Sanatorium "Belarus"( Sochi): reviews. Sanatorium "Belarus"( Sochi): description, conditions, photo

Sanatorium "Belarus" is a state institution owned by the Office of the President of the Republic of Belarus. This is one of the best hospitals in Sochi.

The health resort is located on the first coastline, to the sea from the buildings only about 200 m. Next to them is the carriageway, which allows, using the city transport, to get to any point of Sochi. The proximity of sleeping buildings to the road does not mean that there is constant noise. Around the health resort relic trees, all kinds of flowers and evergreen shrubs grow. This arboretum does not miss any annoying extraneous sounds.

Sanatorium "Belarus" guarantees everyone a great holiday, quality treatment and southern hospitality.

Location of the health resort

Sanatorium "Belarus"( Sochi) is located at Polytechnic Street, 62. Nearby is the "Bocharov Ruchey" - the summer residence of Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich. The sanatorium "Belarus"( Sochi) can be reached from anywhere in the city. From the airport of Adler here to go thirty-five kilometers. First you need to take the 124 route, then transfer to the "Platanova alley" on Routes 85, 5 or 81 and exit directly at the gates of the sanatorium. The stop is near the main building. From the airport to the sanatorium 4 kilometers, and from the railway station - seven. For those who are on a train, you can take routes Nos. 81, 85, 12 or 80. You should leave at the "Sanatorium Belarus" stop. "

health resort of belarus

If during a stay in the health resort you want to see the city or visit a cultural event, you can call a taxi or use public transport. Only ten minutes from the sanatorium are the Green Theater, the seaport, the Art Museum, the Riviera Park and the Festivalny Concert Hall.

Sixteen kilometers from the health resort there is the Matsesta hydropathic. To her from the sanatorium every morning goes a special bus. Vacationers who are assigned to hydrogen sulphide baths can use this transport or get their own way.


Sanatorium "Belarus" offers its guests not only quality treatment, but also an excellent rest. There is a bar by the outdoor pool, a restaurant, and a beach cafe-bar "Belarus".Those who prefer a quiet, quiet rest, can visit the library.

A healthy lifestyle and sports are paid a lot of attention in the sanatorium. Guests are encouraged to visit the gym, swim in the open and indoor pool. There is even a club where all fans of billiards can spend a pleasant evening.

Businessmen will appreciate the availability of a business center on the territory of the "Belarus" sanatorium, where you can conduct negotiations, conferences and seminars. In addition, the banquet service can always help in organizing a celebration or a banquet.

There are also small shops on the territory of the health resort where you can buy essential goods and souvenirs, there is a beauty salon, car rental and concierge service.

Therapeutic base of sanatorium

Rest in the sanatorium "Belarus"( Sochi) presupposes qualitative treatment. All those who have problems with the musculoskeletal system, suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system, disorders of the peripheral and central nervous system, as well as skin diseases are invited here. health resort belarus city

On the basis of the sanatorium "Belarus" there are cabinets for acupuncture, physiotherapy, functional diagnostics, ultrasound diagnostics, as well as a cosmetology and dental office. Holidaymakers can make ultrasound of the thyroid gland, kidneys, mammary glands, abdominal and pelvic organs, ECG, Holter monitoring of blood pressure and heart and veloergometry.

Also available for guests are coniferous, vortex, iodide-bromine, pearl and other baths, ozocerite-paraffin treatment, Charcot's shower, phyto tea, hydro- and manual massage, inhalations, circular and ascending souls. Even in the sanatorium "Belarus" there is an alpha capsule, a speleocamera and a dry carbonic bath "Reaboks".The unique hydrogen sulphide waters of Matsesta are available daily.

Works in a sanatorium and a department of psychotherapy. Supervises them leading psychotherapist resort. Here, vacationers are offered gymnastics in the system of yogis, sessions of rational psychotherapy, gymnastics xian-miao, autogenous training. In addition, the very location of the sanatorium helps to improve emotional well-being. The abundance of sunlight, the neighborhood with a gentle sea, a mild and warm climate positively affects the mood.

Number fund

Sanatorium "Belarus"( Sochi) can accommodate 428 guests at the same time. Vacationers settle in the main and "Primorsky" buildings. All 242 rooms are serviced at the highest level. The main building has a four-star comfort level, and Primorsky has three.

The main building of the sanatorium "Belarus" was built in 1958.In 2006, it was reconstructed. This building is a palace type, in which there are three floors. Its unusual architecture and beauty attract lodgers from different parts of Russia and Belarus. rest in a sanatorium in Belarus

"Primorsky" - eight-story building - was built later than the main one, in 1970.It was reconstructed in 2005, and the seventh floor - in 2008.Near the building there is a descent to the beach.

Main building numbers

The main building rooms accommodate 106 guests. In total 62 rooms of different categories: "standard"( one-, two- and three-room for one, two or three people) - 43 pieces, "lux"( two-room for two) - 18 and "apartments"( three-room for two persons) - 1. Each of them has air conditioning, refrigerator, TV, telephone, radio, shower and beach towels. And in the "apartment" is also safe.

The main building, which has a sanatorium "Belarus"( Sochi), receives reviews from the guests in the majority of positive, as the rooms in it are spacious, the furniture is comfortable, made to order, and the windows offer a wonderful view of the sea and the park. On each of the three floors there is a soft corner, and in the lobby below there is a bar.

"Primorsky" building

The rooms of the "Primorsky" building can accommodate 316 guests. In total there are 180 rooms: 175 "standards( one-room for one or two people) and 5" suites "(two-room for two).Each of them has a balcony, terrace, air conditioning, refrigerator, TV, telephone, radio, shower and beach towels. sanatorium belarus photos reviews photos

There are two elevators in the building, on each floor there is a recreation area, and below there is a spacious hall. Also in the building there is a modern security and fire alarm system.

Booking of vouchers and features of settlement

You can pay for a sanatorium and health resort ticket to the health resort "Belarus" anywhere and anytime. Cash and non-cash payment is possible. You can book the tour by phone: +7( 862) 254-4-043, 254-0-333, 254-0-331.You can also call the mobile: 8-964-945-09-89 and 8-989-752-01-28.In case of any problems, to clarify the data or help you should call the health resort of Belarus( Sochi).Phone: +7( 862) 227-08-07.

The permit can be purchased for a period of 12 to 21 days. It is also possible to shorten the term. The cost may include treatment, but you can purchase and travel only for recreation. Thus, only stay in a sanatorium and food is paid. In the health resort they feed three times a day. You can select the menu yourself.

At eight in the morning there is a check-in, check-out is carried out until this time on the day following the last trip. If the lodgers stayed and left after eight in the morning, it will be necessary to pay the full cost of the voucher for the day. The additional place is paid in the amount of 80% of the cost of the tour, and single accommodation - 50%.


Price directly depends on the preferences of the guests regarding treatment and the season. So, the most expensive vouchers in July, August and September, and the cheapest - from January to April. Also the cost varies depending on the number. Single room in the "Primorsky" building will cost from 2400 to 5100 rubles per day, a double room - from 2100 to 4300 rubles per day. Double room in the main building per day will cost from 2400 to 4900 rubles, and for a night in a two-room suite of the main building you will need to pay from 3000 to 5900 rubles.

If you need extra space for a child, it's worth knowing that the co-payment depends on the age of the children. For a child over 15 years will need to pay 80% of the full cost of the voucher, if the child from 5 to 15 years - 70%, under 5 years - 50%.

Positive feedback on the sanatorium

Sanatorium "Belarus"( Sochi) reviews from visitors receives mostly positive. Almost everyone who has visited this health resort at least once has noted the warmth, sincerity and excellent attitude of the staff, the high qualification of doctors, the cleanliness of the rooms. Some write that they will now go only to the sanatorium "Belarus"( Sochi).health resort belarus city sochi

Comments on treatment are always enthusiastic. Patients are impressed not only by the professionalism of doctors and nurses, but also by the quality of the procedures. Especially praise the masseurs. Most often, the procedures are free. Among them, Matsesta, magnetotherapy and massage. Also in the sanatorium it is recommended to drink medicinal infusions of herbs.

There are practically no complaints about the number of appointed procedures. Basically, everyone is happy with the fact that you can get into the classrooms without queues and go through a two-week tour of the full course of treatment.

Very often in the reviews you can find a description of the territory of the health resort. Absolutely all celebrate an extraordinary number of plants, many of which are endemic. Often the guests emphasize that the area of ​​the sanatorium is so huge that even during the whole stay here it can not be avoided. A well-kept large park attracts vacationers at any time of the year and in any weather. They say that you can walk around it around the clock. Here are the sanatorium "Belarus"( Sochi) reviews.

The photos taken during the leisure time, which the administration of the health resort offers to the guests, also show numerous positive moments of rest. Indeed, many respond very warmly to pleasant evenings, held with other guests at dances, at the cinema, and on interesting excursions. One of the trips around the city of Sochi is organized by the sanatorium free of charge, the rest must be paid. reviews health resort belarus sochi

The beach, which has a sanatorium "Belarus"( Sochi), reviews also deserve positive. Those who come to the health resort note its exceptional purity. It is constantly available a large number of sun beds, around which grow trees, creating such a necessary on a hot day in Sochi shadow. True, not everyone likes the neighborhood with the beach of Putin's residence. This creates certain inconveniences, since if Vladimir Vladimirovich is staying at his place, it is impossible that even a part of the wall, which Bocharov Brook has been fenced off, fell into the lens. Otherwise, people in the form require you to delete all photos.

In the reviews you can often meet recommendations, where to rent a room. And if this is a sanatorium "Belarus"( Sochi), the building "Primorsky" - just what you need for a wonderful holiday. Especially it is recommended to purchase even numbers starting from the sixth floor. Then the windows offer a wonderful view of the sea, which contributes to a good mood and full treatment. Another advise to relax in the main building of the sanatorium, as there are more spacious rooms, with high ceilings and thick walls.

Negative feedback about the health resort

But there are also negative reviews about the rest in the sanatorium "Belarus"( Sochi).Basically they relate to nutrition. Visitors often note that the menu is meager, and what is served is not very edible and quickly bothers. The prices differ in the restaurant. Someone argues that they are unrealistically overstated, someone finds them quite affordable.

I do not like having a rest and almost no entertainment for children on the beach and in the sanatorium. Often in the reviews there are statements that the sanatorium "Belarus"( in Sochi) is a perfect example of a recreation of the Soviet era. One like it, because they are mentally traveling in time and are immersed in pleasant memories, and others are not happy, because they expect comfort, free access to the Internet anywhere in the sanatorium and service, almost like in Turkey, but feel only"Soviet workers".sanatorium belarus

Rooms in the sanatorium are cozy, albeit small. In the reviews, it is noted that cleaning is done daily, towels and bed linen are also changed regularly. In the rooms there is no hairdryer, but it is available at the reception, but it's still inconvenient to descend all the time. The service staff is courteous and decent. But the audibility is excellent - even if they say in a whisper, you will still be aware of the conversation.

Anyway, but, as practice shows, the negative reviews of the sanatorium "Belarus"( Sochi) are received from those who have unreasonably high demands. In the comments they are called spoiled Russians, expecting European quality for relatively small, by their standards, money. However, it is worth remembering that the sanatorium "Belarus"( the city of Sochi) is primarily a social health center created for the citizens of Belarus and the Russian Federation. There is no luxury, however, this sanatorium-resort institution is not in any way a slum. Thanks to the relatively low prices and pleasant contingent, the majority of holidaymakers have a pleasant stay here.

To have a rest in the sanatorium "Belarus" or not - it's a purely personal matter. It is worth remembering that most of the guests find it a pleasant place, some even call it fabulous, and only a few are unhappy with what, in principle, can easily be remedied.

It must be understood that this is still not Sharm el-Sheikh and not Ibiza, but a simple sanatorium in Sochi."Belarus" reviews, therefore, have mostly positive, that everywhere in the city prices are often overstated, but not here. In addition, not all sanatoria of the city can boast such a powerful medical base, extensive infrastructure and high level of service. Every guest here has something to do. Therefore, the health resort "Belarus" continues to attract both new and often visited tourists.