How to take "L-Carnitine" for weight loss: instructions, description, composition and reviews

Today, an increasing number of people who are overweight choose healthy methods of weight loss, which combine proper nutrition and active training. But how to accelerate this process without harming the body? The answer is strikingly simple: from the middle of the two thousandth in the world of fitness, the new generation fat-burning additive L-Carnitine has become popular, which is able to double or even triple the efforts of athletes to lose weight.

How to take l carnitine for weight loss But it is necessary to know how to take "L-Carnitine" for weight loss, because the wrong dosage of the food additive and errors in understanding the mechanism of its effect on the body can negate all attempts to reduce body volume. People who are far from fitness trainings and any physical exertion can be disappointed in the "magic pill", while other slimming people managed to achieve impressive results of figure correction with her help, to become elegant, slim.

What is the substance of L-carnitine? Description

Before taking "L-Carnitine" for weight loss, you need to find out what this food supplement is and how it works. A substance called "L-carnitine"( or another common name - Levocarnitine) is nothing else than vitamin B11 or BT.Under normal conditions, it is synthesized in the liver, but if a person adheres to a balanced diet rich in high-quality animal protein. The natural metabolic compound( Levocarnitine) is called to naturally improve and accelerate lipid metabolism, maintain normal muscle functioning and tissue regeneration processes. The human need for l-carnitine, which is contained in similar products, is 250-500 mg per day, while the liver manages to synthesize only 10 percent of this amount.

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L Carnitine How to Take Weight Loss Reviews It's no secret that for weight loss requires significant physical exertion, so the body needs additional l-carnitine. How to take for weight loss? Reviews of fitness trainers and nutritionists are advised in this case to increase the intake of vitamin B11 to 1200-1500 mg per day. This amount of "L-Carnitine" is considered sufficient for girls with a weight of 50-60 kg, who want to lose weight and engage in aerobic sports. For strength training and ladies of more magnificent forms, an increase in the amount of vitamin B11 consumed to 2000-3000 mg per day will be required. It is irrational to multiply the dose of Levocarnitine, since our body is able to process not more than 2000-3000 mg per day, and he displays the excesses of the vitamin in a natural way.

Mechanism of action

The essence of the functioning of L-carnitine is very simple: it delivers oxygen to the cells of our body, accelerates the transport of fat( fatty acids) from the depot through the cell membranes into the mitochondria, where they split, and then removes the thermolipolysis products from the cell's energy base,their. Because of this, in training, it helps a person to turn fat cells into energy and increases the flow. The main advantage of a vitamin-like substance is its anti-catabolic effect, which manifests itself in the ability to inhibit the decay of proteins and carbohydrates, causing the body to "re-fuse" fats for energy. But how to take "L-Carnitine" for weight loss, if you ignore regular exercise? In the absence of physical exertion from cardio or manual labor, taking vitamin B11 does not help in reducing weight, as it stimulates appetite, and its excess is simply utilized by the body. In large dosages this substance is not toxic, unlike thermogenics, it does not adversely affect the vessels. In days when there is no training, it is also useful to lose weight people to use "L-Carnitine".

L Carnitine How to Take For Weight Loss Price

How to take this dietary supplement for weight loss in "lazy" days? It is necessary to drink in the morning on an empty stomach 1500 mg of carnitine( in liquid or tableted form) and go for a walk, the duration of which should be at least 1-1.5 hours. It should be noted that the same period of time after fiznagruzki free fatty acids circulate in the bloodstream: if you want to eat at these moments, a meal will help the body to return them to the fat depot.

Properties of L-carnitine

Of the useful functions of carnitine for the human body, experts note: help in speeding up the processing of available fat reserves, preventing the process of deposition of newly arrived lipids from food, normalizing the level of "dense" cholesterol in the blood, enriching the blood with oxygen and increasing efficiency, and shortening the period of muscle recovery. Deficiency of levokarnitina, which is most often affected by athletes, people who adhere to mono-diet, as well as vegetarians, is manifested by a decrease in the immune response, metabolic disorders and rapid fatigue, problems with the cardiovascular system. If, on the background of intensive training or a rigid diet, a person feels unwell or other symptoms of vitamin B11 deficiency, then in this case it is desirable to receive confirmation of the attending physician about the need for his additional intake.

Indications and Form of Release

"L-Carnitine", which participates in metabolic processes of the body, can prescribe in complex therapy to patients suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system, liver or pancreas, endocrine organs, as well as children or adults with reduced appetite, to the elderly( to improve memory and concentration).It is also useful for healthy people with excess weight for correcting the figure. Vegetarians are recommended for replenishing the lack of vitamin B11 due to the refusal of meat food, athletes - to maintain stamina and improve efficiency during training, as well as to accelerate the process of building muscle mass.

How to take l carnitine for weight loss

Often, fitness trainers advise using Levocarnitine for drying the body. To effectively reduce body weight apply it and people who control their weight. Depending on the form of the release( in the form of tablets, capsules, powder or liquid( including syrup)), you can independently choose how to take "L-Carnitine" for weight loss. The dosage of Levocarnitine in tablets, capsules or liquids will be preserved, but they should be consumed separately from food intake, otherwise it will lead to a deterioration in the absorption of vitamin-like food supplement and a significant decrease in its effect on the body.


Commonly restorative vitamin B11 is quite safe. However, women with pregnancy should take Levocarnitine, since the use of this dietary supplement for weight loss during this period is undesirable. And only in special cases, depending on the individual clinical situation, it is allowed to take the ladies in an "interesting position" and nursing mothers in the complex therapy, but strictly under the supervision of the attending physician. In addition, doctors also recommend the exclusion of carnitine from the weight correction program for people who have increased excitability, insomnia or individual intolerance to this food supplement.

How to make levokarnitin work effectively? Secrets of reception

The main difference between the different forms of release of this product is in their convenience. For example, tablets or capsules are easily taken at home or at work, and carnitine powder, concentrate or syrup is comfortably dissolved for drinking during exercise. Levokarnitin admirably combines with any vitamin preparations, thermogenics, BCAA, and also drinks( tea or coffee).However, it must be remembered that this vitamin-like substance significantly increases the psychomotor activity of a person, therefore it is inappropriate, along with taking levocarnitine, to be excessively addicted to caffeinated drinks, especially in the second half of the day. How correctly to take "L-Carnitine" for weight loss? To receive consultation concerning a dosage to thin people it is possible at the trainer or to pick up independently. Girls start taking this food supplement better with a small dose( 1-1.5 g), gradually increasing it to 2 g. This will identify the required amount of L-carnitine, which allows you to achieve a surge of energy and sweating during training. In men, this figure is higher: they should start with 2 g, bringing the amount of levokarnitina to 3 g.

L Carnitine How to Take a Weight Loss Capsule

A good effect of drying the body gives a scheme, when 40 minutes before training, the girl drinks 1-1,5( or 2) grams of "L-Carnitine"In tablets, and then the same amount of powder or syrup dissolves in the liquid, taking it in small sips during thirst during cardioions( on a treadmill, bike or orbitrek).

L-Carnitine in tablets or capsules

What are good tablets or capsules, the main component of which is l-carnitine? How to take capsules that are thin and odor-free for losing weight? At each manufacturer, the concentration of vitamin-like substance and the number of tablets or capsules are different, but on average they are 1-1.5 g per serving. For oral administration, Levocarnitine should not be chewed or crushed tablets, pour out powder from the capsules. They are swallowed whole, with water, 40 minutes before training or active walking. They take their courses, taking into account the advice of the coach and the opinion of the doctor. Long-term use of "L-Carnitine"( more than 6 months) is undesirable.

Levokarnitin liquid and powdery

One of the most convenient forms of release of a vitamin-like additive - "L-Carnitine" - is a liquid( syrup, concentrate, ampoules).Unlike capsules and tablets, it begins to act much faster, since a useful substance from the liquid enters the blood much earlier. How to take l carnitine for weight loss How to take "L-Carnitine" for weight loss liquid? It can be drunk without diluting with water and not combining with meals, and also making a solution for training to quench your thirst( at the rate of 1.5 g of Levocarnitine for 0,5-0,75 l of water).Liquid with levocarnitine from the ampoule is drunk just before the cardio load, and after 5-10 minutes the concentration of the substance in the blood rises, the person feels a surge of energy, which makes the exercise as effective as possible. Also, for dissolution in water, "L-Carnitine"( powder) is suitable. How to take this form of sports nutrition for weight loss? Although this form of Levocarnitine is absorbed more slowly than the liquid analog, but much faster than the tablet version. In addition, it is the powder that allows the most accurate dosage of carnitine. You can take it as a pure form, washing down with water, and prepare from it a useful cocktail for quenching thirst during training.

Various reviews and comments

Most opinions about the drug from athletes and people who closely monitor their weight are positive. In this case, many of them note that to get rid of excess kilograms you need not only to use "L-Carnitine".How to take for weight loss? Reviews advise this drug must necessarily combine with physical exertion. A set of "dry mass" of muscles and the maximum burning of fat reserves due to the reception of "L-Carnitine" helps to change the structure of the body and make the figure more elegant. In addition, with the use of the drug on the background of diet, many improve their health, increase endurance during aerobic exercise( walking, running and others), as well as strength training. L Carnitine Powder How to Take for Weight Loss "L-Carnitine" helps to quickly restore muscles after anaerobic exercises and eliminate pain from intense muscular work. Almost all users note the uselessness of the drug in the passive way of life and even its harm, since it has a stimulating effect on appetite. Accelerating the processes of fat metabolism, levokarnitin strengthens the craving for food, for which sometimes receives negative feedback. But in the presence of physical activity, the food supplement is harmless, since it is spent for the restoration of muscle tissue.

The cost of the drug "L-carnitine."How to take for weight loss

The price of various analogues based on this vitamin-like substance and their composition vary significantly depending on the manufacturer. In the instructions to the preparations, a set of components is indicated, how to take them for weight loss, and also other information about these sports nutrition products. In addition, the compounds of the bioadditives, including additional vitamins and minerals for better assimilation of the main component, can be very different. But so-called pure levocarnitine is also produced: Carnitone - a solution of 20 ml and tablets of 1 g( Russia), a domestic solution of L-Carnitine( 50 ml) of the average price category( 250-350 rubles), tablets( 20 pcs.)"Carnitone" cost about 300 rubles, ampoules( 7 pcs.) - about 700-800 rubles or 20 ampoules - from 2000 rubles and more. The company BIOTECH USA for tablets 500 mg( 60 pieces or 30 servings) in terms of the Russian currency determined the price of 885 rubles, and the packaging of 20 effervescent tablets - 300 rubles. The American leader of production of dietary supplements - the company Solgar - presented on the market a package of 30 tablets of "L-Carnitine" worth about 2000 rubles. The bottle of liquid Levocarnitine of the same manufacturer( 473 ml) will cost the buyer about 3500 rubles.