What is Vagisil? All production lines for intimate hygiene

In cosmetic shops you can find a lot of means for intimate hygiene for women. One of them is Vagisil. What is it and why do you need all these gels, creams and special napkins? The weighty plus of cosmetics for the sensitive area of ​​the body is that it is made in compliance with certain norms, unlike simple soap. If you compare the usual shower gel and designed directly for the intimate zone, the difference becomes obvious - thanks to the second one you can avoid dry skin, itching, burning and other uncomfortable sensations. What products are still in the "Vagisil" line? And is it really much better than conventional means?

"Vagisil" - what is it?

Cosmetic line has been developed specifically to relieve unpleasant sensations in the intimate area, which can occur due to the use of uncomfortable underwear, due to pads and tampons, and also be a consequence of various diseases, for example, bacterial vaginosis. According to the manufacturer, the discomfort occurs immediately after the beginning of the use of funds, in addition, they help to cope with an unpleasant odor. It is possible( even necessary) to use them also in the event that there are no problems with the purpose of prevention.

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vagisil what is it

Products in the line "Vagisil"

The line "Vagisil" for intimate hygiene is represented by such products:

  • Gel PH-balance( for shower).
  • Wipes.
  • Humidifier gel.
  • Powder deodorant.
  • Cream.
  • Gel deodorant.

vagisil for intimate hygiene

Now about why all this is necessary for every woman. The microflora is very "fragile", and in the case of improper or irregular care of the intimate area, it will be disrupted in a very short time, much faster than it may seem. And this, in turn, leads to various diseases, along the chain: first one, then the second and so on. In this case, the question "Vagisil" - what is it? "You can answer four words:" This is all for a woman! "These facilities not only relieve uncomfortable sensations, but also protect them throughout the day.

It is also convenient to use the products on the road. For example, if you have to spend a couple of days on the train, you can buy napkins, as there will be no other options for intimate hygiene.

agisil gel for intimate hygiene

Prices, Reviews and Analogues

"Agisil" gel for intimate hygiene is popular with many women, as well as other products of this line to care for the most delicate body area. Of course, there are those for whom the funds produced a negative effect - they simply turned out to be ineffective. Also, many girls point out how a minus high cost. All products from the line are sold on average at a price of 400-500 rubles. For example, for a gel this can be normal, because the volume of the container is 355 ml, but for a cream( 15 g) it is expensive.

The deserving analogue is "Lacticide" - it is an excellent tool of the same action as "Vagisil".What is it, more precisely, in what forms does it happen? At the moment it is produced in the form of gel and napkins - they, however, do not respond very well, since a rash appeared after use. Cost "Lactacid" is cheaper, an average of 200-250 rubles. Decide which means to choose, everyone has the right to independently. It is only necessary to conduct an allergy test beforehand to make sure that there are no individual intolerance to the components.