The best reproductive physician in Moscow: reviews. Rating of reproductive doctors in Moscow

Unfortunately, almost every day people face health problems, including those that limit the opportunities for a person to fertilize, nurture and give birth to children. Since the family institution in our society is considered one of the most important, one does not want to live without children, and if it does not work out( for various reasons), then it's time to seek medical help!


Reproductive Physician How to choose a doctor and a good place so that professionals do not hurt? How to understand which reproductive physician can help you in your case, who will be literate enough to establish a diagnosis, prescribe treatment, help with the birth of children and put on an outpatient examination?

But we do not get younger: the body is getting old and sooner or later it becomes more difficult to give birth to a child. Therefore, in time to turn to a reproductive physician( experienced and knowledgeable) is extremely important for the preservation of family relationships. At the same time, price is not always a guarantee of quality, and when choosing a reproductive physician, one must also rely on a number of other factors.

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The most common reasons for contacting

Most often, people turn to private clinics to get rid of problems in their personal sex life. This is no longer a family psychologist who "heals the soul."The reproductive physician watches over the fact that the human body is able to reproduce or, speaking in a more mundane language, to reproduce. Agree, reproduction is the main function of the existence of mankind.

The reproductive physician treats the following diseases:

  • female and male infertility;
  • endocrine gland problems;
  • inflammatory diseases of the genitals;
  • especially long delays in the menstrual cycle;
  • venereal diseases;
  • problems with genitals.

Best reproductive doctors In addition to the reproductive specialist, there are specialists such as sexologist, urologist, gynecologist and andrologist, who have a narrower specialty.

Sexologist, for example, treats sexual disorders: the inability to achieve orgasm, erectile problems, a decrease or the opposite, the growth of sexual desire. The urologist treats diseases of male reproductive and urinary organs, and the gynecologist and andrologist are guided by sexual separation. The andrologist will help with male diseases of the reproductive system, the gynecologist - with the female. A typical reproductive specialist specializes in both sexes.

How to choose a doctor? What to rely on?

First of all, of course, the specialization of a doctor. The Internet is teeming with announcements that such a clinic provides its clients with the best services in the entire capital. So it may be, in fact, but how can you know this for sure? It is for such issues that a rating of reproductive doctors in Moscow is created. It gets to most of the really good metropolitan specialists.

What is the rating of reproductive doctors?

Here only the rating does not give an answer to the question: "Who is the best reproductive physician in Moscow?" The list is made on the basis of user ratings and those who leave feedback. In addition, many sites have descriptions of medical specializations peculiar to everyone who is on the list, and indicates work experience. It is possible to sort reproductive physicians according to their experience of work, the price of the consultation( one consultation does not mean that the amount will be the only one that you will have to pay), etc.

Best reproductive physician in Moscow Usually a full-fledged treatment in the clinic costs a large sum, and the price of consultation comes to7000 rubles. If you are limited financially, then you need to focus more on this, but remember that you can not buy health for any money, and private clinics take such amounts, because the quality of their services is at the highest level of the majority of cases.

Which clinic is better for a man to contact?

One way or another, some men have problems not only with the reproductive system, but also with the examination of a female doctor. If the patient is one of such people and he is interested in the best reproductive doctors in Moscow, then he will be disappointed, because most of these specialists are women.

Therefore, if a married couple turns to such a clinic together, the husband is likely to be upset.

If there is still a desire to be examined by a man, you will have to pay a little more money in just a few consultations. On modern sites of clinics and those that give information about doctors of various specializations in general, there is a function of self-recording at the reception. That is, if you apply to the clinic, then the chances are that you will not be interested in what kind of doctor you want to go to the reception.

There is no such probability, because you yourself, assessing the profile of the doctor, decide whether you want to come to him for a consultation and examination or not. The choice is really very important, after all it is impossible to descend or go to several reproductologists at once as consultation of everyone costs certain money resources. Even if this is not a problem for you, no one will want to spend so much money to hear the same words.

Think about it: any reproductive physician in Moscow, seeing you, will see the same thing, despite the fact that medical education in Russia is about the same. It remains only to hope that at least someone will know more, but do not despair. The best reproductive doctors( even if they are women, because sex does not play any role) is likely to be able to diagnose you( if any) already from the first reception.

In general, if you have firmly decided for yourself that you will not go to see a woman, everything is in your hands. There are very few male reproductive specialists, and most likely you will have to see a doctor of another specialization!

Which clinic is better for a woman to contact?

Women in this sense, of course, much easier. Perhaps, so much of the doctors of this sex is due to the fact that most often they are on the preservation, and they are the care of the best reproductive doctors. Agree that no one can understand a woman better than another woman, especially when the question concerns such intimate topics.

Rating of reproductive doctors Most often, not specialists, but clinics are chosen, however, in special cases complex treatment and constant attention for mummy on preservation may be necessary. That is why we recommend that you pay your attention first to the rating of clinics and only then to the rating of reproductive doctors. Very often, it is presented on the website of the clinic, there you can go through the preliminary recording for the reception.

"CM-Clinic"( Reproductive Health Center)

Address: Raskovoy Lane, house number 14.

"SM-Clinic" is a rare example of a private medical institution that does not charge for initial consultation. Moreover, the doctor-gynecologist-reproductologist reviews are very good, and according to the estimates of patients, the local medical staff( mostly women) are considered to be really the best in all of Moscow. Most estimates are 10 out of 10.

Rating of reproductive doctors in Moscow When applying for help in the "CM Clinic", you can make an appointment with the following specialists:

  • Ekaterina Y. Troskina( 8 years of work experience);
  • Mavrotis Ellada Pavlovna( experience - 24 years);
  • Bragina Maria Aleksandrovna( experience - 4 years);
  • Melenchuk Darya Grigorievna( experience - several years).

The staff of the clinic is quite friendly, the prices can cause, if not surprise, then at least a sad sigh, but in this case it is possible to say with full confidence that this money is worth it!

Medical Reproduction Clinic "Mama"

Address: Raskovoy Street, Building No. 32.

"Mama" specializes in all diseases associated with male and female infertility. The staff of the hospital does not consist of a large number of people, but there is one urologist and one andrologist in his staff, so when they contact this clinic, men can ask for a separate consultation. Prices are average, not very large, but not the smallest, in one word - the golden mean.

Gynecologist-reproductologist, reviews When writing to the reception, you can refer to the following specialists in reproductology:

  • Tatiana Sukhacheva( work experience - 22 years);
  • Julia Kikina( 11 years old);
  • Lyubimkina Elena Viktorovna( 9 years old);
  • Malysheva Maria Aleksandrovna( 6 years old).

To make an appointment, use the clinic's website or call the number: +8( 495) 921-34-26.

Medical Center "ART-Eco"

Address: Savvinskaya Embankment, 23, Building No. 1.

Despite the fact that the medical center "ART-Eco" is not unquestionably the best medical institution in Moscow, specializing in reproduction, the staff has a number of employees, which are left very flattering reviews.

The prices in this institution range from two to five thousand, if we talk about the initial consultation. Already after it, if there is a need, you can negotiate a full treatment and even artificial insemination, but it, of course, will cost much more - about one hundred thousand. Despite this, the specialists of "ART-Eco" provide full-fledged care of their patients and, in the case of artificial insemination and maintenance at conservation, monitor them.

The doctor-reproductologist( the best), reviews Shirokova Darya Valentinovna - reproductive physician( the best), the reviews are only enthusiastic, because her experience is 26 years. The company of the "best" is made up of Nadezhda Alexandrovna Veryaeva( 11 years old) and Tatyana Nikolaevna Samokhvalova( 30 years old).

In the case of artificial insemination, the embryology team enters the battle: Oksana M. Chelobbitko( 9 years old), Anna Alexandrovna Gusareva( 18 years old), Olga S. Bogomolova( 22 years old).By the way, in the staff of the clinic there is also an andrologist - Korenev Vadim Ivanovich, his experience is 22 years of work.

As you can see, most of the specialists of ART-Eco are doctors with experience, which allows many people to trust themselves with it. You can make an appointment by calling: +7( 499) 350-52-49 or on the clinic's website.