How to call an ambulance from your mobile?

How to call an ambulance from your mobile? Many people are concerned with this question. This used to be used mostly by stationary telephones or automatic machines on the streets to make calls. Now mobile phones have conquered the world. And in order to use them as efficiently as possible, it is necessary to know the answers to a number of questions.

Do you know, for example, how to call an ambulance from a mobile? Hardly. But the situations in which such skills can be useful, a million. You can suffer yourself, be near a person who is in trouble, and so on. And not always at hand is a landline phone. So, if you witnessed an accident, saw a person on the street who has become ill, it does not feel very well for one of your loved ones or even yourself, it is necessary to urgently call an ambulance. In every city of our country there is such a service. And a single phone to call its employees to the scene is 03. Of course, everyone knows this number from childhood. But how to call an ambulance from the mobile? Here you can face a number of obstacles. Each mobile operator has its own numbers, which you can call at the place you need, that is, call an emergency service. It is very uncomfortable. You can easily find out the exact numbers if you look for an information brochure that was issued to you along with the contract for communication. Right now, if you have not already done so, take this paper and transfer the emergency numbers to your phone. Just in case.

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And now more details on how to call an ambulance from the mobile. Citizens of Russia can do this by different numbers, depending on the cellular communication operator with which they have a contract. So, if you use MTS or Megaphone, then dial 030 boldly. Beeline offers another number - 003, however, like TELE2 - 03 *.As you can see, nothing complicated, this information should be simply memorized or written down. As for the residents of Ukraine, their situation is somewhat different. MTS, Beeline, Kyivstar and Dijus recommend using number 103.

Many people ask how to call an ambulance from a mobile phone, they answer that they just need to dial 03. And this sometimes works. For those who do not like to think and remember a lot, the following information will be useful: there is a single number 112, dialing it, you will call the dispatch service. Actually, this is not only for Russia, but also for the countries of Europe and the CIS.By this phone number, it is really possible to call an ambulance, the police, and the fire department.

And now some advice to people who do not know how to call an ambulance, because they are afraid or just do not understand what to say. So, someone close to you is very bad, you have taken yourself in hand and dialing the number. First of all, you should be ready to answer questions, they usually sound like this: what happened, where, when, how many people suffered. You must provide maximum useful information, but do it briefly. Do not forget to tell the doorphone number or the code on the door of the entrance. Often because of such trifles the brigade does not have time to reach the victim.

The second point - sometimes the problem should be slightly exaggerated. But you do not need to paint a small bruise or cut, as a threat to life. Many are afraid to call the true age of a person who needs help. Often, the ambulance team refuses to go to the call, because the patient is a grandfather for 80 years. Firstly, it is illegal, and secondly, you do not have to know how many people are injured, you can simply say that he is an elderly or an adult. You have to ask who received the call, and the number of the brigade that went to your call. A brigade is better to meet on the street. And do not expect that help will come instantly. According to the law, an ambulance must reach the patient not more than 20 minutes. But it all depends on the circumstances( traffic jams, the reason for which it was caused).

Now you know how to call an ambulance from your mobile, how to behave properly and talk to the dispatcher. But it's better that you never need to pick up the phone's handset for such a thing.