Lymphatic drainage massage: indications and contraindications, benefit and effectiveness

Lymphatic drainage is a fairly common service today in beauty salons and cosmetology centers. This type of massage is highly effective and helps to clean and rejuvenate the body. What is lymphatic drainage massage? Indications and contraindications, as well as the principle of the operation of this procedure - the topic of the article.

lymph drainage massage indications and contraindications

History of

Before you begin to describe the procedure that modern beauty salons often offer, you should answer the question about how lymph drainage massage appeared.

Indications and contraindications for this type of massage were not an actual problem in the thirties of last century. At that time, this procedure was used in a physiotherapy clinic exclusively for therapeutic purposes. This technique was used primarily for patients suffering from edema of the extremities and neck. That is, she had no wide application. Much later, cosmetologists began to use lymph drainage massage to improve the appearance of the skin. Indications and contraindications to this procedure are an important part of a specialist's theoretical knowledge.

lymph drainage massage

Principle of the

procedure What is lymphatic drainage massage? Indications and contraindications of the procedure are easier to remember, if you understand the principle of its action. The type of massage that is discussed in this article is a set of methods of mechanical action that are designed to eliminate an insufficient lymphatic drainage. What is this problem? Why does it arise and what are its consequences?

Lymph is a clear fluid that bathes the body's cells. Due to its circulation, neutralization of the decay products, which have an adverse effect on the human body, is carried out. Movement of this fluid is carried out with the help of lymph nodes. Its slow motion is the result of a motionless lifestyle, stress, malnutrition, smoking and drinking alcohol.

lymph drainage body massage contraindications

What causes stasis of lymph?

The consequences of the process, in which the body lyses stagnant, are manifested by external signs. Every woman tries to fight with them. And because of such a high popularity began to use in recent years, lymph drainage facial massage. Contraindications and indications of this procedure are presented below. But first you need to list the signs that indicate the need for it:

  • fast fatigue;
  • worsening of well-being;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • unhealthy complexion;
  • swelling;
  • cellulite.

If the above symptoms are consequences of stagnation of lymph, the lymph drainage massage of the body will help to eliminate them.


The procedure for lymphatic drainage should not be carried out when the body has an acute inflammatory process. Such a massage will have a beneficial effect only after the acute phase of the disease.

Lymphatic drainage massage is a technique whose indications for use are the consequences of a malfunction in the lymphatic system. However, this massage is contraindicated in a number of diseases. In some cases, such a healing procedure can not only not benefit, but have a harmful effect on the body.

Diseases in which lymphatic drainage procedures can not be performed:

  • . Oncological diseases.
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Propensity to bleed.

lymph drainage facial massage contraindications and indications

Types of lymph drainage

As already mentioned, it is stagnant fluid that eliminates lymph drainage massage. The testimony and effect from it we discussed. And what do the patients themselves say? The first positive dynamics is noticed by women with excess weight and those who know the problem of cellulite."Orange peel" on the body is a consequence of fluid stagnation. To improve the outflow of lymph - means to give the skin a healthy appearance.

No less popular is the facial massage. This procedure is carried out by a professional cosmetologist. It is not recommended to do it yourself. There are two types of this massage: hardware and manual. The first is the most effective. However, the manual execution of massage manipulations also brings results.

Lymphatic drainage massage with hands

This procedure takes more than an hour. The masseur has a superficial, deep and internal effect on the lymphatic system. With the proper execution of this massage, the flow of fluid from the internal organs improves, which has a beneficial effect on the lymph nodes. To achieve a higher effect, specialists often use various aids. Some types of aromatic oil contribute to the rapid removal of excess fluid from the body. These drugs are applied during the procedure.

lymph drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage LPG massage

Contraindications to this procedure should be known to every patient. To make such massage only the expert knowing anatomy thoroughly is capable. Among cosmeticians today to find such a professional, unfortunately, is not so simple. Therefore, before you go to a cosmetology center and experience the action of modern technology, you should familiarize yourself with the contraindications.

Both manual and hardware massage is contraindicated in the diseases listed above, as well as diabetes mellitus, chronic renal failure and many dermatological diseases. lymph drainage lpg massage contraindications

LPG-massage is also called vaccum. This procedure is carried out using special tubes. The masseuse moves them sequentially along the body of the patient, beforehand applying a nutritious gel. The movements of a specialist correspond to the direction of the lymph drainage. Such a massage is able to benefit every person who does not suffer from the above diseases.


This technique is also a form of lymphatic drainage massage. Its essence lies in the air supply to individual parts of the patient's body. Such an effect is able to provide a push of lymph in its natural direction. The full course consists of fifteen procedures. The duration of each - not less than thirty minutes. lymphatic drainage massage indications and effect

Lymphatic drainage massage is the best way to get rid of cellulite - a defect that so much today afflicts many women. However, wanting to get rid of it with this kind of massage, it should be understood that only a qualified specialist is able to do it correctly. Surface knowledge in the implementation of this procedure is not enough. The masseur must know thoroughly the structure of the skin, anatomy and possess a high level of different techniques. Categorically it is not recommended to use this technique on yourself at home. To conduct such a procedure, as lymph drainage, you should contact professionals with a good reputation, at a decent clinic or salon.