What is better - "Suprastin" or "Diazolinum"?Antihistamines: comparison

What is better - Suprastin or Diazolin? This question was asked, perhaps, by every person suffering from allergies. Both of these medicines are antihistamines. The one and the other drug is available in tablets. On this the same qualities end them. This article will tell you what is the difference between drugs and what is better, Suprastin or Diazolin.

that it is better Suprastinum or Diazolinum

Cost of medicines

Every person who starts comparing medicines, first of all, pays attention to the cost. So, "Diazolin" can be purchased in every pharmacy network for only 60-70 rubles. In the packaging, you will find ten tablets.

The price of medicines "Suprastin" is different. One pack of the drug costs about 130 rubles. It's almost twice as expensive as the above-described analog. However, the price of the drug "Suprastin" is justified by the fact that in one pack you can find twenty capsules. This, respectively, is twice as large as that of its predecessor.

Suprastin and Diazolin: indications and their comparison.

. What is the difference between these medicines in the testimony. As you already know, they are both antihistamines. They are prescribed for seasonal allergies, during the reaction to a particular drug, with atopic dermatitis, hives. Often, these compounds are used to stop food allergies. During the reaction to insect bites, both of these agents can be used.

What's the difference? The drug "Suprastin" is often used in the complex treatment of viral diseases. While "Diazolin" is not used for this purpose. However, "Diazolin" can be used in the complex treatment of bronchial asthma.

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Contraindications to the use of

What is better - Suprastin or Diazolin? Both these drugs are prohibited during pregnancy and during lactation. Compositions are not appointed during an exacerbation of diseases of kidneys and a liver. Also, the stomach ulcer and some bowel diseases are a direct contraindication to correction.

The drug "Diazolin" is not allowed for epilepsy. Suprastin is contraindicated in bronchial asthma. The drug "Diazolin" is not allowed for use for children under three years old. The medicine "Suprastin" can also be given to babies after 30 days of life. In this case, the medicament is usually ground.

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Way of using

As you already know, you can use the drug "Suprastin" for children. The instruction informs, that the dose of a medicine thus costs to be crushed and to dissolve a small amount of a liquid. If desired, it is allowed to add the formula to the food, but it should not be hot. Dosage of this product for adults and children over 14 years is one tablet. Multiplicity of application - up to 4 times a day. Children are usually prescribed from ¼ to ⅔ tablets, depending on body weight. A day is allowed to repeat the reception up to three times.

The drug "Diazolin" is prescribed to adults two capsules up to four times a day. For children, a single dose is reduced to one tablet. The composition should be taken orally, without chewing. This is a prerequisite for treatment.

The emergence of adverse reactions

If you ask some consumers about the effectiveness of antihistamines, they will say that it is better "Suprastin" nothing can be. After all, this drug almost never causes negative reactions. Unfortunately, this can not be said about the drug "Diazolin".The price, the instruction on the use of the composition are already known to you. Now it is worth learning about the possible consequences of its use.

The drug often causes nausea and pain in the stomach. It also contributes to the appearance of drowsiness, and in large doses disrupts the coordination of movements. Medication often provokes exacerbation of diseases of the stomach and intestines. After all, it is taken in quite a lot.

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Use of medicines during pregnancy

As you already know, both medicines are prohibited during the period of gestation. However, there are quite difficult situations, when a woman still needs this treatment. In this case, the drug "Suprastin" for children is safer. The instruction says that the medication can be used late in pregnancy only in individual dosage and at the doctor's prescription.

What about the composition of Diazolin? This drug should not be taken at any time during pregnancy. Otherwise, a woman will not be able to avoid complications in the baby.

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What is better - Suprastin or Diazolin?

What conclusion can be drawn after comparing these compounds? Both drugs are antihistamine and have similar indications. However, they have completely different composition and active substances. It is worth noting that persons who are intolerant to Suprastin can use the drug Diazolin and vice versa.

Given the price and speed of the action, users prefer to buy the composition "Diazolin".However, the drug "Suprastin" is safer. It has been tested many times. That's why the composition is allowed for use for young children. While its analogue is not allowed to be used by persons under three years of age.

Another point in favor of Suprastin is the way it is used. So, the medicine can be grinded, chewed and added to food. The drug "Diazolin" is strictly prohibited to use this way. It must be swallowed whole.

Perhaps the main drawback of all antihistamines is that they cause drowsiness. That's why they can not be used for mental work. Drivers of vehicles are also forced to refuse drugs. But this is sometimes vital. The manufacturer of the drug Suprastin promises that it does not have a sedative effect. Therefore, you can take the medicine and not be afraid of that you will feel bad.

From all of the above, we can conclude that the drug "Suprastin" significantly wins compared to "Diazolin" and many other similar drugs. However, the last choice is always for the consumer and his doctor who prescribes the medicine. Before you buy this or that drug, consult a doctor. Only a specialist will be able to tell you the right decision, considering all the features of your body.

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Now you know what's best, Suprastin or Diazolin. It is worth recalling that both of these drugs are medicines. That's why they need to be taken only after receiving recommendations from a doctor. Uncontrolled use leads to the inevitable occurrence of adverse reactions. Use the services of doctors and are treated correctly. Strong to you health!