurt. It is also an excellent laxative.

Meteorism and colic

One of the most common causes of abdominal pain in a child is the accumulation of gases. If such symptoms appear in infants aged up to six months, it means that the nursing mother is not eating properly, or the mixture to which the baby is fed is illiterate. If a child has a stomach ache, what can be given to him, folk medicine can advise. In this case, the first aid will be tummy massage, and if it does not help, then most likely, you need to change the nutrition of the mother or start feeding the baby with the right mixture. It is often recommended to give the baby dill vodichku - decoction of fennel seeds.

There is also a more dangerous cause of flatulence and colic in a baby - it's a congenital pathology in the intestine.

Similar ailment is a problem not only for babies, but also for teenagers. If the child complains of the symptoms of flatulence during adolescence, you can try to help him with folk remedies. For example, dull pain and heaviness in the stomach can remove a decoction of dandelion taken half an hour after eating.

the child has a stomach ache that can be given

Diseases of the small and large intestine

In bowel diseases, the child has pain in the lower part of the left side, he irregularly goes to the toilet, complains of diarrhea or constipation. An excellent folk remedy, soothing the irritated intestine, is an infusion of flowers of oregano. To cook it, pour 20 grams of flowers with one liter of boiling water, we insist for 10 minutes and give the child before eating.


In this disease, the child has pain in the region of the left hypochondrium, giving to the umbilicus or loin. To reduce discomfort, you need to give the child "No-shpu" or an acting analgesic. But remember, this is not a cure, it's just a removal of symptoms!

Invasive helminths

if the abdomen of the child hurts what to give 10 years

If a child( 3 years old) has a stomach ache, what can be given, it is necessary to decide, based on the causes of pain. If symptoms such as gas accumulation, flatulence and pain in the stomach are observed simultaneously, they signal the occurrence of helminthic invasions in the body of the child, that is, that worms have started. A similar disease is accompanied by a poor appetite, allergies, anemic( pallor) of the skin. To cure the child of worms, you need to give him to eat grated carrots, onions, garlic and walnuts and, of course, pay close attention to hygiene. Traditional medicine also recommends the following prescription for treatment of helminthic invasions: 1 tsp.flower buds of tartar wormwood to stir with the same amount of honey. Give the resulting remedy you need a baby on an empty stomach. After two hours, do not give the child anything to eat and repeat the medication. The final stage of treatment will be a laxative. As a laxative, Glauber's salt can be used. Give her child should be in the calculation of 1 gram for 1 year of life. All the time of treatment, the child should remain at rest, and a warm water bottle, laid in the stomach, will help reduce the pain and speedy recovery.

Stress and anxiety as the cause of abdominal pain in children

Most often, abdominal pains due to increased anxiety and stresses are experienced in children under 10 years old. In this case, parents are asked such questions: what to do if the abdomen of the child hurts, what to give?10 years is the age when children are already able to explain in detail and in detail the causes of anxiety and stress and successfully deal with them.

if the abdomen of the child hurts what to give at home

Children under 10 can tell what concerns them, only with the help of asking parents who are leading questions. Pain in the abdomen, which occurs under the influence of stress, disappears after eliminating the causes that caused the child's anxiety and anxiety. In no case should you let him shut up in himself. In such a situation, parents should establish the maximum contact with the child and help him deal with fears. From painful spasms, the previously mentioned analgesics and "No-shpa" will be saved.

How to prevent the occurrence of pain?

There are a number of rules that promote the prevention of abdominal pain in children. If they are observed, the chance of such ailments is reduced to a minimum.

if the child has a stomach ache and vomiting that can be given

  1. It is necessary to ensure that the child consumes a lot of liquid( any, except for carbonated drinks).It is desirable that it is clean water.
  2. It is necessary to exclude from the diet everything salty, fatty, fried, smoked, spicy and very sweet.
  3. Control that the baby's nutrition consist exclusively of fresh quality products.
  4. Ensure that the child is washing his hands after returning from the street and before each meal. To oblige him to wash all the fruits, vegetables and berries that he intends to eat. To forbid to lift something edible from the earth in the street.
  5. Prevent the child from feeling hungry.
  6. Feed the child at least three to four times a day in small portions, eliminating cases of overeating.