The analogue of "Kontraktubeksa" is cheaper."Kontraktubeks": analogues are cheap in Russia. Reviews

Every person wants to have beautiful skin. And when he has various scars or scars, I want to get rid of them more quickly. One of the most effective drugs for this is Kontratubeks. Feedback from those who used it, note that it helps to get rid of even old scars, removes scars, stretch marks and traces of acne. But not everyone approaches it, besides the price for it is quite high. Therefore, many are looking for a counterpart of "Kontraktubeks" cheaper. There are such medications, but before using them, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Features of "Kontraktubeks"

This preparation in the form of a transparent brown gel is often prescribed by doctors to restore and regenerate the skin. It is effective for getting rid of such problems:

  • scars, scars;
  • stretch marks after pregnancy;
  • marks from acne or burns;
  • contractures tendons after injuries. analogues kontraktubeksa cheaper

In addition, this drug removes inflammation, removes itching and makes the skin more elastic. Usually it is well tolerated, but in some cases allergic reactions may occur. Because of this, and also because it costs from 500 rubles, many are looking for a counterpart of "Kontraktubeks" cheaper. But substitutes for any drug should be prescribed by a doctor. And in fact, there are no complete analogues of this gel. This is due to the specific composition of the drug. The main active ingredients are onion extract, sodium heparin and allantoin.

Analogues of "Kontraktubeks" cheaper than

There are no preparations with a completely similar composition. But there are ointments and gels that have a similar effect and are also effective against scarring. They contain the same active substances as "Kontraktubeks".Analogies cheap in Russia can be found such:

  • "Venitan Forte" is close in action to "Kontraktubeksu", because it has sodium heparin and allantoin. kontraktubeks similar cheap in russia
  • "Camelox" - gel, which contains, in addition to the extract of onions and allantoin essential oils and plant extracts, enhancing its anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties.
  • The gel "Dolobene" thanks to sodium heparin and dexpanthenol effectively restores tissues.
  • Venolife gel is also prescribed to accelerate the regeneration of tissues at the site of scars and scars due to the presence of heparin sodium and dexpanthenol in its composition.
  • Heparin ointment is one of the cheapest. It costs about 80 rubles, but its efficiency is lower than that of others, since it includes only heparin.
  • "Gepatrombin" - relatively inexpensive, about 150 rubles, and an effective drug. Due to the presence of heparin and allantoin in it, it has an anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect.
  • "Solcoseryl" - contains a protein obtained from the blood of calves. It also has a powerful regenerating effect and helps even from old scars.
  • The cream "Clear" has a natural composition and contains only extracts of plants and essential small. But it is also effective against scars and scars.

All these drugs have different composition and effect. But sometimes I appoint doctors to treat scars and scars in those cases when, for some reason, it is impossible to apply "Kontraktubeks".

Analogues cheap - reviews about them

People are all different, therefore, the effect of drugs may differ. Even the gel "Kontraktubeks" reviews quite contradictory. There are people who have helped him well, but some believe that they threw money away in vain. Though the majority of doctors at cicatrices and extensions still appoint "Kontraktubeks".Analogues cheap are more in demand among those who try to get rid of fresh scars. contractubex cheap analogues And reviews on many drugs are positive. Many helped gel "Camellox", some removed stretch marks with a heparin ointment or "Venolife."Scars from acne on the face are effectively removed "Venitan Forte" or "Solcoseryl".Reviews of all these drugs are also contradictory: they helped someone, and some did not. Use of such funds must be done regularly, and the treatment can take many months. And many of them are quite expensive. Therefore, when choosing a cream is better to consult a doctor, you may have to try several drugs before the skin clears.

Camelox: gel

This drug is the best analog of "Kontraktubeks" cheaper. It costs about 250 rubles, and the effect is almost the same. This is due to the similar composition of these gels."Camelox" also contains allantoin and an extract of onions. But even in its composition includes aloe and essential oil of rosemary. They enhance the regenerative effect of the gel. There are many reviews of this drug, which point out that he helped get rid of stretch marks after pregnancy and from traces on the face after removal of acne. It is most effective against fresh scars. To get rid of old scars, it is better to choose another drug.

"Venitan Forte" from the scars

Basically, this gel is prescribed for the treatment of diseases of the veins of the lower extremities. But it is effective for wound healing, as well as for resorption of scars. The effect of the drug is based on the constituent substances: heparin, allantoin and dexpantheneol. analogue of contractubex is cheaper According to those who used "Venitan Forte", this drug helps to cure even chronic scars after wounds, surgeries and acne removal. He is well tolerated, can be used even during pregnancy. And it costs "Venitan Forte" about 300 rubles. Therefore, this analogue of "Kontraktubeksa" is also very popular.

Cream "Dolobene"

This drug has much more contra-indications and side effects than others. This is due to the presence in its composition of dimethyl sulfoxide. But it is thanks to this substance that all other components are easier to penetrate into tissues. contractubex analogues cheap reviews A regenerating and anti-inflammatory action of the cream is provided by heparin sodium, dexpanthenol and essential oils of citronella, mountain pine and rosemary. Most often, the drug is prescribed for injuries and inflammatory processes in the joints. But thanks to a strong regenerating effect, "Doloben" is also effective for the treatment of scars and stretch marks. Active active ingredients of the cream improve blood circulation and metabolic processes in tissues, soften the skin and reduce inflammation. Therefore, many successfully disposed of scars with the help of Dolobal. Especially the price of it, in comparison with "Kontraktubeks", is not high: packing 50 g costs about 300 rubles.