"Isotretinoin": instructions for use, indications, reviews

Treatment of various skin diseases is carried out thanks to preparations containing isotretinoin. The substance is classified as dermatoprotective due to its unique properties. A drug with a similar name is used to treat seborrhea, acne."Isotretinoin" instructions for use recommend use only after consulting a doctor. According to reviews, the agent is effective in inflammatory processes on the skin.

Description of the drug

The drug "Isotretinoin" is a powerful retinoid. The latter refers to the derivatives of vitamin A. The active substance - isotretinoin - is known as retinoic acid and has the appearance of a yellowish powder. The substance is capable of neutralizing rapidly dividing cancer cells. This property was originally used for the treatment of oncological pathologies.

Isotretinoin instructions for use

After a while, scientists discovered another healing property of the powdery substance - it can reduce sebum production by suppressing the excessive growth of the cellular epithelium of the excretory ducts. It is this property that currently allows the use of Isotretinoin to treat severe acne.

Drugs based on this active ingredient can be applied either externally or orally. The optimal tool is selected by a dermatologist after the examination of the patient.

How does the medicine work?

The drug "Isotretinoin" instruction for use recommends the use for the effective treatment of rashes of acne and other skin diseases. The therapeutic effect of the medication affects immediately all the factors that provoke these ailments. First of all, the production of sebum decreases, the pores are cleared.

The systemic retinoid prevents the proliferation of pathological microorganisms Propionibacterium acnes, which cause acne, acne. Coping the inflammatory process, normalizing the pH level is also a merit of the drug."Isoteretinoin" is actively used in dermatology and cosmetology. The active component allows to influence not only the symptoms of the disease, but also to eliminate the cause that caused the development of the inflammatory process.

Indications for prescribing

It should be noted that without prior prescribing of a physician, it is not recommended to use Isotretinoin. The price of preparations for external use on the basis of the active substance of the same name varies between 280-650 rubles. Assign the drug in the form of tablets in the presence of certain pathologies. These are:

  • seborrhea;
  • rosacea( including severe forms);
  • all forms of acne;
  • nodular-cystic acne;
  • various types of dermatitis;
  • congenital ichthyosis.

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Most of the listed ailments combine the cause of origin - the excessive work of the sebaceous glands. This, in turn, leads to a serious disruption of the normal balance of the epidermis.

What effect will the tool have?

According to numerous studies, the effectiveness of the medication has been confirmed for a variety of skin diseases."Isotretinoin" significantly reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands( by 90%) and normalizes the processes occurring in the skin. Doctors recommend using even in the severe form of acne rash a preparation in the form of tablets "Roaccutane".Isotretinoin is used as the main active substance.

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Means for external application have proven themselves in the treatment of acne, rosacea and dermatitis. Such retinoids can be used for mild and moderate severity of skin diseases. Experts say that the drug in this form is much safer for the body than capsules. With oral intake of isotretinoin, its concentration in the blood increases to 2000 ng / ml. If you use an ointment, this figure will not exceed 60 ng / ml.

Drugs based on isotretinoin

The active substance isotretinoin instructions for use refer to natural retinoids. In small amounts, these compounds are well absorbed by the body, have a positive effect on the skin condition, reduce the production of sebum, and have an antimicrobial effect. Some preparations for external use contain isotretinoin:

  1. Ointment retinoevaya.
  2. "Isotrexin"( gel).
  3. Retasol( solution).

For oral administration in severe skin pathologies, specialists prescribe medications such as Acnekutan, Roaccutane, and Sotret. The composition( isotretinoin is used as an active substance) and the dosage may differ.

Side effects of

When dosage is exceeded, isotretinoin causes side effects. From the side of the immune system they are manifested most often. Patients complain of the appearance of rashes, redness, peeling of the skin on the palms and soles of the feet, itching, dystrophy of the nail plates. Also, the appearance of cheilitis - a disease that affects the skin on the lips.

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The nervous system in some patients also suffers from treatment with Isotretinoin. The testimonies indicate that there may be a headache, excessive fatigue, impaired visual acuity, depression and psychosis develop. People with bronchial asthma in the history of taking the drug is extremely dangerous. This can lead to bronchospasm. Side effect on the organs of vision is manifested by such symptoms as keratitis, blepharitis, optic neuritis, conjunctivitis, eye irritation.

On the part of the digestive tract develops pancreatitis, diarrhea, internal bleeding, vomiting, inflammation of the intestinal mucosa, hepatitis. Arthritis, pain in the joints and muscles, hyperostosis - symptoms of the negative effect of isotretinoin on the musculoskeletal system.


First of all, the drug "Isotretinoin" instructions for use prohibits taking during pregnancy or its planning. The substance has embryotoxic and teratogenic effects, which can lead to developmental abnormalities and congenital defects in the fetus. Also, experts recommend starting to plan pregnancy not earlier than 3-4 months after the end of treatment with medication. During this time, the level of isotretinoin in the body should come back to normal.

Do not take any retinoids during lactation, with increased sensitivity or intolerance, combine the drug with tetracycline antibiotics. Oral administration of medications is contraindicated in the case of severe disruption of the liver and kidneys, with an increased value of lipids in the blood serum and malignant formations. For patients with hypervitaminosis A is also not suitable isotretinoin.

The price of the cheapest means on the basis of this substance is 280-350 rubles. The treatment plan, dosage, analogues is chosen exclusively by the attending physician.

How to take it?

Isotretinoin in capsule form for oral use should be drunk while eating. The initial dosage usually does not exceed 0.1 mg per kilogram of body weight of the patient. In the future, the dose may be increased( in the case of positive dynamics and the absence of side effects).

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The average daily dosage( 0.5 g) should be divided into several doses. Depending on the severity of the ailment, it can be increased. It should be taken into account that no more than 10 g of isotretinoin can be taken per day. Treatment with the drug is usually prolonged, 16-24 weeks. The interval between therapy courses should be at least two months.

Preparation "Roaccutane"

The price of the medication is quite high and amounts to about 2700 rubles per package( 20 mg dosage).The manufacturer is the Swiss pharmaceutical company "Hoffmann la Rosh".Capsules "Roaccutane" are effective for vulgar acne in severe form, follicular keratosis, ichthyosis, keratoderma.

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The duration of therapy depends on the type of the disease and is usually 2-4 weeks. In a day should take 0.5 mg of active ingredient per 1 kg of the patient's weight. With the normal tolerability of Roaccutane, the second phase of therapy, which lasts approximately 20 weeks, should begin. In this case, the doctor must monitor the dynamics of pathology. If there is a decrease in precipitation by 70-80%, the drug is usually canceled.

Features of application of

During the treatment with Roaccutane, the aggravation of the disease is possible. In this case, it is necessary to reduce the dose of the drug to a minimum( 0.5 mg / kg).Usually, positive dynamics and a stable result of therapy can be observed 1.5-2 months after the start of treatment. However, in severe cases, a longer course of taking Roaccutane is needed.

The price of a medicinal product based on isotretinoin depends on the dosage of the active ingredient. Capsules can contain 10 or 20 mg of this substance. When the dosage and the regimen are observed, the drug should not cause side effects. Experts say that Roaccutane is well tolerated by patients.

Solution of Retasol

The active ingredient of the agent is isotretinoin. Feedback from patients and dermatologists confirm the therapeutic efficacy of this medication. The active substance in the preparation contains 0.025 mg per ml. The solution in addition to anti-inflammatory and regenerating effects, has a positive effect on the relief of the skin. The drug is intended for application to pre-cleaned skin. On the day, repeat the procedure twice. The duration of treatment with Retasol is usually 4-12 weeks.

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Do not use the solution in combination with other retinoids. This can provoke the development of hypervitaminosis A. Do not prescribe "Retasol" in the treatment of tetracyclines because of the risk of increased intracranial pressure.

In the form of a solution, the drug can be used to treat acne in adolescents from 11 years of age. The facility passed clinical trials, during which its safety was proved."Retasol" is the ideal remedy for oily skin.

Patient feedback

Many patients successfully use drugs based on an active ingredient such as isotretinoin. Analogues of these medicines should be selected by a specialist.

In a few months of therapy, a powerful natural retinoid can get rid of acne, acne, rosacea. More severe pathology of the skin requires a second course of therapy. Only in rare cases there are side effects, most often manifested by the immune system: an allergic rash, dryness of the dermis, redness. It is strictly forbidden to take drugs based on isotretinoin in the period of pregnancy planning, bearing a baby or lactation.