"Oflomil"( lacquer): reviews, instructions for use, description and composition

According to medical statistics, every fifth inhabitant of our country suffers from a fungal infection of the nail plate. Pharmaceutical companies offer a wide range of medicines aimed at eliminating this disease. In our material, we will talk about such a medical device as "Oflomil"( lacquer).Instructions for use, price, reviews about this medicine of doctors and consumers are presented in your article. Consider the composition of such a drug, the indications for its use, possible side reactions.

Offlomil varnish: reviews

Composition of the preparation

How does "Oflomil"( varnish) work? The patients' reviews state that this drug is effective in fighting nail fungus.

To understand how the drug helps to cope with fungal infections, the first thing you need to know is the composition of the medicine. The main active substance of this agent is amorolfin. This component, which is part of the antifungal lacquer, destroys the cellular membrane of pathogenic organisms, disrupts the favorable environment for their growth and reproduction.

Tolomil also includes the following substances:

  • butyl acetate;
  • ethanol;
  • triacetin and others.

Indications for use

When should "Oflomil"( lacquer) be used? Dermatologists say that this drug is effective in various fungal lesions of the nail plate, which are provoked by such pathogenic microorganisms:

  • molds;
  • yeast fungi;
  • dermatophytes.

As experts note, this tool cope not only with common, but also with rare fungal infections.

In addition, dermatologists recommend the use of "Oflomil"( lacquer) and as a preventive drug. For example, those who visit the pool, it is necessary to conduct courses of application of this medication for a period of seven days every six months. If you suspect a possible infection( for example, if you do not comply with individual hygiene rules), it is also advisable to apply lacquer as an infection prevention measure.

Oflomin - a varnish from a fungus of fingernails or nails. Reviews, price


Does it cause side effects of "Oflomil"( lacquer)?Feedback suggests that the occurrence of itching, the appearance of skin rashes at the site of application of the remedy are quite common. Less common are other side effects, such as a discoloration of the nail plate and its fragility.

It is also possible the occurrence of such a disease as contact dermatitis, in the event that the varnish was applied inaccurately and got on the skin.

You should also take precautions while using this medication. In no case, the varnish should not get on the mucous membrane of the eye and nose, it can cause a serious burn and accompanying complications. The ingestion of the substance is fraught with poisoning.


Now you understand what components are used and what is used for "Oflomil"( lacquer).The price, the instruction, responses - all this is the important information with which it is necessary to familiarize before reception. There are also contraindications to the use. So, you can not use this drug to treat children under 12 years old, pregnant and lactating women. Despite the fact that "Oflomil" is used exclusively externally and is practically not absorbed into the bloodstream, there are no reliable data on the effect of the substances included in the preparation on the fetal development of the fetus and the children's organism.

It is also not recommended to use this drug for people prone to allergic reactions.

Offlomil varnish: user manual, price, reviews

Preparatory stage

How to use "Oflomil"( varnish) correctly? Instructions for use( price, reviews will be reviewed a little later) this explains in detail.

In the kit for the preparation, the manufacturer encloses disposable nail files, alcohol swabs and special spatulas. Thanks to such simple instruments, it is possible to apply lacquer at home with all the necessary hygiene standards.

The first thing you need to do with the attached nail file is to remove dead necrotic parts of the nail plate. Then it is required to degrease the affected area with an alcohol swab. The described procedures should be performed before each application of the drug.

Instruction for use

Is it possible to use "Oflomil"( varnish) at home? Reviews note that the application of lacquer does not cause difficulties. It is important to properly treat the affected area before using the drug( as described above), and then follow the instructions for use exactly:

  1. Use a special spatula( it is included in the kit) to collect a small amount of lacquer from the vial.
  2. Apply the drug to the affected nail plate.
  3. Wait 3 minutes - this is the time it takes to completely dry the varnish.
  4. Sponge the sponge with an alcohol swab.
  5. The drug is recommended to be applied twice a week for 6 months to treat nail plates on the fingers and up to a year - with nail disease on the legs. The use of lacquer is required until complete recovery( regrowth of a new nail plate, not affected by the infection).

With the correct application of the drug, the active substances entering into its composition penetrate through the plate into the nail bed. This significantly increases the area of ​​the drug's effect and contributes to the destruction of those pathogenic microorganisms that are under the fingernail, and not just on its surface.

Lac from the fungus Oflomil: reviews


Why should I purchase "Oflomil"( varnish) from the nail fungus? Reviews, price, convenience of use attract buyers. So, dermatologists recommend this tool, because it is effective and has an affordable cost. Standard packaging( 30 grams) will cost 700-800 rubles, while some similar drugs are much more expensive.

Reviews of specialists and patients

As already mentioned above, doctors confirm the effectiveness of this drug. Simplicity and ease of use allow you to use the medicine at home.

How do patients characterize the varnish from the fungus "Ofmol"?The reviews mark the fact that the drug really helps to cure the fungal infection of the nails. But the negative factors are that to get a lasting result you need to undergo a long course of treatment.

Offlomil varnish: price, instruction, reviews

We found out what a medicinal product like "Oflomil"( varnish) is from a nail fungus. Reviews, price, instructions and recommendations for use are now known to you. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to prescribe the drug for treatment, for a full consultation it is necessary to consult a dermatologist.