The drug 'Ersefuril'.Instructions

The drug "Ersefuril" describes the instruction as a synthetic antibacterial agent. The drug is a derivative of nitrofuran. Medication "Eresefuril" has a wide range of effects. The active ingredient is nifuroxazide.

Characterizing the action of the drug "Ersefuril", the instruction indicates the property of the active substance to inhibit the activity of dehydrogenase and to influence other biochemical processes occurring in the cell of the microorganism. Thus, the destruction of cell membranes of bacteria occurs, the production of toxins by pathogenic microbes decreases.

The drug "Ersefuril" helps to increase immunity by increasing phagocytosis. The drug acts on gram-positive bacteria, staphylococci, hemophilic rod, streptococci. The drug is active against gram-negative microbes, Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Proteus, Shigella, Klebsiella and others.

Influencing pathogenic microorganisms, the drug "Erserofuril" does not have a negative effect on the normal physiological composition of the intestinal flora. The drug helps restore eubiosis( a set of microbial populations) in acute diarrhea( diarrhea) of bacterial nature. When penetrating enterotrope viruses, the drug prevents the development of bacterial superinfection.

Therapeutic dosage of the drug has a bacteriostatic effect( depressing the reproduction of microbes), increased doses of the drug have bactericidal activity( eliminate pathogenic microorganisms).

The drug "Ersefuril" instruction recommends for diarrhea of ​​infectious nature. In the absence of suspicion of infection with worms, the agent is prescribed for acute diarrhea of ​​bacterial origin.

The drug "Ersefuril" instruction does not allow prescribing premature babies, full-term patients under one month of age, with individual intolerance. Contraindicated medication while drinking alcohol.

In clinical practice, cases of allergic reactions to the drug "Ersefuril" are described. The instruction contains information that side effects are extremely rare when applied in therapeutic doses. If the allergy persists or worsens, consult a doctor.

The drug "Ersefuril" is shown during pregnancy and lactation. However, the condition of nursing and pregnant women should be controlled by the doctor.

Before prescribing the drug "Ersefuril"( suspension), children should be excluded from congenital insufficiency of enzymes that can break down sucrose.

The drug is approved for use from a month of age.

Therapeutic course of the drug "Ersefuril" must be combined with rehydration treatment. With diarrhea of ​​infectious nature, the drug should be administered in combination with systematic antibiotic therapy.

When used against the background of alcohol treatment, it is possible to intensify reactions of hypersensitivity.

The recommended daily dosage of the drug for adults is two hundred milligrams( one capsule) four times, for children from six years - two hundred milligrams three times.

For patients from one month to three years - 1-3 spoons( 220-660 mg) of syrup for two to three doses. Children older than three years - on a measuring spoon three times a day. Before giving the baby, the suspension is shaken.

Duration of the drug - no more than seven days.

Reviews of many patients characterize the drug "Ersefuril" as a highly effective, quick-acting and easy-to-use remedy.

Before use, consult your doctor.