Treatment of dyspnea with heart failure breathing exercises, folk remedies, drugs. Treatment of dyspnea with heart failure in dogs

In our time, we increasingly meet people who complain of heart failure. The cause of the disease may be different: lung disease, myocardial infarction, poor blood circulation, etc. But whatever the reason, all people face the same problem - dyspnea treatment for heart failure. The methods of treating dyspnea may be different, and in this article we will tell you about the possible means that will help to cope with this problem.

Danger level

treatment of dyspnea with heart failure This disease, like heart failure, is characterized by a decrease in the ability of the heart to pump blood in the right amount. Symptoms of the disease are usually considered:

  • increase in blood pressure;
  • shortness of breath;
  • fainting;
  • dizziness;
  • problems with breathing and lungs.

Shortness of breath as one of the most obvious signs of heart failure can not only indicate the presence of a problem in the work of the heart, but also on some grounds to help determine the stage and extent of the disease.

Determine the state of dyspnea

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First of all, you need to understand that dyspnea occurs after a person begins to physically load the body. Depending on how strong the load is and when there is shortness of breath, you can draw conclusions about the stage of the disease. There are 4 stages( class) of heart failure:

  1. The first stage. Shortness of breath appears only when the body is long exposed to physical exertion or not for long, but the load is significant.
  2. The second stage. The physical load on the body is moderate, but still, shortness of breath starts.
  3. Third stage. Even small loads lead to the appearance of dyspnea.
  4. Fourth stage. Without any stress, even in a calm state, a person suffers from shortness of breath.

dyspnea with heart failure treatment with folk remedies Of course, before you run to the doctor, you need to analyze the situation. In itself, shortness of breath is a lack of air, a change in the depth of breathing, as well as its frequency. A healthy person can also have this problem, for example, after a long run or with excessive excitement. In such situations it is quite normal for the body to require an additional portion of oxygen. But if dyspnea appears with low loads, and even in combination with other symptoms of heart failure, you should immediately consult a cardiologist for advice.

Shortness of breath in heart failure: treatment, drugs

In order to overcome such a problem as shortness of breath, you must first deal with its cause. In our case, it is heart failure. With a comprehensive approach to treatment, there is every chance to improve the condition of the body. Here it is necessary to apply all the factors:

  • to abandon bad habits;
  • adhere to the diet;
  • try to control the emotional state, do not be nervous;
  • does not stop loading the body with physical activity, at least daily walking tours.

For normal cardiac function, the following groups of drugs are usually used:

  1. Glycoside. Aligns the rhythm and has a cardiotonic effect.
  2. Inhibitor. Expands the arteries and restores the work of the vessels.
  3. Diuretic. Removes fluid from the body to improve the condition.
  4. Beta blocker. Enriches the body with oxygen and reduces the contraction of the heart muscles.

By treating dyspnea with heart failure with these medications prescribed by a cardiologist, you can significantly improve the condition, problems with dyspnea go away. It is important not to be lazy, because no one except you can not defeat the ailment.

Physical exercises

dyspnea with heart failure treatment drugs Often experts recommend supplementing the treatment of dyspnea with heart failure by breathing exercises. There are a number of activities that will not only help to improve the result, but will also bring pleasure. It is recommended to repeat all exercises three times, with the breath being made by the nose and breathing out with the mouth:

  1. Count to five, while at 1,2,3,4 we breathe in air, and at 5 - we breathe out. Repeat the process three times. Do not worry if you feel a little dizzy. This is a sign that the lungs got too much oxygen.
  2. Sit on a chair, level your back. We inhale, lifting our shoulders, but exhale, dropping them. Do not get your head back.
  3. We sit as in the previous exercise, but now we breathe in and start the left hand sideways and backwards. Exhaling, return the hand to the starting position. Then we do the same with the right hand.
  4. All the same we sit. This time, with the inhalation, we open both arms as much as possible, and on exhalation we return our hands and sit relaxed.
  5. Compatible breathing with squatting. On inhalation - crouch, then exhale and rise.

treatment of dyspnea with heart failure breathing exercises

In addition to such exercises, you can make walks, swim and do exercises in the air. Here are some of the suggested exercises:

  • circular body movements with hands on the waist;
  • movement "scissors" with your hands in front of you at the chest level;
  • walking on toes;
  • fold your hands in the lock and lift over your head, while keeping your foot back on the toe.

Mother Nature Assistance

As already noted, one of the most common problems, especially among middle-aged people, is shortness of breath in heart failure. Treatment with folk remedies is used quite often, since many people trust nature more than medications. Of course, nature can help but cure the problem altogether - hardly. In any case, before you treat folk medicine, consult with a specialist. Here it is worth noting that the treatment of dyspnea with chronic heart failure also allows the use of folk remedies. What means help in treatment? There are dozens of recipes, and among them:

  • a mixture of garlic and lemons;
  • a mixture of lemons, honey and garlic;
  • infusion of celandine;
  • decoction of turnip;
  • decoction from blackberry;
  • herbal collection of elderberry, sundew, plantain and violet flowers.

Applying any prescription, you must necessarily consult a cardiologist, so as not to worsen the state of the body by self-medication.

Signs of dyspnea in heart failure

treatment of dyspnea in heart failure in dogs Before starting treatment for shortness of breath in heart failure, you need to understand that this is the type of dyspnea, not any other. After all, shortness of breath can be a sign of various abnormalities. With heart failure, there are a number of symptoms:

  • shortness of breath, namely inhalation;
  • appearance or strengthening of dyspnea during exercise;
  • appearance or strengthening of dyspnoea in prone position( in this position, the heart is harder to work than standing).

First aid

treatment of dyspnea in chronic heart failure Whatever the dyspnea treatment for heart failure, there are cases when urgent help is needed to a person who suffers from this ailment. Naturally, if you are in this situation, then immediately you need to call an ambulance. In the meantime, you are waiting for a team of doctors, you need to do the following:

  1. Put the patient on a chair so that his legs are lowered down.
  2. Open the window, the vent for accessing fresh air.
  3. Loosen the collar of clothing.
  4. Let the patient rest in complete rest.
  5. Apply an oxygen pillow, if available.
  6. Under the patient's tongue, put nitroglycerin( one tablet is enough).
  7. Warm the limbs of the patient with a warmer or other accessible means.

Treatment of dyspnea with heart failure in dogs

Strangely enough, but our smaller friends - dogs - can also suffer from diseases that affect a person. And heart failure is one of them. Consequently, dyspnea may appear not only in humans, but also in dogs. Treatment of the disease is carried out under the absolute supervision of the veterinarian, but there are actions that will help alleviate the condition of the animal at a certain point, when shortness of breath becomes intolerable:

  • We call for emergency veterinary care.
  • We rub the tongue under the tongue of the remedy for removing the edema( even "Suprastin", from the calculation of half a tablet for 5 - 7 kg of the animal's weight).
  • Give access to fresh air.
  • Rub the back, the ears, the dog's chest.
  • If necessary, do heart massage.
  • It is possible to use an immunostimulant in the form of an injection.