"Zanamivir": analogue of the preparation, instruction for use

For the treatment of influenza, drug manufacturers have been developing unique drugs in recent years. Some drugs are taken orally in the form of tablets, others are administered by rectal use. On the shelves of pharmacy kiosks you can see a wide variety of compounds. One of the new drugs, which is still subject to massive disputes, is Zanamivir. Reviews, instructions, analogues of this medicine will be presented to your attention in the article.

zanamivir analogue

What is it?

Before you find out what Zanamivir( zanamivir) medicines have, it's worth making a description of it. The drug has a pronounced antiviral effect. It is produced in the form of a powder. The flowable agent is to be diluted and injected into the human body by inhalation.

The medication is dispensed exclusively by prescription. It can be purchased in almost every pharmacy chain. The drug costs within 1500 rubles. Its trade name is Relenza. For this amount, you can get 20 doses, each containing 5 mg of active ingredient.

"Zanamivir": analogues of the preparation

The described active substance is an inhibitor of neurominidase. It blocks negative connections that are released after the virus has touched the cell of the human body. Also, the medicine prevents further spread of the disease.

zanamivir instructions for use

Has a "Zanamivir" analog, which everyone knows. This is Tamiflu. Its active substance is oseltamivir. This component works exactly the same as its predecessor. The main task of oseltamivir is to eliminate the neurominidase released after the contact of the virus and cells of the human body. The drug is available in the form of tablets for oral administration.

Other substitutes

The preparation "Zanamivir" has no analogue. To date, no drugs with the same active substance have been created. However, there is a mass of antiviral drugs that come into the fight against the virus through another action.

To simpler and safer substitutes for Zanamivir, you can include: Isoprinosine, Arbidol, Ergoferon, Ingaron, Derinat, Irs-19 and many others. These formulations have a different mode of administration. If we talk about the means that can be taken by inhalation, then the analogues of Zanamivir include the following drugs: Derinat, Interferon, Ingaron. You can buy them at a more affordable price than the original drug. Also for the purchase you do not need a prescription from the doctor.

zanamivir zanamivir analogues

Indications and limitations

The drug Zanamivir, analogues of this medication and substitutes are prescribed for the treatment of viral diseases. More often these formulations are used for influenza of various kinds. Less often, medications are prescribed for herpes, hepatitis virus origin, chicken pox and other diseases. Before using the product, always pay attention to its contraindications.

Do not use Zanamivir medication with hypersensitivity to it. It is also forbidden to carry out treatment during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Do not give medicine to children under the age of 5 years.

"Zanamivir": instructions for use

As you already know, the described medication is administered exclusively by inhalation. For treatment, two servings of medication are prescribed twice a day. When it comes to the need for prevention, the composition is taken once a day, the duration of therapy usually does not exceed 7 days. Prophylactic correction can last 10 days.

Substitutes of the described drug have different uses. One must be taken once, the other formulations should be drunk every hour. The duration of therapy can also vary significantly. A more detailed algorithm for taking medication should be studied in the annotation. Also, always ask questions of interest to the doctor.

zanamivir reviews

Reviews about the drug "Zanamivir"

Most of the consumers who took the medicine, they were satisfied with it. The drug is well tolerated. Only in some exceptional situations can there be an allergy or bronchospasm.

Consumers say that the earlier the treatment with this remedy is started, the more noticeable effect is observed. Optimal use of the medication for the first symptoms of the disease. Patients report that the instructions for use have been described rather scantily with Zanamivir. That is why when prescribing a medicine it is worthwhile to learn in detail about its application to a doctor.

Some pharmacy kiosks sell Zanamivir at an inflated price. However, they do not require a prescription. Such a purchase of a medicine is unacceptable. Remember that you should not buy goods from questionable sellers and clandestine producers. Before use, consult a doctor. Strong to you health!