"Ansomon": reviews. How to properly take "Ansomon"

The popular growth hormone required by athletes, as well as school-age children, is called Ansomon. This tool is used in medicine as a medicine and as an additive in the field of sports nutrition. Today we learn how to properly use this growth hormone, in what cases it can be prescribed, how to store it. Also we will find out why the "Ansomon" reviews have not only positive but also negative feedback, and what it is connected with. And, of course, we will give valuable instructions on how to choose the original of this tool, and not a fake. ansomon feedback

Description of the drug

The medicine "Ansomon" is a synthetic human growth hormone. The composition of the drug includes 191 amino acids. This growth hormone is released in the form of powder, packaged in vials. In one pack put 10 vials, as well as 10 ampoules of water for injection, to which the instruction is attached.

Country of origin - China.

When should I take it?

Ansomon, which can be read below, is assigned to adults and children in the following situations:

- For boys and girls with a complete arrest of growth, which is caused by the absence or decrease in the hormone of the somatotropin.

- In a bad mood, depressed state.

- With poor creative and intellectual abilities.

- With reduced energy.

- If a person has poor immunity.

- With poor fat burning.

- If a person wants to build muscle tissue.

- To enhance sexual desire.

- For the strength of the joints.

- For the prompt healing of wounds of various origins( operating, burn, traumatic).

ansomon how to take

How to use it correctly?

Many do not know how to use the tool "Ansomon", how to take it, how much, etc. Now we will explain everything in detail.

  1. First of all, the preparation should be prepared. To do this, you need to inject 1 ml of water for injections into the vial. The liquid should be injected inside gently along the wall of the vessel, tilting it at an angle of 45 degrees. After this, smooth rotating movements, it is necessary to tighten the bottle and rotate it until the drug completely dissolves. Do not sharply shake the vessel.
  2. Collect the resulting solution into an insulin syringe.
  3. Injection with the drug in the crease of the stomach or intramuscularly.

Methods of drug administration

As already noted above, there are two options for introducing the solution. First: with your free hand, you should collect the skin on your abdomen so that a crease appears, and it is in it to smoothly inject the syringe at an angle. If after a manipulation on the body appeared a bruise, it means that the drug was entered incorrectly.

The second way - the introduction of the medicine "Ansomon" directly into the muscle. This is the option used by experienced athletes.

In any case, injections should not be made constantly in the same place.

Dosage of the medicine

To the children, when the growth is stopped, the medication is administered every day in an amount of 0.1 to 0.15 units.per 1 kg of body weight. Duration of therapy can be from 3 months to 3 years. At his discretion, the doctor has the right to change the mode of administration of the drug.

In the treatment of burns of different etiologies, the drug is administered daily under the skin in an amount of 0.2-0.4 U.per 1 kg of body weight. Usually the duration of therapy is 14 days.

It is recommended for athletes to build muscle mass from 5 to 10 Units.preparation. The duration of the course for them should not exceed 3 months.

The injections with this remedy are done once a day, in the evening before going to bed. growth hormone ansomon

How to store?

Growth hormone "Ansomon", reviews about which can be found on various forums, it is also necessary to save correctly. To do this, follow these instructions:

- Keep the drug only when closed.

- Diluted agent should be stored for no more than 2 days at a temperature of -2 to -8 degrees.

- Keep this growth hormone away from children, so they do not accidentally get it.

- Do not freeze the drug. Also, the storage temperature of the product should not be changed drastically.

Adverse effects after application of

Growth hormone "Ansomon", reviews about which can be found both positive and negative, practically has no side effects. But what happens is observed only in children. In adults, this drug does not cause any negative manifestations. In boys and girls, the medication "Ansomon" side effects can cause the following:

- Tingling in the body.

- Swelling at the injection site.

- Pain in the joints.

The above side effects usually stop after a few days after the start of the use of the drug.

Methods of testing the drug for the authenticity of

Unfortunately, to date, buy genuine growth hormone "Ansomon" is difficult. The fact is that unscrupulous Chinese companies simply offer a fake. How to check "Ansomon" - a tool that is necessary for certain categories of persons? Can I do it myself? The answer is: yes, each person is quite capable of distinguishing a fake drug from the original one. There are 3 ways to check the growth hormone "Ansomon" for authenticity:

1. According to a special code.

2. On the quality of packaging.

3. By the external condition of the caps and ampoules. ansomon authenticity

Test by code

This is the easiest way. The code, which is located under the sticker-seal, is unique. How to use this method? You will need a computer with Internet access and, in fact, the growth hormone "Ansomon."You need to go to the official site called Ankebio in the Ansomone section. Enter the code in the appropriate field. If you purchased this product, you should end up with an inscription in English: "Congratulations!".Otherwise you sold a counterfeit drug. growth hormone ansomone

Checking the packaging

The authenticity of this drug can be recognized with a special sealer sticker on the package. Under it should be located a protective 17-digit code. If the product is false, the package will turn out to be a light background. On the original it will be a bright gray color. Also the code is written on a special substance, similar to scotch tape. If a person tries to open a counterfeit package, the code will peel off along with the seal. If the growth hormone is original, then it will remain on the package.

Checking the external state of the

The lid of the original sample is always clean, and if it is a fake, then the scammers apply a special scheme - how to open the ampoule correctly. In addition, on the ampoules in this preparation there is an inscription Flip off. On fakes, it is usually indicated simply the name of the facility. check out ansomon


The drug "Ansomon" can not be taken in such cases:

1. Patients with a malignant tumor with active neoplasia.

2. Patients in severe shock with severe infection.

3. People with closed epiphysis.

Positive feedback from people

The drug "Ansomon" reviews is different: both flattering and not too approving. Those people who have acquired a genuine remedy, praise it. So, athletes are happy with the effect of this growth hormone: there is an increase in muscle mass, the fat layer is quickly removed. Athletes engaged in powerlifting, note that the drug helps them strengthen the osteo-ligament apparatus, as well as significantly increase the strength.

In addition to people professionally involved in sports, there are also parents, whose children took the "Ansomon" remedy. Many mothers approve of him, saying that the drug increases the brain activity of children, helps to cope with depressed mood. Also, many boys and girls after using the remedy increase the body's internal energy and immunity. ansomon side effects

Negative feedback from people

Unfortunately, the drug "Ansomon" reviews is not only flattering, but also extremely disapproving. And this is not surprising. After all, there are many fakes that do not have any curative effects. People are indignant that the drug does not give any result at all, and what is written in the instructions to it is an obvious marketing move. However, I want to reassure all parents and athletes, because the "Ansomon" tool brings an effect. However, this is provided that a person acquires the original drug. Therefore, when buying it is necessary to check the growth hormone "Ansomon" authenticity, and how to do it, we have described above. And if people know this, then the number of bad reviews will be reduced several times.

Where should I buy it?

It is better not to buy growth hormone "Ansomon" on the Internet. In the pharmacy - an ideal option, but not in everyone and will this drug. But if you are lucky and you have found a remedy in this institution, which sells medicines, do not rush to buy it immediately. First, inspect the packaging in detail, check the authenticity of the medicine according to the points described above. If you could not find this growth hormone in the pharmacy, do not despair. After all, you can buy a genuine copy on the manufacturer's website. But it is better not to apply to the services of suspicious intermediary firms. And the more it is not necessary to be conducted on supposedly promotional offers to buy products in 2 times cheaper. Benefits in the end the goods obviously will not bring, but only just wasted money and nerves.

Now you know all about growth hormone "Ansomon": how to take it, how to plant, where to stab. They found out such an important point as the verification of the authenticity of the goods. Understand why some people leave negative reviews about this drug. But those who used the real, genuine growth hormone "Ansomon", really enjoy the effect.