How and where in Moscow to obtain the MHI policy

Usually, with the problem of where in Moscow to get the MHI policy, the Muscovites who have given birth to children or got married and who have changed their name are facing. However, until the end of 2013, all policies are subject to replacement, since next year new policies will be introduced, which will be issued to citizens from 2011.So now all Muscovites and those working in Moscow need to get a new MHI policy. Moscow is a big city, so there are many insurance companies in it, there is a choice. The volume of insurance in any company is the same, the policy is free, so it's easier to choose an insurer that is more conveniently located.

The very procedure of obtaining a MHI policy in Moscow is extremely simple and does not cause any difficulties. First you need to determine with the insurer. You can choose any insurance company from the list presented on the website of MGFOMS, and on the site of a particular insurer choose an office where in Moscow it will be most convenient to obtain the MHI policy. Then, with a passport or birth certificate, as well as a SNILS card, you need to come to the office where the necessary papers will be issued. In the same place, temporary policies will be issued, according to which the insured person will be able to receive any required medical assistance. It is important to remember that the lack of registration for a newborn is not an excuse for refusing to issue an insurance policy, but the actual residence will be indicated in the application.

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Employees can ask some additional questions, for example, before visiting the office of the insurance company it is better to specify the address and number of the state polyclinic in which the insured person will be observed. You can ask your neighbors about it or find out on the Internet. But this is not necessary.

The policy will be ready in a month from the day the application was submitted. Some insurance companies report on the readiness of the document by phone, while others will have to call themselves. In order to receive the policy, you will have to visit the office once again, sign for receipt of papers and receive the policy in a special envelope, along with a reminder of the insured person. The policy of the new sample is a document of the A5 format, which is not recommended to be folded, and it is also forbidden to laminate, which is likely to be reported by the employee upon issuance. No cards are attached to it. This policy is valid throughout the country, regardless of the registration and place of stay of the insured person.

So, when the question of how and where in Moscow to obtain the MHI policy is exhausted, it's time to consider its advantages. The main thing is that using the barcode located on the document, it is possible to carry out an electronic record to the doctor both through terminals located in polyclinics, and through the portal of state services in Moscow. Secondly, this policy has no validity period, it can not be replaced. Thirdly, now medical policies for all Russians will be a single sample, which is much more convenient for health workers. So before the end of the year, those who have not yet had time to replace their insurance policy, it is better not to be lazy and find out where in Moscow to obtain the MHI policy. After all, it can be needed at the most unexpected moment.