The strictest diet for weight loss

The strictest diet means getting rid of excess weight in a very short time. However, this method of weight loss does not suit everyone, because for the body this is a huge stress. It is important to take into account all your features and approach the case wisely, so as not to cause significant harm to health.

Today you can find a bunch of diets promising quick and good results. The most effective are collected in this article. They will suit almost every person, will lead the body in order in less than a week and maintain a positive attitude for the entire time of weight loss.

strict diet

The strictest diet for all

The essence of such a power system is to shake the body, thereby causing stress and forcing the body to burn fat stores. During the diet is not allowed to eat sweet in any form. Also banned are fried, fatty, salted and too high-calorie foods.

The best time for her is the end of spring and summer, because then the menu can be varied with all sorts of fresh fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of microelements and vitamins. Just them and will be missed while observing the proposed diet.

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Such a strict diet includes three meals a day. In this case, you need to increase the consumption of clean water without gases to two liters.

The strictest diet for nursing mothers

The diet menu

The first day of

  • Breakfast: 1 orange, 1 grapefruit.
  • Lunch: 90 grams of chicken fillet without skin and 150 grams of mix of fresh vegetables, or vegetable salad( for this, pick up cucumbers, tomatoes, Chinese cabbage or cabbage, you can add greens and lemon juice).
  • Dinner: steam omelet from 2 eggs.

The second day of

  • Breakfast: 250 grams of fruit salad dressed with natural yoghurt.
  • Lunch: 90 grams of veal and 150 grams of cooked broccoli.
  • Dinner: 100 grams 1% cottage cheese, green tea. Day 3
    • Breakfast: 2 oranges.
    • Lunch: 100 grams of fillet of boiled fish( it is best for a diet suitable for pollock, hake, cod) and 130 grams of salad from cucumbers and tomatoes.
    • Dinner: boiled eggs - 2 pieces, chamomile tea.

    Fourth day of

    • Breakfast: 100 grams of oatmeal on the water.
    • Lunch: cutlet from low-fat meat and onions( 100 grams) and 100 grams of boiled vegetables.
    • Dinner: 300 ml of compote of dried fruits.

    Fifth Day

    • Breakfast: 300 grams of berries.
    • Lunch: meatballs( 100 grams) and vegetable salad without dressing.
    • Dinner: 150 grams of 1% natural yogurt.

    Sixth day of

    • Breakfast: 2 apples.
    • Lunch: 90 grams of boiled low-fat meat, 150 grams of boiled green beans.
    • Dinner: 2 eggs, cooked soft-boiled, herbal infusion.

    The seventh day

    • Breakfast: a glass of apple and cherry juice.
    • Lunch: 90 grams of chicken fillet and 150 grams of fresh vegetables with greens.
    • Dinner: 100 grams of low-fat cottage cheese.

    This strict diet will help you lose more than 5 kg in one week. The way out of it should be smooth and careful. Portions need to be increased gradually, and especially carefully it should be with sweet and flour.

    The strict diet for weight loss should include vitamin-mineral complexes and special dietary supplements - supplements to maintain the body in good condition.

    the strictest diet for weight loss

    Diet for nursing mothers

    A special desire to put themselves in order is different for women who have recently born a baby. But nursing mothers can not sit down on the first diet that is found, as this can cause serious harm, first of all, the health of the baby. There is a special strict diet for nursing mothers, which, in addition to helping lose weight, will adjust the children's digestive system, which has not yet been fully formed. But before deciding on such a serious step, you need to consult with a specialist, so as not to harm yourself or your child.

    Rules for nursing mothers

    Nutrition of a nursing woman should be balanced even during the diet. Moms should adhere to the following rules:

    1. Diet prohibited products include: alcohol, smoked products, canned food, drinks containing caffeine, soda, citrus and chocolate.
    2. With care, you need to eat fish, chicken and eggs from the store, some vegetables( cabbage, tomatoes and peppers), peas and other legumes, pickles, honey, dried fruits and nuts, cow milk, some cereals( barley, millet and wheat).
    3. The lactating mother diet should consist of the following products: cottage cheese, yogurts, cheeses of low fat content. Of meat, it is better to prefer a turkey, veal and beef, from cereals - buckwheat, oatmeal, rice. From vegetables - cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, beets, potatoes, lettuce and dill. Of fruits, it is better to stop at those that grow in local latitudes. Do not forget about water - a woman should drink at least two liters a day.

    the strictest diet for the week

    Diet for nursing women

    Below you can see an approximate menu for a lactating mother's diet:

    • Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese( 200 grams) with yogurt, whole wheat bread with avocado, green tea.
    • Snack: Fresh fruit.
    • Lunch: buckwheat with boiled turkey, salad of allowed vegetables with olive oil.
    • Snack: whole grain bread with low-fat cheese.
    • Dinner: stewed vegetables, a glass of yogurt or ryazhenka.

    The strictest diet includes

    The strictest diet for the week

    Another food system that will lead to rapid weight loss is a mono-diet. Its essence lies in the fact that for a day one product is allocated in a certain amount. In addition, you can not dilute the diet. You can drink green and herbal teas, as well as water with lemon.

    • Day # 1: hard boiled, soft-boiled or cooked in the form of a steam omelette in the amount of 6 pieces.
    • Day # 2: 450 grams of boiled fillet of pollock.
    • Day # 3: 450 grams of boiled turkey fillet.
    • Day №4: 5 baked potatoes of medium size.
    • Day # 6: 450 grams of cottage cheese fat content up to 3%.
    • Day # 7: 300 grams of fresh and as many boiled vegetables.

    Nutritionists consider strict diets as a rather harmful way of getting rid of extra pounds. However, if a person still decided to lose weight in such a short time, then it is necessary to switch to the usual diet slowly. The first couple of days to make minor changes on the menu, gradually increasing the calorie content of dishes by no more than 150 calories. Do not forget to drink water, take vitamins and dietary supplements. In the future, to consolidate the results and cleanse the body to spend unloading days( choose one of the options presented in the strictest diet for a week).

    Eat right and stay healthy!