"Nasoferon": instructions for use and reviews

Antiviral and immunomodulating drugs in recent years are becoming particularly popular. Now when you visit a therapist or pediatrician with a complaint about a cold you will come across the fact that you will definitely be assigned one of the types of such medications. These may be drops for administration to the nasal cavity, tablets, inhalants, ointment or syrup. One of such medicines is "Nasoferon"( drops).Instructions for using the drug will be presented to your attention further. From the article you will learn what kind of reviews this type of medicine has. Also you will be able to find out the peculiarities of using the drug.

nasoferon instruction

What do doctors say about medication?

Specialists testify that the instruction( for children and adults) must be carefully studied before using the drug "Nasoferon"( drops).Before you start the correction, it is worthwhile to contact the doctors and get a qualified consultation. About the preparation "Nasoferon" the instruction and doctors say the following. Medication is an excellent tool in the fight against viruses and colds. It can be used in complex treatment or independently. The agent is based on interferon recombinant. It has all the properties of a given substance. Medics say that "Nasoferon" is an absolutely safe remedy. However, this does not indicate the possibility of uncontrolled use of the drug.

Indications for the prescription of the drug

When does the doctor recommend using the drug "Nazoferon"?Instructions for use and feedback from specialists suggest that the composition is used to treat or prevent colds, bacterial and viral diseases. It is also used to correct the immune defense of the human body. The main indications for use include the following situations:

  • contact with a sick person or a period of epidemics;
  • being in large companies( office, school and preschool);
  • acute and chronic acute airway disease;
  • in the complex treatment of ENT diseases;
  • states caused by immunodeficiency.

nasoferon instruction for children

Despite the fact that the instruction is given about the drug "Nazoferon" instruction, it is most often prescribed for the treatment of respiratory diseases and for the prevention.

Are there any restrictions and contraindications?

As you already know, this medication is safe. Doctors say that the remedy can be used even during childbearing and with further lactation. The composition does not have any negative effect on the baby's body. What does the instruction say about the drug "Nazoferon"?

The annotation states that the medication is not recommended for those individuals who have a hypersensitivity to interferon. Also it is necessary to approach with special care to treatment at presence of an acute and serious allergy in the anamnesis. Before giving medicines to children, it is necessary to obtain permission from the pediatrician.

Method of using the composition

What does the instruction say about the drug "Nazoferon"?For children and adults, the medication can be used for the purpose of treatment or for prophylaxis. In the latter case, correction courses can be periodically repeated. At the same time, the dose and schedule of taking the drug are determined by the doctor.

nasoferon drops instructions

The medication is injected into each nasal passage after a preliminary cleansing of the sinuses. You can use sea water or saline for this. The number of such administrations per day is determined by the doctor, based on the symptoms and the diagnosis. After the injection, several minutes should be in the horizontal position. To enhance the effect, massage the nasal sinuses with your fingers outside. This will help distribute the drug evenly. It is worth noting that when using a formulation in the form of a spray, the described action is not required.

Use of medicament with therapeutic purpose

The drug for treatment is prescribed for up to two weeks. However, patients usually recover after 5-7 days. In this case, the drug should be canceled ahead of schedule. The dose for correction in case of illness is usually chosen by the doctor. However, the standard scheme for using a medicament is as follows.

nasoferon drops instruction for children

In each nasal pass, 2-3 drops are injected or as many injections are carried out. Repeat the procedure in 4-6 hours. If after five days you have not felt relief, then it is worthwhile to see a doctor for correction of appointments. The reason for an urgent visit to a specialist is a worsening of the condition and a rise in body temperature.

Preparation "Nazoferon": instruction

Children's "Nasoferon" as such does not exist. That is, the drug is equally good for both kids and adults. It can be used from the very first days of a child's life. However, you need to follow a certain dosage and schedule.

  • To breast children under the age of one year( from birth), the medication is administered 1 drop every 5 hours.
  • For children from one year to three years, the drug is suitable as a spray. In each nostril, two doses are administered at intervals of 5-6 hours.
  • Children under the age of 4 can enter 2-3 doses in each nasal passage up to five times a day. In this case, the number of receptions should be divided into equal intervals of time.

Application for prevention of

How is "Nasoferon"( spray) applied in this case? The instruction says about the following:

  • For one-time contact with a sick person, it is enough to introduce 2 doses of medicament into each nasal passage.
  • If you are in a large company or purchased a drug for a child visiting the garden, then every morning you need to inject one drop of medicine into each nasal passage. This correction lasts no more than one week. After this, a break is made, and then the course is repeated.

nasoferon spray instruction

Do not abuse the drug "Nazoferon."Periodically, you need to change the prophylactic drug to another species. Otherwise, you risk overdrying the nasal mucosa.

Adverse Reactions

As you already know, the drug is quite safe. It is suitable for pregnant and lactating women. Also, the composition is used to treat babies. However, like any other medicine, "Nasoferon" can have adverse reactions.

nasoferon reviews

Among these, you can identify a sudden allergic reaction: itching, hives and redness. Also sometimes the medicine causes burning after the injection. This symptom passes by itself and is not an excuse to cancel the drug. Some patients show that after using the drug they have a fever. This condition can also be attributed to adverse reactions, but it is not necessary to cancel correction in this circumstance.

Nasoferon: consumer and patient feedback

What do consumers say about the drug? It is impossible not to mention the cost of the drug. Patients claim that the price category of the medication is quite affordable. Unlike other antiviral compounds, the drug "Nazoferon" is inexpensive. The average price per package of the drug is in the range of 200 to 300 rubles.

Also, consumers say that the effect of the drug comes very quickly. Within a few days of regular use, the patient begins to feel much better. The active substance of the drug blocks the multiplication of bacteria and viruses. It is not absorbed into the blood, but forms a protective film in the nasal cavity, which prevents re-infection.

how to use the drug nasoferon in children

Patients say that the medication has a short shelf life. Once opened, the drug should be used within ten days. In this case, it must be stored at a temperature of no higher than eight degrees. It is preferable to keep the drops and spray in the refrigerator. Doctors advise consumers to indicate on the vial the date of autopsy, as in most cases, patients forget it, which causes storage problems.

Instead of concluding

Now you know what the "Nasoferon" medication is and how it is applied. Remember that only a doctor can prescribe medication or prophylaxis with the medicine described. Despite its safety, sometimes the composition can cause unexpected reactions. Particularly responsible for its use should be approached during childbearing and after childbirth.

Sometimes the drug can be used in the form of inhalations. However, doctors rarely give such appointments. Physicians prefer to follow the instructions and use the composition in accordance with all the rules described. Strong to you health and perfect state of health!