"Infakol" for newborns: instructions for use, composition, feedback

With the birth of a baby, his parents have many problems and hassles. The first thing that can disturb a newborn baby is cramping and abdominal pain. They begin for the simple reason that the crumb appears on this light with a sterile intestine. So, slowly and gradually occurs the colonization of the digestive tract by useful microorganisms. Approximately three( some children - to six) months, this natural process is being established, and all kinds of anxiety are going on.

Currently, there are many different drugs that help to overcome unpleasant sensations in the abdomen. However, not all of them are suitable for kids. One of the authorized formulations is "Infakol" for newborns. Instructions for using the drug will be presented to your attention in the article. You will learn the features of using this tool. Also it is worth mentioning about what the "Infakol" drug has the consumer's comments.

infacol for newborns manual

What is it?

The drug "Infakol" is a suspension for oral administration. The medicine is produced in the volume of 50, 75 and 100 milliliters. The liquid is packed in a dark container with a pipette on the lid.

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The composition of "Infakol" is quite safe. The main component is simethicone. It has a direct effect on the digestive tract of the child. In addition to the main substance, the preparation has additional components. These are flavors, sugars, purified water and so on. All of them supplement the drug in one way or another.

When is medication prescribed for children?

What does the abstract about "Infakol" for newborns inform? The instruction indicates that the medication has its own testimony. His work is conditioned by composition. The drug acts on the infant's gastrointestinal tract. Indications for the use of medication in newborns are the following situations:

  • swallowing large amounts of air during feeding;
  • spasms and pain in the abdomen, manifested by anxiety and bad sleep;
  • frequent baby crying with legs clamping and so on.

On the preparation "Infakol" instruction for use says that it can be used for preventive purposes. In this case, the medicine will prevent the development of the problem in advance.

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Contraindications to the use of

About the drug "Infacol" for newborns the instruction says that the composition is absolutely safe. That is why physicians often prescribe this medicine and its analogues in the first weeks of the baby's life. However, not every child can take this drug. Like any other medicinal product, the described composition has contraindications.

  • It is not recommended to use the medication if the child has an increased sensitivity to the components.
  • Some diseases of the intestines and stomach( in acute form) can be an excuse for cancellation of treatment.
  • Composition is not used in children with congenital diabetes mellitus, as it contains sugars.
  • Some premature babies may not be given a medication because of their composition.
  • The composition is not assigned to adults because of their inefficiency.

In each case, consult a physician before use. In the treatment of newborns, special care must be taken. After all, you still do not know with what reaction the baby's body can face.

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"Infakol": instructions for use

How to properly dose the medication? Before the beginning of correction it is necessary to address to the pediatrist. Often physicians prescribe to newborn children an individual minimum dosage of the drug. Also the doctor can recommend you to take the medicine according to the instructions. What is indicated in the annotation?

The medication is given to the child before each feeding. A single dose is 0.5 milliliters or 20 milligrams. Dilution of the drug is not foreseen. The drug is washed down with water or milk( for infants).The dose can be doubled. However, this action must have good reasons. The duration of use is determined by the doctor. Usually 2-3 days of correction the baby becomes much easier. However, after discontinuing the drug, unpleasant symptoms may return.

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Adverse Reactions

What information does the instruction give about the Infakol drug( for newborns)?The abstract says that there are usually no adverse reactions from treatment. All due to the fact that the active substance is not able to be absorbed into the blood. Simethicone works exclusively in the stomach and intestines of a person.

Allergic reactions, which are described in side effects, usually result from intolerance of additional components. So, hives, rash or itching develop with allergies to flavors and sugars.

infacol composition

"Infakol": the price of

How much is the described medicine? The average price for the drug "Infakol" is 350 rubles. Note that the cost may vary depending on the volume of the drug. The drug is sold primarily on the territory of Ukraine. There, on the means of "Infakol" the price is 100-120 hryvnia.

In Russia, however, analogues and substitutes for the described agent are predominantly assigned. To such it is possible to carry "Smektu", "Bobotik", "Espumizan" and others.

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Reviews about the composition of

Consumers report that it is very convenient to give the drug to newborn children using a measuring syringe. Other parents say that they are taking medication in the attached pipette. You can act as it is convenient for you.

Doctors say that the medication is easily tolerated by children because of the pleasant taste. Kids with great pleasure drink a sweet suspension. In the stomach and intestines described medication cleaves gas bubbles and gently removes them from the body. Parents say that with regular use of babies completely go through colic and a chair is being adjusted.

Remember that even before using such safe drugs, you should always consult a pediatrician. If necessary, give additional tests. Health to you!