Spa-sanatorium treatment: modern methods. Electronic queue for sanatorium treatment

Spa and spa treatment is an excellent way for those who want to improve their health and at the same time have a good rest from the work and bustle of everyday life. In this case, you can not leave far from home, finding something nearby. And, of course, you can visit the most popular world resorts.

Modern spa and spa treatment

Today, the institutions of this profile are not as popular as before, but still have enough fans. However, do not think that they have become something of a mere rest home - their medical activity is quite obvious, so that stay in sanatoriums is not shown to everyone. spa treatment

So, it is highly discouraged and even forbidden to come to such places to infectious patients, people with mental disabilities, during the acute phase of diseases, in the second half of pregnancy, with malignant tumors or a tendency to bleeding. As you know, the sanatoriums are engaged in maintaining the well-being of patients during periods of remission and as prevention. It is worthwhile to understand that the qualifications of local doctors and equipment are simply not intended to alleviate the condition during exacerbations.

As before, sanatorium treatment for children and adults presupposes the use of a natural factor. According to this principle, the institutions are divided into climatic, balneological and mud cure.

Outside of Russia and the CIS, such institutions are not widely distributed, they can only be compared with spa resorts, but the sanatoriums have more medical and medical aspects, while abroad this path is rather owned by cosmetologists rather than doctors.


Depending on where the sanatorium is located and what resources it has, the range of diseases it deals with is determined. Specializations can be:

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • dermatological problems;
  • diseases of excretory system( kidney, etc.);
  • gynecological diseases;
  • otorhinolaryngology;
  • disorders of metabolic processes and endocrine problems;
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • of the nervous system;
  • respiratory disease( excluding tuberculosis);
  • vascular disease;
  • problems of the gastrointestinal tract.

So, the spectrum of ailments, during which will help to soften the resort and sanatorium treatment, is very wide. A little later we will discuss where you can find suitable institutions. In the meantime, let's talk about what procedures are offered to patients today.

electronic queue for spa treatment

Modern methods of

If before resort and sanatorium treatment was limited to almost only solar and air baths, as well as changing the diet, now specialists in their work are actively using the latest medical achievements.

So, cryotherapy, that is, exposure to the body with extremely low temperatures, for example, with the help of dry cold air, shows a powerful anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating, anesthetic and vasodilating effect.

Mud and other wraps can have a beneficial effect on the condition of blood vessels, skin, joints. The same can be said about medicinal baths. With their help, you can also solve problems with the excretory system and gynecology. Through various mineral waters and dietotherapy, gastrointestinal diseases are eliminated and metabolism is corrected. Physiotherapy is shown for a variety of diseases.

sanatorium treatment of children

Light, electricity and magnetotherapy have been in the arsenal of sanatoriums for a long time and have proved their effectiveness in many areas: both in combating skin diseases and in eliminating the problems of the musculoskeletal system. Manual therapy also refers more to traditional methods.

Some sanatoriums also use more serious methods: ozonotherapy, plasmapheresis, lymphatic drainage. Such procedures require careful medical supervision, and therefore are not feasible everywhere. Salt caves, stone massage, herbal beams, or acupuncture do not require special conditions, so practice in almost every sanatorium.

In Russia

In the Russian Federation, rest in sanatoriums is still very popular, especially among people of the older generation who found the medical system in the USSR.Famous institutions are not so many, but some resorts do not give up their positions.

If we talk about balneological hospitals, they are primarily located in the North Caucasus. Mineral waters, Pyatigorsk, Kislovodsk, Matsesta, Sochi - these names speak for themselves.

The mud houses are located all over the country. St. Petersburg, Petrozavodsk, Moscow are not far behind. Sanatorium treatment with mud baths is also offered on the Black Sea coast and in the Baltic States.

Those who prefer pure air, beautiful landscapes and do not like to leave far from the house, it is possible to offer climatic boarding houses near Moscow, Karelia, Leningrad region. If we talk about the eastern part of the country, then almost all tourists come to the Altai.

sanatorium treatment for disabled people


Spa and spa treatment is popular among foreigners, however, in recent years it has adopted the format of SPA.Guesthouses of various categories and destinations are in Israel, China, South Korea. Speaking of Europe, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Serbia, Bulgaria are very popular.

Medical tourism is a rapidly developing sphere, and supply meets demand, so the choice is only for patients. As a rule, everything depends on the necessary profile, wishes and financial possibilities. At the same time, foreign institutions provide a proper level of sanatorium treatment for disabled people, children and other people who require special attention.

electronic queue for spa treatment


Despite the fact that the sanatorium system is not so strong today as in the USSR, in today's Russia there are also in demand directions to such institutions. Not everyone is interested in spending their summer vacation on medical procedures, so this topic is not very relevant for young people.

But people of the older generation still remember about the queue for sanatorium treatment, which has been preserved in a slightly modified form now. Moreover, it is not so difficult to get into it to get a preferential direction for rehabilitation and to put oneself in order. So, how to do this?

How to get it?

The easiest way - just buy, after consulting with a doctor of the appropriate profile or at least an ordinary therapist. Not every procedure will benefit those who suffer from a whole complex of diseases, so the final decision should be left to a person with a suitable education.

vouchers for spa treatment

Another way - an electronic queue for sanatorium treatment. Theoretically, anyone can enter it. In fact, the problem is whether the attending physician in the polyclinic at the place of residence considers that the testimony is sufficient to issue a referral. In the rest, except for the certificate, filled in after a fairly extensive survey, as well as passports and statements, nothing more is required.

Electronic queue for sanatorium treatment is a convenient service, you can get access to it directly from home, and then you do not have to waste time on unnecessary trips to institutions and filing documents, coming directly to the doctors. And if you're lucky, you can get to the treatment for free.

For certain categories of

, there are certain groups of citizens who, for one reason or another, have the right not to join the general queue for sanatorium treatment. We are talking about veterans, disabled people, honorable donors and children. For them, there are separate queues, but in general, the procedure for requesting the direction is the same as for the rest.

Students of state universities, as well as employees of budget institutions and members of trade unions, can also apply for a permit for sanatorium treatment by contacting the trade union committees. Many large companies cooperate with health facilities, allocating free or discounted vouchers to health resorts of different directions for their employees and their children.

sanatorium spa treatment

Tax deduction

By the way, if the ticket had to be paid independently, its cost can be slightly compensated. This will help a special tax deduction for medical expenses. It is worth to be attentive, because not all the range of services can be included in the list of those whose value can be compensated. The deduction amount is limited to 120 thousand rubles, if it is not a question of expensive treatment. If services are included in this category, then the limit will be only the amount of income tax paid in the same year.

To apply for a deduction, you need to collect the certificates of 2-NDFL, 3-NDFL, as well as documents confirming the need for expenses incurred and the very fact that they took place. Important point: if you go to the tax office to provide copies of documents, you must have the originals for inspection by the inspector. Be healthy!