Medicinal product "Corvalol".Instructions for use

Medication "Corvalol" instructions for use refers to the pharmacotherapeutic group of sedative preparations of plant origin.

The medication is available in the form of drops for internal use. One milliliter of medication contains twenty milligrams of ethyl ester of alpha-bromizovaleric acid, 18.26 milligrams of phenobarbital, 3.15 milligrams of caustic sodium, 1.42 milligrams of peppermint, 0.58 milligrams of rectified high-purity ethanol and 0.42 milligrams of purified water. The drug is a colorless liquid, characterized by a specific odor.

The phenobarbital contained in the medication is able to produce a sedative and mild hypnotic effect. It also helps to reduce excitation of the central nervous system and ensures the speediest onset of sleep. Soothing and spasmolytic effect is achieved due to the action of ethyl bromizovalerianate. Peppermint oil can expand the vessels and relieve spasms.

The drug "Corvalol", the instruction for use informs, acts as a vasodilator and soothing agent in the case of neurosis-like conditions, disorders of the functioning of the cardiovascular system, as well as increased irritability, tachycardia, sleep disturbances and intestinal spasms.

This medication is contraindicated in cases of hypersensitivity to its components, as well as in severe liver and / or kidney failure.

The drug "Corvalol"( instructions for use pays special attention to this) with special care is assigned to women who are expecting a child. During this period, the medication should be taken for exceptional indications. In case of necessity of taking a preparation of a nursing mother, lactation should be suspended for the duration of therapy.

Medication "Corvalol", the instruction for its use, examines its composition in detail, due to the content of phenobarbital and ethanol is not recommended during the period of activities involving rapid physical and / or mental response, and increased attention.

It is noted that if the drug is taken for a long time, a drug dependence may form, and the accumulation of an increased bromine content in the body is also possible, which leads to the development of poisoning with this substance.

Pharmaceutical preparation "Corvalol".Dosage and method of application

The optimum amount of medication is determined individually. Adult patients are prescribed, on average, fifteen to thirty drops of the drug three times a day before eating. In the case of tachycardia, a single dose can be increased to forty to fifty drops. Children are shown from three to fifteen drops during the day( when determining the volume of the drug takes into account the age of the child and the clinical picture of the disease).

Before taking "Corvalol" -drop, it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

Side effects on the background of taking the drug in question, as a rule, is not observed. In rare cases, during the daytime there is drowsiness and dizziness.

With regular long-term treatment with this medication( especially at high doses) chronic bromine poisoning is possible, with symptoms such as depression, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, apathy, diathesis( hemorrhagic) and movement coordination disorders.

The drug goes on sale in bottles-droppers in volume fifteen or twenty five milliliters.

Medication is effective for eighteen months.

In pharmacies, it can be purchased without a prescription.