Detailed instructions for the use of "Ripronate"

Sometimes doctors prescribe medication, without explaining how they work and what side effects may be from taking them. Therefore, many patients try to find out about these drugs something from those who have already treated them. Some try to find a description of the medication on the Internet to make sure that it is really worth taking. Very often people are interested in the instruction on the application of "Ripronate".Patients who have been assigned to it, find out what effect it has, what side effects can there be from its administration. But this drug is attributed not only in cases that provide instructions for the use of "Ripronate."Therefore, you need to study the document and read the reviews about it, but it's better to listen to the advice of the attending physician.

What is this preparation?

Active active substance of this drug is meldonia dihydrate. Instructions for the use of "Ripronate" explains that it is a synthetic analogue of gamma-butyrobetaine. This substance is found in all cells of a person, therefore, with its lack, the organism experiences problems with the exchange of substances and the supply of oxygen to the heart. On the basis of meldonia, L-carnitine was later created, which is very in demand among athletes and people experiencing increased physical exertion. The "Ripronat" in our country is not very common, its direct analogue - "Mildronate" is better known. Their composition is completely identical, only the name and the manufacturer are different.

What are the forms of the medicine?

1. Capsules of 250 milligrams of active ingredient are cream colored. Inside of them is a white powder, soluble in water.

2. Capsules containing 500 mg meldonia. They are two-color: half red, and half - cream color. ripronate tablets instructions for use

3. Solution for intravenous administration 10% containing 100 mg of active ingredient.

Its pharmacological action

What properties does "Ripronate"( tablets) have? The instructions for use explain that the meldonia is rapidly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. The drug begins to work in an hour. What kind of action does he have?

- Prevents the accumulation of unoxidized fatty acids in cells.

- Accelerates the transmission of all nerve impulses in the body.

- Improves oxygen supply to cells.

- Accelerates the regeneration of cells in acute myocardial infarction.

- Improves the metabolism. ripronate user manual

- Eliminates disturbances in the functioning of the nervous system in patients with chronic alcoholism.

- Provides a tonic effect: relieves tension, increases efficiency, improves dexterity of movements.

- Increases the body's resistance to external influences.

- Improves memory and speeds up mental processes.

When is "Ripronate" used?

The Instruction for Use recommends the prescription of the drug in many cases:

1. For heart diseases: angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, coronary heart disease, chronic heart failure, cardialgia and cardiomyalgia.

2. For disorders of cerebral circulation, Ripronat is also prescribed. Instruction for use recommends the use of the drug for strokes, cerebrovascular insufficiency and after traumatic brain injuries.

3. "Ripronate" is often prescribed to patients with chronic alcoholism in the complex treatment of withdrawal symptoms. ripronate injections instructions for use

4. For various disorders of the blood circulation of the retina: hemophthalmia, hemorrhage, thrombosis or retinopathy. Appoint "Ripronate" even to people with a high degree of myopia.

5. Recently, more and more often doctors recommend taking the drug to people experiencing increased physical and mental stress, athletes to improve performance and patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.

6. There are cases when the drug is prescribed for pregnant women to improve the supply of oxygen to the fetus and children to improve performance. But the instructions for the use of "Ripronate" does not recommend such use, so you need to consult a doctor.

Contraindications and side effects of the drug

Instructions for use "Ripronata" does not recommend the use of the drug in the following cases:

- if there is an individual intolerance of the components of the drug;

- for brain tumors and increased intracranial pressure;

- during pregnancy and breast-feeding;

- children under 12 years;

- also long-term administration of the drug to patients with diseases of the kidneys and liver is not recommended.

Usually, the medication is well tolerated by patients, but in rare cases, side effects are possible. Most often it is:

- nausea, vomiting, upset of the stool;

- skin itching, rash and other allergic reactions;

- strong excitement;

- headaches;instructions for the use of ripronate

- insomnia;

- tachycardia, increased pressure.

"Ripronate": instructions for use

Tablets, whose composition has only one active ingredient - meldonium, is prescribed quite often. Dosage and frequency of reception should be determined by the doctor, because it is strictly individual. For prevention and increase of efficiency it is enough to take capsules 250 mg 2-4 times a day. This course can last for 2-3 weeks. But usually appoint "Ripronat 500".Instructions for use recommend taking it 1-2 times a day. You can drink 1-2 capsules at a time. The course of treatment for cardiovascular disease usually lasts 4-6 weeks. ripronate instruction for the use of the tablet formulation It is recommended to repeat it at least 2 times a year. The highest dosage is allowed for chronic alcoholism. Instructions for use "Ripronate" recommends drinking at this time 500 mg 4 times a day. But the course of treatment should not exceed 10 days. Children from 12 years of age are usually recommended the same dosage as adults, but it is best to calculate it based on the weight of the child.

In hospitals very often in the form of injections appoint "Ripronate".The injection instruction is recommended for use as follows. Intravenously administered 500 mg 1-2 times a day. Treatment with injections should last no more than 10 days, then switch to oral intake of the drug.

Special instructions for taking medication

- "Ripronate" has a pronounced toning effect, so you should drink it in the morning. If a two-time drug is prescribed, then the second time you need to drink it no later than 17 hours.

- Most often, "Ripronate" is prescribed as part of complex therapy. But he does not always interact favorably with other drugs, so their combination should be selected by a doctor. It is not recommended to combine "Ripronate" with "Nitroglycerin", hypotensive drugs and alpha-blockers.

- Do not rely on the drug for acute coronary insufficiency and angina attacks."Ripronate" is effective at long reception, and its effect is shown only in couple of days after the beginning of use.

- Care must be taken when driving a car and dangerous mechanisms to those who take "Ripronate".

- Sometimes it is not recommended to use the drug before age 16, but many doctors successfully prescribe it even for children of 8 years and pregnant women. ripronate 500 user manual

Reviews of "Ripronate"

Such drugs, which increase the efficiency and improve the supply of cells with oxygen, have recently become more in demand. Therefore, more and more often doctors prescribe "Ripronate" in case of vegetative dystonia, chronic fatigue, increased physical exertion and for recovery after a heart attack or stroke. The patients' comments indicate that the drug is well tolerated, and the well-being is improving. There are cases of successful use of "Ripronate" in pregnant women to improve the blood circulation of the fetus, in adolescents to improve performance and in athletes to recover after heavy physical exertion. Patients note that after 1-2 days after the beginning of taking the medication, headaches and drowsiness take place, mental activity improves, and "flies" disappear before their eyes. Everyone who has been treated with the drug has noticed an improvement in health status.