Procedures for rendering medical assistance to the population of the Russian Federation

Primary care is a form of medical services, containing a set of standard procedures aimed at the preliminary elimination of sources that threaten the life of the victim. These assistance is carried out on the site of the patient's defeat( self-help) or other individuals( mutual assistance), who are close by. For today, there are certain procedures for providing medical assistance to the population of the Russian Federation.

procedures for the provision of medical assistance

General requirements for first aid and its types

The main task in providing the necessary services is, first of all, the ability to provide assistance to a patient who was injured or suffered from a sharp attack of the disease, before the emergence of a qualified ambulance team.

To date, the order of rendering specialized medical care on the profiles includes 3 varieties:

  • basic medical;
  • is a first-aid;
  • initial curative.

The first medical assistance is the integration of activities produced by the inhabitants themselves on the site of the defeat, the way of self-help and mutual assistance, as well as the participants in rescue operations with the use of improvised and time-consuming means. First aid services are provided by a paramedic.

The first treatment aid is a set of medical and preventive procedures performed by specialists and aimed at excluding the results of the lesion. Thus, a person who provides the necessary medical assistance can be absolutely an outsider who has the ability to provide such assistance.

Procedures for the provision of specialized medical care by profiles

General order of actions of

Procedures for the provision of specialized medical care for profiles are:

  • providing patients with qualified doctors;
  • call ambulance;
  • providing the victim with the first medical aid before the brigade of medical workers arrives.

In what situations it is necessary to call an ambulance

An ambulance is recommended to be called in certain cases:

  1. The patient is in an unconscious state.
  2. If the victim has severe breathing, or is at all absent.
  3. Patient has uninterrupted pain in the sternum.
  4. Abundant bleeding.
  5. Acute abdominal cramps.
  6. Intoxication or other urgent circumstances.

In other situations, when it is impossible to resort to emergency care, you should trust your instinct. procedures for the provision of medical care to children

Standards of medical services

Procedures for the provision of medical care for children and adults are prepared according to the list of medical assistance and include average coefficients of frequency of use and frequency of supply:

  • of medical services;
  • varieties of therapeutic nutrition, as well as special products for patients;
  • of medicines registered in Russia( with the installation of medium dosages), according to the instructions for their use and the pharmacotherapeutic composition for the anatomically-therapeutic-chemical specification, certified by the World Health Organization;
  • blood components;
  • of medical products transplanted into the human body;
  • of other services, based on the specificities of the disease( condition).

The use and designation of medical products, products and specialized food products that are not included in the relevant standard of medical services are allowed due to the patient's medical indications on the decision of the medical commission. And here additional ways of rendering medical aid are provided. procedures and standards of medical care

Treatment for bleeding

External blood flow occurs as a result of blood vessel trauma with the appearance of blood on the surface of the skin. The power of bleeding is determined by the appearance of the wound of the blood vessel. When small cuts appear insignificant blood flow, and if large blood vessels( blood vessels, arteries) are damaged, blood flows instantly, and bleeding can be dangerous for the life of the victim.

Arterial blood flow is usually strong and rapid, with sharp pain in the affected area of ​​the body, with a bright red tinge of blood that flows from the wound with a stream.

For venous bleeding, there is more uniform blood flow from the injury site. Blood differs dark red or burgundy color and flows constantly. To eliminate such blood flow, there are certain procedures for the provision of medical care.

If there was a syncope

This phenomenon is an unexpected loss of consciousness, which is accompanied by a weakening of the work of the breath and heart. There is a syncope with rapidly forming anemia of the brain, it lasts from a few seconds to 3-10 minutes and even more. The indicators of fainting are:

  • loss of consciousness;
  • nausea;
  • listlessness;
  • pallor and coolness of the skin;
  • dizziness;
  • slowed breathing;
  • is a rare and weak pulse( up to 40 beats per minute).

The first thing to do in this situation is to put the patient on his back so that his legs are raised and his head is lowered. In order to improve the condition of the victim, there are certain procedures for the provision of medical care. procedures for the provision of medical care for surgery

  1. Relieve chest and neck from tight clothing to facilitate breathing.
  2. Cover the patient with something warm and apply a heating pad to his feet.
  3. Give me a sniff of ammonia and rub it with whiskey.
  4. Sprinkle face with cool water.
  5. If fainting is delayed, artificial respiration is required.
  6. As a patient out of syncope, you must immediately give him strong coffee.

Assistance for minor damage to the

If a deep cut or puncture occurs with an object, the following actions should be performed:

  • rinse the wound with soapy liquid or antiseptic solution - a remedy that has antimicrobial efficacy( eg hydrogen peroxide, iodine) and is used for treatmentscratches and cuts;
  • for cleaning dirty abrasions it is necessary to apply a sterile tampon or a napkin, starting from the center of the wound and heading to its edges;
  • apply a small tourniquet.

Procedures and standards of medical care for the population of the Russian Federation

Specialist services will be needed only in the situation, if there is a danger of getting into the cut of infection.

Procedures for the provision of medical care for surgery

There are some rules for providing people with surgical assistance.

  1. The lawful order approves the requirements for the provision of medical services to an adult in the specialty of "surgery" in medical clinics.
  2. Surgical care is provided in the form of the first health-care, specialized, high-tech assistance.
  3. Procedures for the provision of medical care can be carried out in outpatient settings( there is no 24-hour medical supervision and therapy), in the day-time hospital( treatment and medical control is provided in the daytime, there is no ongoing monitoring), permanently( by agreement, which provides 24-hour supervision and therapy).
  4. Primary health care services presuppose procedures for the treatment of surgical conditions and ailments, as well as diagnosis, medical recovery, prevention, and the maintenance of a healthy mode of life.

At the present time, it is very important for every person to know the procedures and standards of medical care in any situation. After all, you can always find yourself in the place where you need to help the victim. And if this is done correctly, then it is possible to save the life of the patient before the arrival of the ambulance.