Analogues of "Mikrolaks": instructions, reviews, prices

Many times people have had to choose the analog of this or that medical device. Such drugs are created so that the patient can choose the method of treatment himself. Also, similar remedies help doctors change their appointments depending on the life situation. An analogue of a drug may be a preparation that is completely the same in composition as the original. Such a substitute will be called absolute. There are also compounds that have different components, but, nevertheless, have a similar effect on the patient's body. These substitutes are called relative.

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This article will tell you about what you can choose the analogues of "Mikrolaks".You will learn about the ways of using them and features. Also worth mentioning is that it reports on the preparation "Mikrolaks" instructions for use. The price, analogues of the medication will be described in full detail. Separately, we present to your attention reviews about medicines.

Microclysters "Microlax": instruction, price

Analogues of the drug are compositions that can replace a medicine without affecting the patient's health. How does the drug "Mikrolaks" work?

This composition is an enema, to be more precise, it is a microclyster. Its volume does not exceed 5 milliliters. However, this is enough to stimulate the work of the intestine. Also under the action of the composition the stool masses are liquefied.

Use "Microlux" only rectally. To do this, the tip of the medication is inserted into the anus. Then it is injected. The cost of this drug is about 300 rubles. For this price you can get 4 pipettes containing sodium lauryl sulfoacetate and sodium citrate.

Is there an absolute substitute?

Like any medicine, it has a preparation "Mikrolaks" analogs. The experts' testimonies indicate that at present no absolute analogues of this preparation are produced. There are a lot of drugs that can replace "Mikrolaks".They have their pros and cons. The action of such medications is the same as the original - a laxative. However, their composition and method of use are very different.

Doctors advise not to use analogues of "Mikrolaks" on their own. Before applying this or that remedy, it is worthwhile to visit a doctor and receive appropriate recommendations.

Microclysters "Microlax": analogues of the preparation

There are many tools that can replace this medication. They are in the form of tablets and capsules, powders and suspensions, drops and rectal suppositories. Also there are microclysters, allowing the intestines to free themselves from the stool. However, they have a different composition than the original drug.

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To the analogues of the medicine, it is possible to classify glycerin suppositories, syrup "Dufalac", "Gutasil", pastilles "Phytolax", tablets "Senade", and also compositions "Norgalax" and "Normakol".Let us consider in more detail the method of using them and the principle of operation.


Analogues of "Mikrolaks" from this category are the compositions of "Norgalax" and "Normakol".The first type of medicine will cost you about 200 rubles. Normakol costs about three hundred.

Both these drugs are administered rectally. They soften fecal masses in the large intestine and stimulate its work. It is worth noting that Normakol has a slightly larger volume than the original drug. Its mass is 130 milligrams, while "Norgalax" is absolutely identical in volume to the original product.

Syrup "Dyufalak"

Analogues of "Mikrolaks" can be presented and in the form of suspensions."Dufalac" is a syrup having a sweet taste. That is why it is very easy to apply for small children. This remedy is also used to prevent chronic constipation. It is worth noting that unlike Mikrolaks, this analogue is allowed to be used for a long time. It is not addictive and does not affect the perelstatics of the intestine.

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The cost of this analogue is about 500 rubles. Its undoubted advantage is safety and the possibility of using even for the treatment of young children and expectant mothers. However, the action of this drug does not occur as quickly as microclyster Microlax. Consumer feedback reports that the drug has a greater cumulative effect.

Tablets and lozenges

This group is represented by analogues of "Mikrolaks" with the following trade names: "Senade", "Phytolaks", "Bisakodil" and others. All of them are now rarely prescribed by doctors. The greatest preference is given to drugs acting directly on the cause of constipation. The described compositions, before entering the intestine, pass the stomach and are digested.

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You can buy these medicines at a cost of 200 to 600 rubles. The drug "Senade" and at all will cost you 50-80 rubles. Take such medication is recommended only as needed. They have many contraindications and side effects. This fact must be taken into account when choosing a treatment. Otherwise, you can not avoid negative consequences.

Rectal suppositories

This kind of laxative is also an analog of "Mikrolaks".The principle of using the composition is the same as for the original product. The drug is inserted into the anus. However, its effect may not be so fast. All because the suppository takes time to completely dissolve in the intestine.

Such compositions include glycerin suppositories or "Glycerax".These drugs cost about 120 rubles per package. However, doctors do not recommend using them regularly. You can use these rectal suppositories only as necessary, otherwise the bowel weakness and perilstatic disturbance develop.

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Reviews about medicines

Doctors say that the most safe means, which normalizes the work of the intestines and stomach, is a complex of useful bacteria. It can be such drugs as Linex, Acipol, Normobakt, Enterol, and many others. The principle of their action is not as fast as microclysters. However, they are more safe for the human body. Within a few days of regular use of such formulations, one can notice improvement in digestion and normalization of the stool.

Consumers say that for rapid effect it is worth using microclysters or rectal suppositories with laxative effect. Other types of analogues have a slower effect. If we talk about the cost of medicines, then it is most beneficial to purchase suppositories. However, users report that such medicines can not be taken with them on the road. They should be stored only in the refrigerator.

Reviews of pharmacists report that not all medicinal laxatives can be used to treat children and pregnant women. Before using this or that composition, it is worthwhile to visit a doctor and get recommendations.

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Instead of concluding

Now you have learned that the application instruction for Microlax is given. Price, reviews, analogues and way of using the drug are described in the article. Remember that such tools will not help you to get rid of the problem forever. They only carry out a symptomatic correction. To normalize the chair, you need to reconsider your diet and lifestyle. Be healthy!