The best prevention of flu and colds is the "Breathe" oil. Instructions and tips for use

The healing properties of aromatic oils have been successfully used at all times for the prevention and treatment of the most common diseases - colds and flu. And today in the period of epidemics they help people to strengthen immunity, cope with hundreds of varieties of viruses. Butter Breath Instruction With the onset of the cold season, special popularity is gained by the multi-component and very effective "Breathe" oil. The instruction for this preparation tells about the natural origin of all its aromatic constituents, which indicates its safe use not only for adults, but even for babies( from 3 months).The patients' comments tell us that a cocktail of natural essential oils carefully selected by scientists, reliably protects against infections in the cold season, helps each person to increase the body's immune defenses.

Composition and form of release

Unique characteristics of the preparation "Breath" are due to the presence in its composition of 6 essential oils: mint( without menthol) - 34.45%;the same amount of eucalyptus extract;Cajeput oil - 18.5%;Wintergreen - 3,7%;juniper - 2,7%;clove - 0.1% and combined antiseptic - levomentola - 4.1%.The vegetable components, which are rich in Breath oil, are recommended for use at the first sign of the disease, when it is necessary to stop the cold, and also protect the whole family from its symptoms at the initial stage.

Essential oils Breath instruction price The drug is produced in bottles of dark glass in the form of a dropper with a composition of essential oils of 10 ml and a spray( with a pumper-nozzle) with a capacity of 30 ml. The advantages of such packages of Breath oil are: the convenience of using them, since they do not require instillation of the drug into the nose( you can just breathe its vapors), and the opportunity to comfortably apply it in any situation - at work or school, on vacation or on a trip.

The pharmacological properties of the drug, its benefits

The principle of the natural ether products, which are rich in Breath oil( the instruction recommends the inhalation of their fumes), is based on the ability of the olfactory receptors to influence the human brain and thereby regulate the physiological processes in the body after contact with odoroussubstances. The rapid therapeutic effect of the inhalation of vapors of essential oils is due to the antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and tonic properties of all components of the preparation "Breathe".Breath Oil Spray Manual The non-contact method of use helps to disinfect air in any room and thereby significantly reduce the risk of contracting influenza or colds in different conditions. In addition, the treatment of ambient air with the Breath oil or acupressure with a multi-drug droplet on the skin helps alleviate the symptoms even in the sick people. The results of numerous studies show that the use of Breath oil contributes to a significant reduction in the duration of acute respiratory viral infection and the rapid disappearance of symptoms of nasal congestion. At the same time, the oil vapor does not harm its mucous membrane, since it does not dry the tender epithelium.

Elements of universal oil "Breath", their properties

  • The complex composition of this multicomponent drug allows you to maximally protect a person from contracting disease-causing viruses and exert a debilitating effect on all possible symptoms of cold and flu. Breath oil for children instruction To the ingredients from which the "Breath" oil was created, the instruction relates:
  • juniper oil( it helps to protect against colds and improve the body's resistance);
  • peppermint oil, which has an analgesic and invigorating effect( it also helps to facilitate breathing with a cold and getting rid of a headache);
  • clove( ethereal extract) - an excellent antiseptic and anesthetic( in addition, it has anti-inflammatory effect on the human body and disinfecting - on the surrounding area);
  • essential oil of eucalyptus - has antipyretic effect, increases the body's resistance to infection( it is also capable of inhibiting the vital activity of bacteria causing various diseases);
  • cajeput oil, or ethereal extract of evergreen "white tea tree", - good antiseptic, which has anti-inflammatory effect and tonic effect;
  • wintergreen oil - an extract from leaves of a plant of the heather family - gaultery( it helps to reduce the inflammatory processes occurring in the respiratory organs);
  • levomentol is a natural antiseptic that has a moderate antispasmodic effect, and also reduces the severity of cold symptoms in acute rhinitis or pharyngitis, laryngitis and bronchitis.

Ways of using the complex oil "Breath", contra-indications and precautions

In situations where people can infect a person with flu or are threatened by a common cold, "Breath"( spray) oil helps to protect their health. Instructions for use suggest using this product to aromatize the air, producing no more than one or two injections in the room or moisturize the skin with one injection at the pulsation points for massage. Breath Oil for Toddlers Pair of Essential Oils "Breath" from the dropper bottle can be obtained by dripping 2-3 to 5-7 drops on a napkin, scarf, other tissue or paper surface that will be most of the day next to the person. For acupressure, one or two drops of the combined oil on the skin in the area of ​​its treatment are sufficient. Do not apply "Breath" essential oil to the face and area of ​​the head, drip onto the mucous membranes( nose or throat), to damaged areas of the skin.

If the complex oil accidentally gets into the eye mucosa, it must be thoroughly rinsed with running water. Unusual reactions when using the oil "Breath" - an excuse to stop using it and get a doctor's advice. Packages with this combined oil, the expiration date of which has expired, can not be used.

Babies from the age of three months can be dripped for preventive and therapeutic purposes on the collar or scarf( where the fabric does not touch the delicate skin of the baby) 2 or 3 drops of a complex preparation called "Breath" oil. For children, the instruction also advises to apply 2-4 drops of funds on a handkerchief, which can be placed in a breast pocket or on a soft toy, which the child prefers to take with him to the garden.

For adults, the Breath spray can be sprinkled with 5 drops of curtains or upholstered furniture in rooms where all family members gather. Essential oils "Breath" are not addictive.

The use of combined aromatic oil for pregnant women should be agreed with the doctor, since juniper extract increases the tone of the uterus, which can provoke a threat of miscarriage, and cajeput oil can cause bleeding. The "Breath" oil is forbidden for pregnant women: in the first trimester, in the presence of strong stress or cramps of the uterus at any time, as well as allergic reaction to the components of the drug.

Essential Oils "Breath": instruction, price

Biosphere Ltd. is a domestic manufacturer of multi-component Aroma remedy "Dyshi"( by the order of CJSC "Aquion") guarantees its shelf life about 3 years from the date of manufacture. Spray( fl. 30 ml) and dropper( fl. 10 ml) with oil should be stored at room temperature( not above plus 25 degrees).Users very much praise the essential oils "Breathe".The instruction, the price of the drug in which it is not indicated, as it depends on the location of the medical facilities, reports on the addresses of the reference sites, the hotline phone 8( 800) 200-86-86, and also the online pharmacies. The recommended cost of Aroma oils "Breath" today ranges from 250 to 300 rubles.