"Ditrim" preparation: instruction, indications, analogues

For the treatment of domestic animals, the drug Ditrim is often used. Instructions for using this tool, testimonies and special recommendations will be presented in this article. Ditrim instruction

Form of medicine for animals, its packaging, composition

Dietrim medicinal product, the instruction of which is enclosed in a cardboard package, is available as a light yellow sterile solution. It is packaged in glass hermetically sealed bottles.

This medication contains sulfadimezin and trimethoprim, as well as additional ingredients.

Features of the veterinary

What is the Ditrim solution? Instruction for use says that this is a very effective antibacterial agent with a wide spectrum of action.

Due to the active ingredients, this drug adversely affects the metabolism of acids that are contained in microbial cells.

This product is designed to treat and protect pets from various bacterial infections. It has a fairly low toxicity and completely eliminates the resistance of the carriers of the disease.

Properties of the veterinary drug

How does the Ditrim solution work? The instruction states that trimethoprim and sulfadimezin, which are part of the drug, enhance the effects of each other. This is due to the consistent effects of folic acid and n-aminobenzoic acid on metabolism in microbial cells. This drug is active against gram-negative microorganisms and Gram-positive bacteria. Ditrim instructions for use for chickens

With intramuscular injection, this agent resorbs and reaches a peak concentration after 3 hours. Its antibacterial properties "Dietrim" retains throughout the day. In lactating animals, the drug is excreted in milk, and in others - with urine.


At what diseases is Dietrim shown for animals? The instruction says that this remedy is prescribed for the treatment of bacterial infections, which are caused by microorganisms sensitive to it.

For different animals the preparation under consideration is used for different indications.

  • Cattle small - for infections of the respiratory tract, diarrhea, metritis, pasteurellosis, salmonellosis, eimerioze and others.
  • Cattle large - with bronchopneumonia, paratyphoid, colibacteriosis, metritis, vibriasis diarrhea, etc.
  • Horses - with bacterial pneumonia, septicopyemia, paratyphoid and diarrhea.
  • Pigs - with infections of the respiratory tract, metritis, bacterial dysentery, pasteurellosis, paratyphoid, colibacteriosis, MMA syndrome, eimeriose, malignant edema, isospore and others.
  • Dogs - with pulmonary and intestinal infections, cystoosporosis.
  • Rabbits - with eimerioz and others.
  • Chickens, turkeys and ducks - with eimeriose, etc. Ditrim instructions for use


When should Ditrim solution not be used? The instruction for rabbits and other animals says that the contraindication to the use of this remedy is the increased sensitivity of livestock and birds to sulfanilamide drugs. It should also be noted that this drug is not used for pregnant females, with kidney and liver diseases.

Animal medicine "Ditrim": instruction for use

For chickens and other poultry, this drug is prescribed( for prophylactic purposes) in a dosage of 1 ml / l of water for 3 days. For treatment, the agent in question is used in the same dose, but only for 5 days. The same goes for rabbits.

How else to apply Ditrim medication? The instruction states that this drug is prescribed to agricultural animals in the form of intramuscular injections( horses are better intravenously).Its dosage is calculated according to the following scheme: 1 ml per 10 kg of weight, once a day.

For acute infections in the first three days, the drug is given in a shock dose of 1 ml per 10 kg of body weight twice a day every 12 hours.

Treatment with the drug in question continues for two days after the disappearance of all clinical signs of the disease.

It is highly undesirable to continue therapy for more than 8 days. Do not inject more than 20 ml of the drug into the same place. Dytrim instructions for rabbits

Adverse events and overdose

Now you know how to use the Ditrim medication. Instructions for use for chickens, rabbits and other livestock were described above.

With proper use of this drug, no side effects are observed. In some animals against the background of this tool can be observed redness at the injection site and rapidly passing swelling.

In case of an overdose with this drug, dysbacteriosis is possible.

Special recommendations

Animal slaughter for meat is allowed after 29 days after the last use of the medicinal product.

When forced to slaughter cattle( before the above time), meat should be given to fodder for fur animals or for the production of bone meal.

Milk of lactating animals is prohibited to be used for food purposes for 6 days after the last administration of the drug. Such a product can only be used after heat treatment as an animal feed. Dietrim for animals

Analogues of the veterinary drug

Not always the drug "Dietrim" can be found in veterinary pharmacies. In this case, it is recommended to replace it with analogs. To the most similar medicines carry such means, as "Triplim" and "Ultradiazin".However, their use and dosage may differ from those of Dietrim.