Redness and itching on hands and feet: treatment

For sure, many people at least once in my life were concerned about redness and itching on the hands and feet. It should be noted that this is far from the most pleasant phenomenon. Constant scratching of the skin leads to scratching, which causes significant cosmetic discomfort. redness and itching on the hands

What if the patient is constantly worried about redness and itching on the hands? Treatment of this ailment will be presented below. Also we will tell you about the reasons for such an occurrence in general.

Basic information

No need to be an experienced dermatologist to understand that redness and itching on the hands is accompanied by rather unpleasant sensations, and also contributes to causing significant inconvenience.

In some cases, this condition can disturb a person only for a certain time, and then fade. However, there are also situations where redness and itching on the hands becomes pronounced and permanent. In this case, patients immediately seek help from a dermatologist.

Causes of

What causes redness and itching on the hands? The reasons for this pathological condition should be sought only by an experienced doctor. After all, an ordinary person without a special education is difficult to guess why his hands and feet are constantly itching and itching.

There are several reasons for this phenomenon. Let's consider the features of each in more detail.

redness and itching on hands and feet

Skin diseases

Redness and itching on the hands and feet are typical for a variety of skin diseases. These include abscesses, leprosy, tuberculosis, pediculosis, lice, eczema, psoriasis, lichen, etc.

It should be noted at once that each of these diseases has its own characteristics. In some cases, the patients have a particular redness and itching on their hands. And after a certain period of time such a site begins to coarsen, becomes rough and covered with small tubercles.

Treatment of skin diseases

How to treat this condition? Most often in the presence of skin diseases, doctors prescribe:

  • antibiotic;
  • vitamin complexes;
  • is an anti-inflammatory or antiviral ointment.

How else can redness and itching on the hands and feet be removed? Treatment of skin diseases involves a balanced diet and increased immunity.

redness and itching on the hands and feet treatment

Allergic reactions

If the patient is concerned about seasonal redness and itching on the arms in the area of ​​the bend, as well as on other parts of the body, then, most likely, it is caused by an allergy. As a rule, people who are inclined to such reactions know why and why they are manifested.

For skin allergy is not only redness and local pronounced itching, but also the appearance of blisters.

The most common allergic disease that occurs in many modern people is contact dermatitis. Most often, this disease manifests itself in the area of ​​the hands. This is due to the fact that on this part of the body there are places of greatest contact with the allergen.

Treatment of allergy

How to treat redness and itching on the hands( photo is presented in this article), which was caused by an allergy? If such a pathological condition occurs, you should immediately consult an allergist. If you do not take any action, then the patient's condition may deteriorate noticeably.

As a rule, doctors prescribe antihistamines for the treatment of an allergic reaction. To get the most effective of them is not difficult, because there are a lot of such medicines. Redness and itching on hands Photo

Also, to eliminate and redden the itching on the skin, the effect of the allergen should be completely eliminated. For example, if you are allergic to a cream, then it must be replaced, if on animals, then it is required to stop any contact with them and so on.

Other causes and their treatment

Now you know why your hands and feet can blush and itch. To eliminate such an unpleasant phenomenon, you should contact a dermatologist or another specialist.

It should be specially noted that, in addition to the above reasons, reddening and itching of the skin can occur due to the appearance of hives. A distinctive feature of this disease is swelling of the lesion. In most cases, urticaria occurs on the abdomen, in the region of large joints and on the back of the hands. Various creams and ointments are used to treat this condition. However, it should be noted that urticaria is a disease that manifests itself on the skin for a short period of time. As practice shows, the signs of this disease disappear on their own within a day.

It is also very common that the itching and redness of the skin arise due to the occurrence of fungal lesions. This is a more serious and unpleasant disease that can last a very long time. By the way, the fungus is a contagious disease. Therefore, a person with such a problem should always follow the rules of personal hygiene( use only his own towel, wear only his shoes, slippers, etc.).redness and itching on the hands of the cause

With the development of fungal diseases on the skin, the patient begins to lose hair and there is a strong itching. Also there is a suppuration of integuments. They gradually turn red and quite flaky.

When seeing such symptoms in yourself, you should immediately contact a doctor. Most often, for the treatment of fungus, doctors recommend the use of oral antifungal agents and preparations for external application. At observance of all recommendations of the doctor such disease completely is eliminated.

To whom to contact?

Why do some people have permanent redness and itching on their hands? Than to treat such unpleasant condition?

The most commonly described phenomenon has nothing to do with skin diseases, as well as allergic reactions, urticaria, fungi and the like. However, to eliminate this condition, you still need to contact an experienced doctor. After all, only a specialist can exclude serious pathologies and reveal the true cause of such an ailment. For this we recommend to visit: an allergist, gastroenterologist, trichologist, dermatologist, venereologist. redness and itching on hands treatment

The simplest reasons for

It's also worth noting that, regardless of the reasons that caused itching and redness on your skin, such phenomena can be greatly strengthened by the following factors:

  • Constant contact with synthetic and chemical substances. Such products include: household chemicals, various lubricants, cosmetic products, personal care products, etc. It should be immediately said that the itching on the human skin can be markedly enhanced, even if it does not have an allergic reaction to alllisted compounds. To restore their normal condition, doctors recommend that they refuse to use certain products( replace them with others).
  • Low humidity in the room in which the patient is located( less than 30%).As you know, dry air has a negative effect on the skin of a person. They become excessively dry, resulting in an intolerable itch, which over time increases and causes unpleasant scaling and redness.
  • Excessive fluid loss. Such a condition can arise due to dehydration of the human body caused by severe vomiting, regular diarrhea, and also prolonged action of high ambient temperature and limited consumption of drinking water. To treat dry skin in this case, it is necessary to fill a deficiency of fluid or take a drug that will contribute to its delay( for example, with vomiting or diarrhea).
  • Wearing woolen or synthetic tight clothing. Dresses, shirts, trousers, etc., made of poor-quality material, quite often cause itching and redness on the legs and hands. This state of affairs is greatly aggravated if the clothes are too tight and worn in hot summer weather.
  • Excessive( more than half an hour) and frequent intake of a sedentary bath, as well as too hot water significantly increase redness on the skin. By the way, long water procedures, as well as increased water temperature, contribute to a strong expansion of blood vessels. This phenomenon leads not only to the redness of the covers, but also to the intensification of the itch.
  • Some medications, excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages and the use of narcotic substances also contribute to the development of the pathological conditions in question. In addition, redness on the skin and its itching can appear as a result of food intoxication. It should be noted that many dyes and additives contribute to such phenomena. Therefore, before buying a product, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with its composition. If there is too much "E" in it, then it is better to refuse it. Otherwise, skin problems can not be avoided. redness and itching on the arms in the area of ​​the fold

It should also be noted that the itching and reddening of the skin is often promoted by prolonged emotional stress. To avoid such conditions, it is necessary to avoid unpleasant situations and carefully monitor your mental state( if necessary, then consult a therapist).