"Dystreptase"( candles): instructions for use. Use of the drug in gynecology

Currently, many drugs are available in the form of rectal suppositories. Some drugs help to cope with inflammation and reduce body temperature, others affect the condition of blood and blood vessels. Most often for rectal administration, the prescription of "Dystreptase" suppositories is prescribed. Instructions for using the drug and a detailed summary will be presented to your attention in the article. You can also learn about the reviews that this composition has.

Disruptase candles


The drug "Dystryptase" is a candle. They are intended exclusively for rectal administration. They include two main active substances. This is streptokinase and streptodornase. The first component directs its action to dissolve the accumulated blood. The second substance helps to eliminate pus and dead fibers. Together, these components have anti-inflammatory, resorptive, antithrombotic effects.

Depending on your place of residence, the drug "Dystreptase"( candles) has a different cost. The medicine is produced by 6 suppositories weighing 2 grams. To the consumer such quantity of a drug will manage on the average in 700-1000 rubles. Some drugstore chains provide delivery of the drug, while increasing its cost by one and a half or two.

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Indications for use

When should I use Dystreptase suppositories? The instruction says that the medication is often prescribed after a variety of surgical interventions. The purpose of such therapy is to prevent the formation of an adhesion process and to remove inflammation.

Often prescribed medicine for women with various diseases of the pelvic organs. Indications for use will be adnexitis, salpingitis, metritis and other inflammatory processes. It should be noted that with timely use of the drug will avoid serious health problems in the future.

Candles are prescribed for inflammation of hemorrhoids of different locations, during treatment of the coccyx cyst and so on. In men, the composition can be used for inflammation of the prostate and for the complex treatment of pelvic organs.

candles distreptase instructions

Candles of "Dystryptase" in gynecology

Separately it is necessary to tell about use of a medicine among representatives of the weaker sex. In women with inflammatory processes in the small pelvis there is always one complication - spikes. Subsequently, they are manifested by pain, inability to lead a normal life and infertility. The described medication helps to eliminate even the adhesive process that has already started to form. However, a much greater effect is achieved with the immediate use of candles( for the prevention).

In gynecology, the drug is used in all inflammatory processes and some sexually transmitted diseases. It is always recommended to use suppositories after surgery. Also, in some situations, the use of the described medication after caesarean section is indicated. In this case, it is also worthwhile to resolve the issue of temporary cessation of breastfeeding.


The drug "Dystryptase"( suppositories) can not be used with increased sensitivity to its constituents. The medicine is not prescribed during pregnancy and lactation. In the latter case, during the treatment, breastfeeding is discontinued.

It is forbidden to administer the formula to children under 18 years old without appropriate doctor's prescription. The drug should not be applied to open wounds and fresh stitches. As you know, the drug promotes resorption of the scabs. This can cause bleeding and seam divergence.

Disruptase Candles reviews

How to use

How correctly to apply the medicine "Dystreptase"?Candles are injected exclusively into the rectum. In this case, it is worthwhile to perform the act of defecation. In the absence of stool for several days, it is recommended to hold the enema. The drug should be pushed as deep as possible into the anus.

The dosage of the medication is chosen by the physician and is completely dependent on the severity of the disease and the attendant symptoms. Candles are assigned to one piece for administration. Multiplicity of the composition can be from one to three times a day. The duration of therapy is 5-10 days. If necessary and the availability of appropriate indications, the course of treatment can be repeated after a certain period of time. This decision is made by the doctor.

Dystreptase candles in gynecology


The drug "Dystreptase"( candles) reviews are mostly good. The composition helped many women get rid of the adhesive process. Also, many representatives of the weaker sex could after conceiving a long-awaited child. Negative reviews of the drug have formed because of its high cost. Acquire the composition only after consulting a doctor and getting a treatment regimen. I wish you success!