How to faint if necessary?

Do not deny that everyone in life has had situations where one would like to know how to faint. And this was necessary not so much because of the manifestation of some ailments, how many to force certain events or just to not go to any event. In any case, we suggest figuring out how to fall into a swoon especially without harm to your own organism.

It is quite natural that loss of consciousness causes rather unpleasant sensations. They can be: dizziness and headache, severe vision impairment, ringing in the ears and darkness in the eyes. However, you will agree that in certain situations it is necessary to faint intentionally to achieve something. In this case, you must first think about your own body, because some methods are harmful for both individual organs, and for the general condition. Next, we list the ways how to faint:

  1. Naturally, the first method is excessive fatigue. To do this, you need not sleep for several days, so that the body has exhausted enough of its energy reserves. However, this method is not very convenient, because we do not know what will happen to us, for example, in a week. Therefore, not sleeping for a long time is not the best solution to how to faint.
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  2. Add to the alcoholic beverage clonidine( sleeping pills).However, in this case too, the result can be quite unpredictable, since the body can react differently to such a mixture. Probably, the proportions will be taken into account incorrectly, and you, on the contrary, will increase activity. But in the case of an overdose, you are very much at risk from health, as a faint can drag on for the whole day.   
  3. The best way is to first breathe very often, so that your breathing becomes more frequent, and then sharply delay it. In this case, a lack of oxygen can cause a brief faint without negative consequences for the body. However, if you have good immunity, as well as a developed diaphragm, the method is unlikely to justify itself. The maximum that happens will make your head spin.
  4. Reduced blood pressure. This method is primarily not recommended for hypotensive patients, that is, people with low blood pressure. This can not only provoke a prolonged faint, but also result in a fatal outcome. Even if this method has a high probability of fainting, you should not joke with it. Remember that even if you have normal pressure, reducing it with certain medications can adversely affect the work of the heart.
  5. Use of a large number of calcium tablets on an empty stomach. Like the previous method, it is not recommended for testing, but only present in the points for statistics. Since calcium itself affects the work of the heart, its excessive consumption, especially on an empty stomach, can provoke the development of serious heart diseases or an instantaneous cardiac arrest( if the dose is not chosen correctly).

Some people think that if after fainting abruptly to take an upright position, all the symptoms will pass, and you will be able to continue to do your own business, however this is not so. Doctors recommend to lie down after such a case for a while, so that the work of all organs is normalized. Only after this, you can get out of bed, but to load yourself with something on this day is not recommended.