Drops "Nazel Baby": instruction

Drops "Nazol Baby" - a drug that has adrenomimetic activity. The medicine facilitates nasal breathing, eliminates swelling of the nasal mucosa, has a pronounced vasoconstrictive effect.

Drops of Nazol Baby. Instruction: indications

The drug is used to treat patients who suffer from acute rhinitis, including allergic. Usually the drug is prescribed for rhinitis, accompanied by an acute respiratory viral infection, influenza, sinusitis, sinusitis, and frontalitis. It can be used in a complex for the treatment of patients suffering from acute otitis media. Sometimes the medicine is used to prevent edema of the nasal mucosa after surgery and conduct various diagnostic procedures in the nose.

Drops of "Nazel Baby".Instruction: How to use

The drug is administered intranasally. Before you drip the product, you should thoroughly clean the nasal passages. The head of the patient should be thrown back, and the bottle should be kept dropping down directly above the nasal passage. The duration of the course of treatment and dose are determined strictly by the attending physician for each patient strictly individually. Children from two months to one year are usually prescribed one drop of medication no more than four times a day. The interval between applications should not be less than six hours, and the duration of the course can not exceed three days. An exception is the case when the doctor appoints otherwise. Children under two years are recommended to drip 2 drops of the drug no more than four times a day. Similarly, it is necessary to observe a six-hour interval between instillations. Patients under six years can drip three drops of the drug four times a day. For the treatment of rhinitis in children who are six or more years old, they usually prescribe the drug Nazol Kids.

The bottle should be used only individually, since if one vial is used to treat several patients, an infection can spread.

Drops of "Nazel Baby".Instruction: side effects of

Usually the medicine is tolerated by patients well, only in occasional cases such negative reactions as burning sensation of the nasal mucosa, arrhythmia, dizziness, arterial hypertension, a sense of fear without cause, hyperemia of the face were noticed. It should be noted that these side effects occurred mostly at frequent and long-term use of the drug, as well as when using doses that exceed the recommended ones.

Drops of "Nazel Baby".Instruction: contraindications

Do not take the drug if there is an individual sensitivity to its constituent components. Also, you should not take medicine for patients who suffer from thyroid disease, diabetes mellitus and hyperthyroidism. Do not prescribe the drug to patients with high blood pressure and arrhythmia.

Do not prescribe "Nazel Baby" at the same time as other drugs that have a vasoconstrictive effect. Do not recommend the use of the drug to patients who receive therapy with drugs from a group of MAO inhibitors.

Overdose is not possible with the use of the medicine according to the manufacturer's instructions. With frequent use of increased doses of the drug, patients have increased excitability and increased blood pressure. In case of an overdose, immediately stop taking the medication and consult a doctor.

Means of "Nazel Baby" during pregnancy are usually not prescribed, so there is no sufficient experience in the use of the drug during this period.

The drug Nazol Baby is quite effective. Reviews about it on various forums, basically, have a positive character. Many patients note its strong effect with nasal congestion, especially in children. Doctors advise a medicine to alleviate the condition of children with a cold caused by allergies, flu or ARVI.