Potassium in the human body

The body contains a large number of various chemical elements that ensure its normal functioning, and potassium in human life plays an important role. If there is a decrease or increase in the number of at least one of the elements, this immediately affects the overall health.

Potassium in the human body, together with sodium, are important elements, and without them the normal functioning of all systems is impossible. Microelements take an active part in providing vital activity, and therefore changes in their quantity adversely affect well-being.

Potassium in the human body - the value of

It is potassium( when combined with sodium) takes a direct part in regulating the water-salt balance. The presence of potassium directly affects the level of acids, salts and alkalis in the body.

Potassium in the human body plays an important role, it takes part in the work of the nervous and cardiovascular system, as well as in the organization of muscular activity. Influences the general condition of the body, namely its mental and physical activity, as well as the speed of fatigue.

Potassium in the human body is necessary in order to avoid diseases such as atherosclerosis, and also to prevent changes in blood pressure and the occurrence of a variety of spasms. It is the most important in the treatment and prevention of allergy cases, and also helps to remove slags from the human body namely potassium.

The norm for the adult body is about 1.2 - 2 grams per day, and for children 15 - 30 mg per kilogram of weight.

Usually a special lack of potassium in the body is felt in the spring. If you do not make a permanent replenishment, then gradually the deficit will develop, as a result of which the metabolism will be disrupted, which will lead to negative consequences for human health.

What indicates a lack of potassium in the body

The peculiarity of this trace element is that it is not able to accumulate in the body, and it must be constantly replenished. With insufficient intake of potassium in the body, its level quickly falls, a person immediately begins to feel weak, nervousness appears, pressure decreases, constipation may appear, as well as problems with nails and hair. Potassium for the body is very important, with a lack of this element, the heart, adrenals and kidneys fail, and, for example, the healing of the received wounds becomes more prolonged. The presence of dry skin in a person, the appearance of various ulcers and erosions on it can also indicate a low content of potassium in the body.

For constant replenishment of potassium in the body, it is necessary to include foods that have an increased content in the diet. Also, do not expose the body to very intensive physical exertion, you should limit the use of alcohol, coffee, various diuretics, reduce the amount of stress, since all this contributes to the intensive excretion of this trace element from the body.

A large amount of potassium is found in fruits( apples, oranges, grapes and others), vegetables( tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, garlic, horseradish, radish and others), berries( watermelon, strawberry, dog rose, currant and others)groats, rye bread, potatoes. It is possible to additionally use medicines, but this should be done only according to the doctor's prescription.

But do not be very addicted to the use of products containing potassium. Increased concentration in the body can lead to dehydration, as well as acid-base balance may occur, arrhythmia and drowsiness occur, failures in the work of the kidneys and indigestion.