Contrikal: analogues. Substitute "Contrikal".Gordoks: price, reviews

Acute pancreatitis is a dangerous disease that can lead to the death of pancreatic tissue, and then to death. Therapy of this ailment is carried out by using special medications. One of the effective remedies that is used in acute pancreatitis is the drug Kontrikal. You can buy this medication only with the prescription of a doctor, and you can only be treated by it in the hospital. Today we learn a lot of useful information about the drug "Counterkal": analogs, form of release, composition, cost. Also find out what other problems this medication can be prescribed. counter

Description of the drug "Kontrikal"

This is a remedy that can stop bleeding caused by excess substances dissolving blood clots. Also, the medicine inhibits the appearance of pancreatic damage( self-digestion) when the enzymes are released against the background of another attack of pancreatitis.

The preparation is produced in one form only - lyophilizate for intravenous injections. Often the drug is called simply - ampoules "Kontrikal".

No tablets with this drug exist.


Medication Kontrikal, analogues of which have a similar effect, consists of such components:

- The main substance - aprotinin.

- Auxiliary ingredient - mannitol.

Both these components and constitute a lyophilizate, which then need to be diluted and then injected intravenously.

The drug "Contrikal" is sold together with a physiological solution, which must be sterile. Therefore, the manufacturer seals it. One ampoule contains 2 ml of this solution and is used to dilute the lyophilizate from exactly one vial. The product is sold in a box containing 10 bottles of medicine and the same number of ampoules with a solvent. substitute counter

When is it assigned?

The drug "Kontrikal" is used for various health problems. It is used as a hemostatic in such cases:

- After surgery on the lungs, as well as the prostate.

- Due to embolism by amniotic fluid.

- After various injuries.

- With birth bleedings.

In addition, the medication is used to treat such pathological conditions:

- Acute pancreatitis.

- Dying of pancreatic tissue.

- Acute postoperative parotitis.

- Quill.

- Burn, traumatic, hemorrhagic shock.

- Deep injury, injury.

Cost. Country of origin

The price of the drug "Contrikal" varies between 1000-1300 rubles per 10 bottles of lyophilizate.

This medicine is produced in Germany and Croatia.

Medication "Contrikal": analogues of

This drug has plenty of substitutes. Similar medicines can be used as analogs: Gordoks, Aprokal, Kontriven, Aeros, Vero-Narcap, Trasilol, Traskolan, Ingiprol, Iniprol, etc. Many peopleask the question: "Does the money to which the article is devoted have a substitute in a convenient form of release?" Unfortunately, the drug "Counterkal" analogs in tablets or capsules does not. All substitutes for this preparation are concentrates for the preparation of injectable solutions. Therefore, do not even bother yourself and look for analogs in some other form of release. They simply do not exist. gordox price

The drug "Gordoks": a brief description of

This medication is a popular substitute for the drug "Kontrikal".The drug has the following composition:

- Active substance - aprotinin.

- Additional elements - sodium chloride, benzyl alcohol, water for injection.

It turns out that the active substance of the drugs "Contrikal" and "Gordoks" is the same. Hence, you can safely replace these medicines against each other in the event that one of them is not in the pharmacy.

The medicine "Gordoks" is an analogue of "Kontrikal" in ampoules. Each of them is placed in a plastic pallet. The package contains 5 ampoules. The agent in the form of a solution is also administered intravenously. This drug is prescribed for the same problems as the drug Kontrikal. counter tablets in tablets

Cost of medicine "Gordoks".Country of origin

The price of this medicine in the pharmacy fluctuates around 5 thousand rubles for a package consisting of 25 ampoules. You can buy this drug by the piece. So, in different pharmacies in Moscow the cost of one ampoule of this medicine can fluctuate from 180 to 250 rubles.

Produced in Hungary.

Opinions of patients about the drug "Gordoks"

This substitute "Kontrikala" - a remedy that saves patients from acute pain in pancreatitis, patients' reviews are mostly positive. Most often people write on the forums that this drug helped them to recover quickly after acute inflammation of the pancreas. The patients note that after 2 days of using the drug "Gordoks" their state of health improved significantly, acute pains were eliminated. Also there are reviews on the Internet of people who were treated with this medication by nurses: they stopped bleeding of a different nature. Patients also in this case noted the effectiveness of the drug "Gordoks", the price of which, by the way, is quite acceptable.

This medication is also used by opponents, however, those women and men who have had allergic reactions after using the medicine leave negative responses. However, this does not mean that the ampoules "Gordoks" are ineffective. Simply, each organism reacts in its own way to the effect of this medication. Someone he approached, but someone does not. Therefore, before beginning therapy, be sure to ensure that the health worker has given the patient a trial injection. counterpress analogue in ampoules

Medication "Kontriven"

This is another substitute for Kontrikal, a drug that is popular in the hospital, and is available as a solution for injections. The composition of the drug "Contriven" is as follows:

- The main substance is aprotinin.

- Auxiliary components - sodium chloride, water for injection.

The drug should be injected slowly intravenously. At the same time, the patient is lying down."Contriven" can also cause side effects, so before using it, a test dose of 1 ml of the substance should be administered.

This medicine, as, indeed, all other analogues of the drug "Contrikal", can be used only in a hospital.

This tool is produced in Ukraine.

The cost of 10 ampoules per 1 ml will be about 400 rubles. And for 5 ampoules of 5 ml each will have to pay 800 rubles.

The minus of the drug "Contriven" is that it is difficult to find it in Russia. The manufacturer of this product is oriented to the domestic market, so the drug is for the most part sold in Ukraine.

Drug "Trasilol"

This is a German drug that can make a good competition to the solution of "Contrikal".The drug is also used in acute pancreatitis, treatment of shock conditions, prevention of fat embolism, bleeding after surgery, as well as injuries. contraceptive

The drug "Trasilol" is a solution containing such components as aprotinin, sodium chloride, water for injections. This medicine, like all the others noted in this article, is administered intravenously once. Therefore, it is used only within the walls of the hospital.

Possible side effects after using this medication: thrombophlebitis, nausea, vomiting, bronchospasm, muscle pain, hallucinations. Before injecting with this remedy, it is necessary to conduct an intradermal test. And if the body normally takes the medicine, then they can be treated.

The cost of this drug is still unknown, since the solution "Trasilol" is on re-registration.


This article presented the reader with an effective medication called "Kontrikal".Analogs of this drug have also been considered. What exactly means against acute pancreatitis, injuries to buy, should determine the doctor. In any case, it is possible to be treated with Kontrikal or its substitutes only in a hospital. After all, all such drugs are available as injectable solutions.