The drug "Fenasal": instructions for use, composition, properties and feedback of patients

Helminthic invasions - a problem quite common, and in the absence of treatment and extremely dangerous. In the arsenal of modern medicine there are a lot of means that can fight against such diseases. One of the most effective and relatively safe is the drug "Fenasal".The instruction on application, properties and structure, responses and the price - these moments interest many patients.

In what form do they release the medicine and what is included in it?

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The drug "Fenasal" is released in the form of tablets for oral administration. In the pharmacy you can buy packages of 30 or 60 such tablets. The main active component is niklozamid - a component with antiparasitic properties. One tablet contains 250 mg of this substance.

Description of the properties of the drug

How does the drug "Fenasal" work? Instruction for use contains a statement that the active component of the drug affects parasitic organisms. For a start, the tablets are paralyzed by the neuromuscular system of helminths. Thus, parasites lose the ability to attach to the mucous membranes, eat and, of course, move around. In addition, the drug suppresses the resistance of helminth tissues to the enzymes of the human digestive system. Thus, the parasites are digested with herbal juices, and then they are excreted by the intestine outward naturally.

The main indications for the use of

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When exactly are the patients prescribed this drug? Indications for use are as follows:

  • Hymenolepidosis( invasion by the so-called dwarf chain).
  • Teniosis( a disease that occurs on the background of invasion with a pig chain).
  • Diphyllobothriasis( a disease that causes a wide ribbon).
  • Teniarinhoz( invasion of the human body by bullish chain).

With all these parasites helps to cope properly chosen course of taking tablets "Fenasal".

The drug "Fenasal": instructions for use


Immediately it is worth saying that it is absolutely forbidden to apply the drug yourself. It can appoint only a doctor. He also chooses the most effective schedule and dose of the drug. Typically, the scheme is as follows:

  • Children younger than two years take 1 to 2 tablets once a day.
  • The daily dose for children 2 to 5 years is four tablets.
  • Older children( aged 5 to 12 years) usually take six tablets every day.
  • But for adults and teenagers over 12 years, the recommended daily dose is 8 - 12 tablets.

The duration of the course of admission is also determined individually. In most cases, patients take the pill for 4 days, then take a break for 4 days, and then repeat the course of admission. After 15 days, preventive tablets are taken.

With a shade, the daily dose, as a rule, is taken in the morning, on an empty stomach, and after 2 hours they take a salt laxative. But with hymenolepiasis, the daily amount is divided into four doses. During therapy, eat light foods and consume plenty of fluids.

Description of contra-indications and adverse reactions

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It is quite natural that many patients care about the question of how safe the drug "Fenasal" is safe. Instruction for use contains information and some contraindications. In particular, tablets are not assigned to patients with increased sensitivity to any of the components. Among other contraindications include violations in the liver and kidneys, because the drug creates an additional burden on the excretory mechanisms of the human body.

According to studies and surveys, the drug rarely causes any serious complications in the absence of contraindications. Nevertheless, in some cases, skin reactions may occur up to dermatoses. Patients with atopic dermatitis may have an exacerbation of the disease. Some patients complain of the appearance of nausea, less often - vomiting, abdominal pain, headaches. If the recommended dose is exceeded, the likelihood of side effects will increase. In the presence of any worsening, it is worthwhile to see a doctor as soon as possible - perhaps you need to reduce the daily amount of the medicine or completely replace it with another drug.

Preparation "Fenasal": analogues and prices

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Naturally, for many people, important information is the cost and availability of substitutes. The price of "Fenasala" is quite affordable and ranges from 120 to 180 rubles. Unfortunately, today the medicine is produced in small batches, so it is not so easy to find it.

What if I still can not find the medicine? Or for some reason the drug is not suitable? Naturally, the modern pharmacological market offers a number of substitutes, which also help get rid of helminthic invasions. In particular, "Nichlosamide", which, in fact, contains the same active substance, is considered quite effective. Anthelminthic drugs are also referred to as "Piperazine", "Levomizol", "Ivermectin" and some others.

Reviews of patients and doctors

What do they say about the drug "Fenasal"?Reviews by and large positive, both from the patients, and from the experts. The medicine really copes with its main task. The reception scheme is quite simple. The drug rarely causes side effects, but do not forget that most antihelminthics are toxic not only to the body of the parasite, but also to human tissues, so complications are still possible.

The positive price is the affordable price of "Fenasala".But, on the other hand, in connection with the reduction in production, it is sometimes much easier to obtain an analogue, since not every drugstore can find the necessary pills.