Hemorrhoids can pass by himself? Stages of development and treatment

Huge problems bring people such a disease as hemorrhoids. Can this very illness go away? Without surgery or some kind of medication. After all, you do not always want to run to the doctor when you have this or that disease. Therefore, this issue is very interested in people. A hemorrhoids - this is also a very delicate topic. She confuses many, someone just hesitates to go directly to the doctor to undergo a course of treatment. So let's try to understand everything that can only concern our today's disease. What is it? How is it developed and treated? Does hemorrhoids go by themselves? Or is surgery required? About all this further. Hemorrhoids can pass by itself


Let's start with what we will understand about which disease is involved. How does it manifest itself? In fact, hemorrhoids are a disease that has to do with the rectum. It represents bleeding and inflammation of the anus, the emergence of pain during emptying( with blood sometimes).In addition, this disease is accompanied by the fallout of the so-called hemorrhoidal nodules. They become inflamed, swell and begin to climb out.

In principle, there are several types of hemorrhoids. And the stages, too. There is internal and external hemorrhoids. The first is just more dangerous. It is usually accompanied by pain, tremendous discomfort, bleeding in the rectum. But the second type is not so terrible. Rather, it usually carries external effects. That is accompanied by loss of hemorrhoids in one degree or another. Sometimes it is not even found before the examination of the anus. But can hemorrhoids pass by himself? This question interests many. To begin with, it is worth investigating why it does occur.

Reasons for

This question can not be answered that easily. Physicians still do not have an accurate idea of ​​why people have hemorrhoids. Unless only it is possible to name favorable environments of development of the given illness. And nothing more.

It's all about the fact that gender plays a huge role among all the available reasons. Women between the ages of 25 and 30 are most often at risk. Male hemorrhoids usually worry after 40. But it is estimated that approximately 30% of the world's population is facing this disease. Whether the hemorrhoids passes by itself

Also, a sedentary lifestyle is the cause of hemorrhoid development. It can be said that in this scenario blood clogs veins and blood vessels. And it affects the body. He "gives out" as a reaction to such a way of life hemorrhoids.

Heredity also plays a role in this sense. If you have someone in the family constantly tormented by this disease, then, most likely, you will find yourself at risk. And then there is almost no sense to argue, can hemorrhoids pass by itself. He will then appear, then disappear.

Of course, if we consider women, then they are the main cause of a collision with a particular form of the disease becomes pregnancy. This condition is characterized by a huge load on the body. As a consequence, hemorrhoids get out. Usually external, not bringing any discomfort or inconvenience. And they discover it very often directly with a gynecological examination. Do not panic.


Another option that is considered in the modern world regarding our today's issue is the psychosomatic causes of the appearance of hemorrhoids. It's hard to believe, but they do exist."Problems in the head" often become the sources of the occurrence of such a disease. Whether passes or takes place a hemorrhoids after

What is the most common here? Stress, fears and emotional instability. Or rather, negative emotions. Many are skeptical of the psychosomatic reasons for the appearance of hemorrhoids, but are thinking about whether it is possible to do without treatment and surgical intervention. Psychological problems in fact really contribute to the development of our current disease. This is a fact that must be taken for granted.

Stages of

Can hemorrhoids pass without treatment? To be honest, very much depends on the stage at which the disease was found. Also, the manifestation of the disease is also taken into account. Most often, a mild external hemorrhoids can pass without problems. Especially if you find and eliminate the cause of its occurrence.

The development of the disease takes place in 4 stages. At the first, you just get inflamed hemorrhoids and sometimes when emptying, blood appears. In this case, you do not feel any strong discomfort. Most often at this stage, people do not suspect that they have hemorrhoids. Whether passes or takes place a hemorrhoids after sorts or labors

The second stage of development is an increase in hemorrhoids. Here their first deposition appears. They are corrected independently, without interference. Most often this stage is asymptomatic. More precisely, it is difficult to notice it. After all, the nodes usually drop out when the bowels are emptied, and after or "refreshed" or you can return them to the "original position".

The third stage is the next prolapse of hemorrhoids. They increase in size, but they do not correct themselves. And just at this stage most often there is a huge discomfort and pain.

The last stage is the constant loss of bleeding and inflamed nodules. The most neglected situation, which is usually understood as hemorrhoids in general. You will encounter at this stage and with discomfort, and with pain, and with other "delights" of the disease. But does hemorrhoids pass on their own?

There is no single answer here. After all, a huge role is played by such a moment as the cause of this ailment. If you can determine why hemorrhoids have appeared, then it will be easy to eliminate it. Unless it's not about the last stage of development. Can hemorrhoids pass by themselves?

For pregnant women

Does hemorrhoids pass after childbirth? To be honest, it's not worth worrying about pregnant and lactating women. Usually, the disease itself disappears( just as unexpectedly as it does) or before labor, or shortly after the birth of the baby. But there are also cases when births only complicate the given ailment.

In principle, to run to the proctologist during pregnancy is not worth it. Such doctors usually deal with the treatment of hemorrhoids chronic, and not arising at an "interesting position."If you do not have any discomfort, and the stage of development is initial( up to the 2nd inclusive), there is no reason for panic. Prepare candles with glycerin just in case and wait a bit. Maybe the hemorrhoids will disappear.


It has already been said that our today's ailment can have psychological origins. So it's quite logical to wonder if he himself can pass under any circumstances. Of course, if you have a "neglected" stage, you will have to see a doctor. But otherwise the prospect of an independent disappearance takes place. Whether the hemorrhoids passes by itself

This is especially true when the disease was triggered by psychosomatic causes. It's enough just to adjust the emotional background, calm down and do not drive yourself into stress. And then keep the peace of mind and peace. Then do not have to think about whether hemorrhoids can pass by himself? Or does it require treatment? You will notice, how after some time this ailment will disappear.

The game of hide and seek

What else is worth paying attention to? Does hemorrhoids pass after you can establish emotional stability in your life and eliminate all negative about you? Yes, it's amazing, but it's true. Even so-called pet-therapy can sometimes cure a person.

In general, our current question is a very interesting topic. Hemorrhoids are such a "cunning" disease! He is able to appear independently and disappear. So if the ailment does not bother you, you can take the time to consult a doctor. Completely, of course, cure it will not work. Once they collided - they were at risk for a lifetime. But know, if you are thinking, whether hemorrhoids can pass by itself, then the answer will be positive. There is such a possibility.

How to treat

Sometimes you still have to treat hemorrhoids. You can contact a doctor( proctologist) or surgeon, so that professionals can quickly cope with unpleasant consequences. Only not everyone can decide this. Usually you can get by with "little blood", do self-medication. This is not the best deal, but with the initial stages it takes place. Can hemorrhoids pass without treatment?

What is recommended to do to get rid of hemorrhoids? For example, use special rectal suppositories twice a day. The course of treatment usually lasts no more than 14 days. Suitable preparations under the names "Relief", "Beriplast", "Natalside"( shown even during pregnancy and during breastfeeding).You can try less expensive remedies like rectal suppositories with glycerin. Either cold compresses. All this will help you without fail. But if there is excessive bleeding, which does not go away and does not decrease, consult a doctor. Self-medication is a good thing, but it can negatively affect your health! Now it is clear what is hemorrhoids, whether he himself can go and how to fight it.